How do i get closer to lucifer?

So i really wanna get closer to lucifer because i still cant hear or see him and i was wondering if its ok to just gaze at lucifer sigil for 15-20 min daily
And does that make me get closer to lucifer
If not then what does?


Evoke Him, keep meditate daily (because meditating is basic for everything in your Spiritual evolution and life) to develope your senses which will help you to hear Him, be able to communicate with Him with higher effectiveness.

You can use tools in the beginning to communicate with Him if you can’t do it Him yet; for example candle light, incense smoke or pendulum. Putting His sigil under your pillow is also can be an option, you have a chance to see Him in your Dream and contact with Him.

You can also give Him sometimes offerings, and keep talking to Him in your mind, because He’ll hear you, so even if you can not get His messages, He’ll get yours and probably He’ll guide you.

You can spend with Him some quality times later
(which is also a very kind offering to Him or any Deity in basic).

Much bless on you


Well, I would suggest you to learn him like you know your best friend at first.Then what @Nagash said is more than enough.


Find out as much as you can about him. Who is Lucifer? How do others view him? What does he stand for? Which are his attributes? What do they mean?.. This takes time. All those infos will work in your subconsciousness and start to build up a relationship between the two of you. As said before here, meditate (not every day) and if you think, you cannot wait any longer - you may feel an urge that you cant ignore -, evoke him.


Thank you :heart: This helped also me


Talk to him daily, study about him, get close with him. To bond with a spirit is like bonding with another person.


While everyone here already provided fantastic answers for the OP (taking note of 'em myself), I just want to add that Lucifer likes it when you give/do something for him from your heart. That goes for most entities too, I think, but with Lucifer, I’ve noticed that it’s much more obvious. Especially when it’s creative endeavors.

I’ve only meditated and talked to him a few times, but all those times, he has encouraged me to get back to singing daily. He seemed to like it when I sang for him, eyes closed without a care in the world, just letting all the emotions fitting for the songs I’m singing flow out. You could really feel his pleasure and satisfaction. The warmth and goosebumps are very intense, indeed. He has encouraged me to get back to drawing and writing as well.

You gazing at Lucifer’s sigil is already a good start, but why not try chanting or repeating his enn as you visualize his sigil next time? I can also attest to the fact that he does come quickly and easily: in fact, listening to his enn online for the first time was more than enough for him to come and talk to me. And yup, talking to him daily and fondly as you would a dearest friend, even when he’s not there, does captures his attention immediately. I remember 10-15 minutes of me talking aloud to my spirit guides about my experiences with Lucifer and what I think of him, boom: he’s already there hahaha.

Also, the feet thing, I’ve confirmed for myself: Lucifer does like it when you have your feet bare lol. In fact, I tend to know he’s there by the feeling of being firmly massaged/touched from my feet to my legs. :joy:

Goodluck on establishing a connection with him! Do keep us posted. :slight_smile:


Stop with the trivias girl I hate trivias :joy:


A sidetrack question for you: How to avoid creating/connecting to a thoughtform of Lucifer created by yourself or others? In my experience, it is one of the most common pitfalls.


This is something what happened with me, too (but not exactly with Lucifer - you can read about this here; it wasn’t just a simple “wrong thoughtform” about Him).

The reason why you created automatically thought forms of a Deity without knowing Him/Her is inside you, and basically in human nature.

There are several ways you can overcome it.

  • The more time you spend with a Deity, your trust in Him/Her will grows; you have to put your focus io the Deity, and your experiences with Him. You’ll realize fast (or before or after) that your experiences are always will defeat other’s, because this is yours (and this is the main reason why other people usually won’t handle your experiences well, will questioning you and fucking around you - because the lack of those kind of experiences like yours - this is the other side of the same horse).
  • Lucifer (and some other Deities as well) usually told me that I have to trust in my senses. This is a very-very important thing here for several reasons. Trusting in your senses also means overcoming your inferior, mortal thoughts and “intellect”, which also causes this problem what we’re talking about actually.

Of course this isn’t an easy thing, because even when a conjurer thinks he trusted in his senses, in real he did things as his intellect demanded. With daily meditation, you’ll be able to leave behind it and problems connected to it as well.

Every time when I was about to work with a Deity after I’ve heard His call, I’ve started reading about Them. Of course, this means that no matter what you read, you’ll see a picture about the actual One. So what I did is nothing more than, I simply “forget” about what I’ve read, and let the Deity lead me, and I let myself to discover His very Soul.

The most hardest but effective way: ignore it.
It will be hard especially because your intellect want to know things, and want to know everything better, it doesn’t trust in senses, it leads itself wherever it want to go.

An another useful option in this case is, when you realize that you are started building false images about Them, because in this case you are already noticed that there is a problem - while lot of magickians in the same situation are not.


Makes perfect sense, especially the “ignore it”. We do tend to fantasize and imagine too much about something that little known. Is it now the main rule of Belial? “Resist everything”

I also suspect, that for many folks take the “knowing Him/Her is inside you” as knowing inside their minds while these beings cannot be comprehended by our minds. The inside is something needs to be reached in its own turn (preferably in the beginning :slight_smile: )

The major reason I asked that question was my observation that was confirmed by EA about the general confusion a thoughtform with a real being, which is not at all easy to avoid.


Whoops. Sorry (again)! :joy:

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I agree with everyone here who has said that taking some time to reach for and connect with Lucifer will allow you to build a stronger connection over time, but I also believe that it is crucial that you work with him to get tangible, well-defined results.

More than anything, this is what Lucifer and his Legion craves. They want to share in your desire and work with you to make your desires manifest. When you do this, you bring Lucifer into your world much more strongly and solidly than by simply meditating on him.

Consider a project you’re working on, a problem you are faced with, or a personal change you would like to make. Bring the situation to Lucifer, talk to him, maybe write about it in your magickal journal, as an entry to yourself or as a letter to him. Consider all that you need to do, breaking the situation down into individual steps and stages.

When you have a good idea of all the different facets of a situation, and have sought wisdom from Lucifer, then you can decide where to direct your magick, and where your mundane efforts are required. This process applies to everything from creative or business endeavours, to baneful works of corruption. Lucifer does not judge - He will provide.


After an intense dream where I saw Lucifer and got a ‘download’ of his ‘personality’ I felt very amazed and blessed and had synchronicities surround this experience that really confirmed what I saw and felt.

I knew of course it was possible to ask Lucifer for something but I’ve always stuck to just connecting before I connect with any demon in his ‘pantheon’ or legions or whatever the correct term is there for one of the Ancient Ones who works ‘under’ him. I request that I may connect with whatever that particular demon is if he sees it fit.

Besides offering praise in form of candles, meditation I did ask with a pendulum if there is anything in particular he wants from me. The only big huge swinging YES I got was strengthening my body (and that it would also strengthen my mind). So, if I’m not doing that I’m not honouring him and can’t expect Jack Sh*t!!!

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About the feet that is true


Pathworking :raised_hands: I suggest reading “Lucifer & the hidden demons” you can find it in the kindle store for like $5