How do you prevent spirits from reading your mind?

I have bad entities who know every tiny details about what I’m thinking about, that’s crazy… But I also suffer because the gods and demons I favor are constantly reading my mind so I have absolutely zero privacy… I’m wearing a black tourmaline 24/7, as far as I know this should act as an aura shield so I don’t understand how does everyone read my mind… Sometimes I just think about a God and this God manifests, I hate it! If I have anything to say to a spirit I just talk to them vocally. What’s even the point to evoke a spirit to talk to them if they already know everything you’re gonna say? Look, just an example, a while ago I’ve considered working with a demon, I didn’t know if I would or not, I just considered it… Well since the very day I’ve thought about this demon he has been waking me up at night or preventing me from sleeping, I don’t think that it’s normal at all. And the gods are exactly the same with me. Sometimes they already know what I’m gonna think about even before the thought has occurred to me. This is completely indiscreet and it even turn me off from having discussions with them. Once again what’s the point talking to them if they already know everything? I have absolutely no idea what goes on in spirit’s mind so I really don’t think that it’s fair that they read mine as if they were watching TV. When I was only dealing with bad entities I thought they had placed some etheric psychic implants in me to be able to read my mind but now I see that it’s not only bad entities but every single spirit who is able to read my mind, so what is wrong? Is it a normal thing? How can I prevent it? Can I even think about a God without this God to detect that I’m thinking about him? Thank you.

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I had to learn to switch off my mental projection. It takes practice, but you can learn it. I also believe that my mind is my own sanctuary, and NOTHING AND NO ONE may trespass in my mind without permission. Anything that tries to violate my sanctuary gets stonewalled or killed instantaneously. I keep a sort of astral “sign on the door” of my sanctuary with instructions on how to reach me politely instead.


I see… But I’m very novice so do you have any kind of tutorial to learn switching off your mental projection? By sanctuary you mean your astral temple? Also, main problem is that I’m struggling to hear spirits, so if I switch my mind off does that mean that I won’t be able to hear spirit voices anymore?

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It sounds like you need to develope psychic shielding. Like how to shield you thoughts and mind.

I do this with a forcefield of light and electricity. So Im not sure how someone else would.
Perhaps try to visualize a small ball of light getting bigger and bigger inside your head until it pushes everything else away. Keep the light shining bright. When you want to think on a certain issue you dont want anyone else to read invision the light, shining so bright it hurts (like when you step outside and the sun at first blinds you) whomever would want to get “inside your head”. You should be able to hold it for at least few moments and get some private thinking time.


Maybe but of course I can not be doing that 24/7. That’s why I wear black tourmaline but I take it that it’s pointless?

No i think that does help. But Im really just learning about stones and crystals.

I carry rose quartz because it seems to soothe me and help me with love issues.

I know you cant do it all the time. I was just giving you away to atleast get a little private time.

There maybe a better technique maybe someone else will have some shielding techniques to offer.

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@Lola there are channels at the back of the head(if I’m not mistaken) called Telepath Channels. From what I’ve read, if these channels are TOO open and not grounded, it broadcasts your thoughts to any spirit in the area and makes it feel like a radio is going off in your head. Do you work with color energy at all? If so, then use brown(because it is a grounding color) and run it through your Telepath Channels. Other than that, just use your will to ground and close them. Hope that helps


Perhaps working with those chakras would help. There are smaller less known about chakras all over the body. Ive worked with some of them. Perhaps, keeping the third eye and crown chakra working properly and then those smaller ones in the head would help. They are proabaly over active and sending out all thoughts instead of just selected ones.


Oh no, this is like turning off a transmitter, your receiver will still function just fine. The best way is to get in tune with the mental traffic in your head, and just reel in the outgoing messages. I had to learn this on the fly with curses that were flying off my tongue, so doing it this softer way will be far easier.

And when I say “sanctuary,” I mean a space that is mine and mine only. Its not really a temple, or even a part of a temple, its just a space carved into the universe for my essence and nothing else. I guard that space like a rabid badger, too.

I concur with @Eye_of_Ra, you need to practice shielding. You can also use a traditional circle ritual to put up a barrier. The tourmaline is a good start, but its easy to overload stones. Rather than wearing it 24/7, try wearing it only when you sleep and meditate. Try wearing a copper bracelet and visualize it swirling incoming messages around you instead of into you when you want peace and quiet. Take it off when you want the messages to get through.

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is the crystal charged and programmed?

fun fact when programmed black tourmaline can reflect negative magick or transmute it which is why is my favorite crystal besides hematite and amethyst.


you could also make a servitor or sigil to assist in such indeavors

You can also make an egregoric shield that you attach to your black tourmaline as a physical anchor.

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Stopping adept sorcerers from reading your mind can be difficult, never mind spirits.
My method is to create a sort of ‘layer’ of fake thoughts over my own. Its hard to describe, imagine it like covering something with a blanket to hide it.


Your concept sparked this idea …

Create a “white noise” egregore that was just random gibberish like a white noise signal.

Then merge with him and externalize the white noise into your aura.

Interesting idea. I’ve never tried it, but it feels like it should work.


i might use that.

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This sounds like electronic countermeasures used by the military (ECM). Complicated, but effective. Not sure if it’s good for a Lola to try, since she says she’s new to this


Se i am a bit different i don’t shild my mind from the demons i allow them into my mind so they can read my mind all the way from my baby hood schooling all the way up to now when i am in my 47s i find that i bond a relationship between me and the Demons of the pit demons read my thoughts so when they see something bothering me they can act when i use bainful magic, when someone bullies me it creates a scar in the mind as a thought pattern it shows up as perticuler memorys thus the demons and Satan sees that so when i use the inverted pentagram which i acts on those perticuler memory patterns then the demons no who to destroy with out targeting the wrong person eg. Get a enemy strucked by a bolt of lightning also i have a inverted pentagram framed and i have it about my bed head so when i go to bed demons and the devil can monitor me when im asleep.

I open up to certain ones. Like Azazel. But i think you should be careful who you allow inside.

What do you mean who you should be careful who you allow inside.

The best method I can think of is to have no thoughts. To blank the mind.

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