How have goetia appeared to you?

Not sure what to call this, I have seen some groups like the reddit demonology call it UPG, but how have some of the demons or spirits you have worked with appeared to you?
I cant say I have done a full evocation, but I have done the 2nd ritual from DOM and think I have felt some of the ones I have tried to talk to with me.
For Dantalion I got an impression he was in a purple pinstripe kinda suit, yet still scholarly but fun. He seems more talkative than others for me?
for Agares I got an impression of like a very hairy character almost like a jim henson/cartoon level bushiness .
Sallos I mostly just got an impression of the color yellow and slender form.
Has anyone else had demons appear less of the ‘intimidating powerful or slick’ archetypes and more of something whimsy , maybe its my personality.

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I generally don’t get imagery at all. Not in evocations anyway. I get more visuals in astral work but generally don’t pay much attention to them as I think they’re just not that important.

“Looks are deceiving” and “beauty is only skin deep” etc. That’s even more true for spirit work, except it’s my own conscious mind overlaying nonsense trying to take control and identify everything. I deliberately set such things aside as probably incorrect.

I do get a sense of presence usually in a specific direction that tends to be consistent for each entity, and personality and emotions, and clairsentient communication.


Interestingly enough, most archangels seem to appear to me in metal armour, and demons appear to me in either robes or leather armour (a couple of goddesses have appeared naked).


That’s how Dantalion appeared to me in a dream.

Rather than appearing to me, I consciously visualize them to give them form.


oh neat! sounds like he appeared more like Batmans Joker for you which is cool

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In my experience the ones I don’t try to directly contact either hint they are around, or directly start talking to me. I can see them and hear them in these instances. The ones I try to contact don’t always show themselves or talk much. Eventually the demon may show itself to me if it feels comfortable/has things in common we like to talk about :slight_smile:

Lord Satan likes to take walks with me and talk about how he is doing :slight_smile: But we have a very strong connection! I know he looks out for me, there was one time I had an infection and for some reason the pharmacy randomly got a antibiotics script for me at random. I’m more shy with Lucifer, but he warned me a medication I needed to take at the time would harm my heart. The doctors didn’t take it seriously but I caught the bad side effect quickly due to Lucifer’s warning! It saved my heart a lot of potential harm!

Belial has been the most interesting in my experience. He followed me around for quite some time. I couldn’t stop smelling cigarettes everywhere I went. I was going to buy a used car and it smelt like cigarettes so bad I refused to buy it, the car ended up not being good for me anyways. But I kept thinking I had a sinus infection or something, I smelt cigarettes everywhere I went like it was tied to me. Belial just recently revealed himself in a dream and during a meditation. Now I know the cigarette smell is Belial! :slight_smile:


I rarely see them, and don’t go to the trouble of trying to see them. But I do hear them in my mind when I evoke them, and that’s how I gather intel.

I wouldnt say I “try” to see them as much as sense them when I work with them. sometimes that forms imagery to me. As I think I mentioned, trying DOM ritual type 2 is what I did. partly because i cant really burn things in my living space at the moment for petitions, and I know I do not have developed enough for full evokation stuff.

I’m the same as DarkestKnight to a certain degree; some have appeared to me in armour. The Olympic spirit Phaleg came to me in red armour descending down a spiral staircase and going through a beautiful Victorian room before getting to me. Some simply stay at the back of me and will not manifest in front. Others can come as a colossal type of gas (fucking weird). I simply take them as they are and do not try to alter them as this could be disrespectful. There appearance can easily alter in time anyway.

I can tell you one of the best ways of using the Goetia. Start off by evoking the first character which is Bael and once you’ve established a connection then take a note of his appearance and ask him what he can do for you as similar spirits can act differently for different people. Once the information is received then thank him for this and ask him to return to his abode. This allows you to obtain personalised records of his image and office. All this gets wrote down, which gives you your own understanding for Bael and not some “Spiritual Slut” that has been used and abused by many others. By doing this you also gain a healthy respect for one another.

You can then move on to the next one, which takes time (around 5 months) to go through the whole 72 but it’s worth it as you build up your own Grimoire on the Goetia that is far more potent than using some generic copy. Even if you have the time on your hands, it could still take you around 3 months to execute although I would make it a good 4 months at least to allow sufficient time in-between as the amount of evocation can become a burden, which is what you don’t want. Keep the entire process relaxed and enjoyable, which takes time.

The end result is you finish up with a priceless personal Grimoire of the Goetia that has become active and most importantly, an extension of yourself that you know you can rely on for anything as each Demon has been contacted and individually set up to respond to you. A very powerful book of magic indeed.