How do you get a Soul?

So a few weeks back I had some fellow practitioners help me figure what is going wrong in my life, because no matter how many years I’ve practiced and learnt how to do magick and astral project, things never seem to work out.

This was when one the ladies told me that it “appeared” that I had “no soul” and that was the sole reason why none of my practices work out for me despite how much belief, and power i put into it.

Now i don’t know if what they said was true, they could very well be lying, but whether or not they are it made me curious.

How does one gain, create, forge, find a soul that has been lost?
Also if there are any symptoms of having no soul, what would they be?

Even if this is hypothetically speaking, I would still like to know more about this.

You have a soul. You’re reincarnated because you have one. If they found you don’t have one, they probably didn’t do it properly to see your soul.

However you can only forge a soul by fragmenting your own and from that you’ll have a blank slate soul born from your own soul. As for finding lost souls, it’s the same way as one who works as a psychopomp.


The Ancient Egyptians had some interesting ideas on the soul

Perhaps there is a connection with the school of thought about the necessity of a master, a guru (which perhaps isn’t true, but still…); in this case an option may be to pray an entity inspiring you, asking for meeting such a person.

I figured as much, could curses prevent one from being successful in spiritual practices (like AP, magick, etc.)?

If anything i’m most curious due to my consistent failures in my practices, despite the years of practicing and doing everything to a tea.

Curses, overthinking, high expectations, many things can.

Have you tried starting with the basics as in working on your clairs in inner and outer awareness.

You already have a soul, whoever told u that u dont have soul must think twice


I dunno, I tend to think unless u create a soul with intent, thats it after death. We have spirits, but souls seems like one should pass an initiation of sorts to acquire as though life is a trial to acquire such.

I’d like to learn more about that if you have any resources to recommend

I don’t have resources I have experience, you won’t find many if any resources on fragmenting your soul to create a new one from it.

Not really. Soul and spirit are literally synonymous with one another lol. They’re the same thing. Acquiring a soul through trial makes no real sense as many here have lived many lives already, you can’t have a spirit and not have a soul as aforementioned they’re the same thing.

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Your soul is your ninth chakra above your crown , maybe she meant your aura is damaged , in shamanic practices there’s a notion of soul loss when a trauma happens, this creates a hole in a persons aura , try repairing your aura and dealing with any emotional pain you might

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Some people don’t have this.

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Have you checked on Amazon/Craigslist?
I could’ve sworn I saw a guy under the name “TheRealJesus” having some on sale for Easter with a Resurrection guarantee.
(Sorry guys, I know this is a serious post, but I couldn’t help it)

In all seriousness, as members have already pointed out, you do have a soul. You possess it already.
If you didn’t you wouldn’t be able to store memories and wisdom from past lives, meaning that each time you were reborn , you wouldn’t exist. I don’t know if that makes sense.


– i edit later im busy, but jamo is right, you need initation, to acquire “godsoul” or mechanical “system”

If you didn’t have a spirit, either you’d be dead or dying,
or, a walk-in would occur and you’d be elsewhere,
or a sufficiently advanced parasite would walk-in, in which case it’s unlikely you’d be posting on magik forums, I feel.
Empty vessels don’t stay empty - nature abhors a vacuum.

You absolutely have a spirit, and it’s yours.

Magik can take years to develop and carries a lot of nuance. You need to develop your senses and connection to [insert preferred name for source/tao/higher self etc here] to have the energy to put towards magik. It’s not a case of just saying words - your intro post is not at all clear what cultivation you’ve been doing if any.

I suggest you meditate more to develop your inner strength.

It could also be that a) the woman was simply mistaken and doesn’t understand how things work, and/or b) you are naturally able to hide - and she wasn’t experienced enough to tell.