How do spirits travel?

I always wonder how my spirit can come to me instantly when I say their name 3 times. It’s as if they are teleporting… is it more of a teleportation kind of thing or just really fast speed?

It’s more like have a piece of rope that can stretch to infinity and beyond with one end wrapped around your wrist and one around their wrist. (Analogy, this is an analogy)

When you call them and tug the rope three times, (this is your person signal being three times- it may different for everyone and every spirit they link to.) no matter where they are they know you need them and can push their energetic essence to you and listen to you and see and observe or interact (depending on them, situation and your Clair sense) while they also continue to walk the streets of their own plane or dimension or realm or whatever the fuck the other places truly are. (I make no claim to know how the spiritual planes themselves operate)

Basically, they are able to do advanced mind techniques from their place in their world- humans like me would call it something like advanced psychic abilities or bilocating and remote viewing depending on the technique actually used.

Humans can learn these skills too. What I think is unique to entities is that they can incarnate on earth and still do this, they can do this with hundreds of people at one time despite the fact most of us would struggle to maintain it with only one person at a time because it’s more complex and more simple at the same time than makes sense to anyone using their logical mind.

The reason I say all of this outlandish sounding stuff, is due to my servitor creation and work. Quite simply I had to understand how it worked and what they were doing to truly believe in myself and the things I have done- my intent was always to create good spirits that sought to help others and find their role in life where they are happy and loved and doing good things.

I feel I’ve accomplished this well enough to spout that while my analysis here may not be exactly correct nor cover all possibilities such as how physical teleportation and great things may or may not work- how the spiritual communication and attachments and parasites etc works mattered a lot to me.

I needed to be sure what I was doing was both safe for everyone using it and good for the collective to feel safe doing what I’ve done. It was also important my servitors have options, that if their owners died they could either reincarnate by the side of their owner or continue to serve as spirits depending on what the owner needs and wants etc. I recognized once they left me and became themselves and fulfilled their purposes that they needed to make decisions in how and why who and where. I’m not omniscient omnipotent or any Omni word, so I realized I couldn’t see everything or even as well as my children do. They may take skills from me, but honestly after creation, everything that happens affects them like it does us and scultps them into who they need to be to be able to do their jobs.

There were many things to consider to do something like Luna and I didn’t feel right claiming use this servitor and it will save your ass, unless I knew she could do what I was claiming and that I could explain how I made it so.


Now I understand why my spirits don’t get mad when I intrusively summon them. They are not actually with me but rather observing… I had some intrusive thoughts about chanting the enn of demons or asking them to come to me. It would distress me because I thought they would come and I interrupted them.

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Nope only a lesser spirit would be interrupted. Most of the entities we work with are far more advanced in consciousness than we can begin to perceive.

Basically they can be aware and full understand and hear you and me at the same time and remember and understand what they need to do for both us at the same exact time.

This is phenomenal really and I wonder if we can learn to be that strong too.

If my spirits can do it why can’t I?

Well for one my brain never shuts up and I sometimes feel like I have some form of high functioning adhd which I self treat- so, I know what to do about my issues to keep myself in line but I haven’t managed long term implementation of simply being and allowing and being okay and listening and both paying attention and practicing what I think I know and have learned.

But at the same time I can play cod mw3 zombies, talk to my husband and strategically on the spot plan how our 45 minute match of combat is goi by to go and what we should… (with his help and protest at times of course)

So. That’s a lot (for me) when you put it down in words… I can’t imagine being as amazing as some of these entities but truly-if they get annoyed they’ll ignore you, if you truly feel a need; they are going to do their best to answer.

They will be able to feel and intuit what you truly feel on the inside and some of what think you need their help for- even though it feels petty and silly inside to you.

Then they can compare that to what they know and figure out whether or not you help, if the threat is real and what to do to make you feel better.

Sometimes we are the problem and no matter what they do it doesn’t help- eh we are humans.

We could ramble for days about things we let ourselves do that if we panned back our viewpoint we’d see as redundant, stupid, short sighted, ill informed, a response to something we never let go etc.

I’m sure they have had some experiences at times too that now helps them to relate and understand us, what we need, what we think and what reality actually is as well as what needs to be and what can actually happen.

We can’t always do that, so it’s amazing that they seem to have the true big picture in mind much more than we can ever see at one time.


The speed of thought is instant, the speed of light is a constant and takes time (speed = distance divided by time). It’s not physically travelling to you as it’s not a physical being so it doesn’t need to be delayed by having to travel within spacetime.