How do I reach Sallos?

Friends…Will you please help me reach SALLOS?
I would love to be on call with anyone please I will explain all…

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Hello, I am new to all this and I would like to know if there is someone kind enough to help me communicate with sallos and ask for a favor with things of the heart

you can write a petition to Sallos all by yourself! it’s not difficult to find the sigil, and the enn.
Whether or not he heard you and wants to help you, well to know that you need some form of divination! find someone to lay tarot cards for you, or use the pendulum. But first do the ritual/petition!

Thank you very much for helping me with that and I have a question. No problem, if there are more people in the place where I will make the request and should I protect myself?

Most grimoires help you with this, I like Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking book, but have you seen the collection of free tutorials about making first contact too?