A Meeting with Dantalion

I was in a dream in my childhood home, but it was in hell. Or, should I say an alternate dimension where the crumbling buildings looked like the bombed out remanents of a tragic war.

A regal, sinister clownish looking man dressed in a royal purple cloak appeared.
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D: Who are you? What are you doing here?
C: I am Cyberseeker, my lord. I have come to seek your wisdom.
D: Ah, yes. Well then, I am Dantalion.
C: You are the great Dantalion, the mind manipulator?
I bowed to him and shook his extended hand. He then gave me a fist pump. (He gave me several handshakes and fist pumps (daps) during the conversation.) He showed me his seal, and said it still makes him looks like he’s 59!
D: Yes, that’s me, but I am much more than that. I will show how to make a person see what you want them to see. And, they will think it is real and their idea.
C: I am student of King Paimon and that he is showing me the secrets of Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.
D: That’s a good start. You must be ready for the next level. That is why he sent you to me.
C: The place we are in looks like my childhood home.
D: This is not a coincidence. I was here before you were born and around while you were growing up. If you look at the name of the street, and the neighborhood you will see a relationship to my name.
C: What do you want me to tell the people on BALG?
D: They must continue to study, work hard and practice to achieve mastery. This will help their transition into godhood.
C: Thank you, Lord Dantalion.

There are other things, but I not going to reveal them because they are personal.

As usual, the rest is up to you. Verify for yourself whether this from Dantalion or not.

Peace and Blessings.