How do I do a pact for the first time?

Hi I’m new to this completely and would love to get steps or on how to perform rituals to remove a person who is a big obstacle in my life and wish to move them out of my life, please if anyone can help dm me

Pleas advise on how to do a pact with Focalor

Hi @Gelmee I moved this post out into it’s own topic as it should be seen better and you’ll get more responses.
Don’t forget this forum has 11 years of help and info, including tutorials, so when you want to know something we probably have a tutorial for it - try the search (top right magnifying glass) to help find these things.

We have collected a few “first contact” tutorials here:

I recommend you work with an entity to gauge personal compatibility and commitment before a pact: it’s usually to ask the entity if they will agree to such a thing first, and if you have not developed the skills to do that yet, then you want to do that before going there. They can say no, you see, and you need to be able to tell that.

If you’re just asking for one thing, you don’t need a pact at all, try a sigil working (in the linked collections thread), after you have made sure your space is well banished first.