How do you evoke Hermes?

I was advised by some one that in working with my situation, that it would be good for me to evoke Lucifer or Hermes. It may just be silly dogma and the likes but I’m not so sure I’m ready for the Lucifer experience, well he is the truth bringer and light bearer but Hermes was on my to evoke list anyways and I am very excited to work with him.

Any advice?

Oh I just got some sort of version of the Picatrix in the mail, I suppose that would be a start. lol
Errr I still want to publish this, is there any advice from anyone who has already done it before?


This is a youtube video I found helpful when first starting out with evocation to this spirit

Personally I have found him fairly easy to evoke but I also just do it from the heart now nothing too fancy

I light a candle that I save just for him

I set out an offering that is just for him

And I say something that is meaningful to me

I also put out an image of him

But I also had good results with this video

Just bear in mind Hermes is a benevolent trickster and one wild ride

You really don’t know what you’re going to get with him But that’s why I love him so freaking much

He’s one of my favorites to work with


Ahhh Oh no another trickster!
Thanks for the heads up :blush:
And thanks for the video and info!

May I also ask a question or two since you mention these things?
Like what kind of offering is reasonable? And…
What sorts of tricks can I anticipate? :thinking:

I think those questions would go along ways in figuring out what I am getting myself into… this time.


Oh sure no problem!!

Well first off tricksters are so much fun!!

Hermes well his tricks are aimed at your benefit not your downfall. With me it’s always been like being put into a giant puzzle I have to solve or an escape room!

Not trying to make that sound dark that’s just what it’s like

He wants you to think and use your head and possibly get in touch with your instincts as well

Sometimes he steals stuff and I’ve noticed this is something a lot of people report who work with him besides myself

Sometimes it’s little things that go missing then turn up in a different place later you KNOW it wasn’t there because you checked it a million times or it just doesn’t make sense

Some things I’m still looking for a year later

As for gifts

I offer candles,gemstones (especially emeralds), fragrances I usually offer peppermint oil because that’s what he showed me that he liked the more I worked with him but other people may report different things, foods people report he likes are coffee and sugar cookies (I couldn’t make this up if I tried) Oh! And beef! He likes beef if you have any way of offering cheeseburgers he will totally take that or a steak


Give hard and fast rules and boundaries to Hermes!!! Not only is he a trickster but he is the god of boundaries!!! Which means that he WILL respect them if they are set but if they are not set he will test the shit out of them

I was trying to see if I could find more offering ideas for you (can’t get to my journal at the moment) and I came across this site with tons of entertaining things about Hermes. So thinking it might help you come up with more associations

(During the night, when the rest of Gods were asleep, Hermes left his room and went and stole the trident of Poseidon, the sceptre of Zeus – Jupiter (he wanted to steal the thunder as well but he was afraid that he might get burned), the armour of Athena (Minerva), the weapons of Ares (Mars), the tools (or even the fires) of Hephaestus (Vulcan) and other useful things from the other Gods, and managed to hide them somewhere that they wouldn’t be able to find them.)

So that’s why he does that


Hey thank you for all the great info. I think I am deciding my plate is a bit full now I do believe but I look forward to working with him. grrr the hiding my stuff thing sounds like it would drive me crazy, maybe I have always been working with him because my stuff is always going missing.

If he crosses unspoken boundaries can you go back and set them? Is he an advancer taking all unset boundaries or doesn’t give up a boundary if you give it? I hate it when they do that.

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Within my personal experience when he crossed boundaries I just performed a ritual to invoke him and speak with him sometimes not even that formally just sat down and pretended I was having a conversation with him (because I was) let him know what lines he crossed and what would happen if he did it again

And he backed off

NOW because I said what he couldn’t do he continued to test in a “well you said nothing about this” kind of fashion

Had to have another talk No this isn’t ok either

Well fine then

But short answer he will listen and respect your boundaries once you have set them

So I would suggest to be clear about what you want and what limitations you feel are best for yourself and others around you that this may effect

For example if you ask for a favor does it matter to you if someone else gets hurt? If yes then place a limitation on that

Overall he’s a wonderful spirit to work with and leans more to the benevolent side than the malevolent for most people

Like I said his tricks are really for your betterment not your downfall

Although truthfully sometimes it’s just fun for him

Like with the stealing

I even heard about someone’s pet going missing once…but then the puppy showed back again! In a locked bathroom…and the dog had been gone for days

Which is what makes it so creepy

Hey he’s great but I do feel he should come with a warning in all fairness to others

But when compared to other tricksters like Loki Hermes does far less damage

Loki is about sabotage

Hermes is mischievous

There’s a very real difference

Also you could be working with him already and not knowing it Totally possible

My brother’s stuff goes missing all the time and due to other things he says I suspect Hermes is somewhere in the background with him as well

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Wow that is fascinating.

What sort of ways do you keep him in line?

Just talk with him like you would any other friend

For me I knew we were working together to advance my knowledge and magical practice. He wanted to be there. He wanted to be my guide etc

But when he crossed boundaries that were deal breakers for me I let him know We can’t have a relationship if you do this

So he stopped

I wouldn’t use that as an idle threat but I don’t make idle threats

So if he crossed a lesser boundary that wasn’t cool but not a deal breaker I guess I would just talk to him about that as well but more in a why I didn’t like it fashion less an ultimatum

Hopefully that helps

For the most part most people find he’s pretty easy to work with Bottom line he truly wants to be helpful