How do I deal with this stubborn guy? I need your help guys

This guy promised me some money and some other items and anytime I use magick to influence or persuade him to give me the money and the items, he will only change his mind the next day or some few weeks later after my ritual but he will never give me the money or the items. I called unto Belial, King Paimon and even Seere to influence and persuade him to give me the money and the items and he changed his mind always the next day to give them to me but he never did gave them to me. He is too stubborn and I need your help guys.
He always changes his mind and promise to give it to me after my rituals but he never do give them to me. What I’m i doing wrong guys?
Is there any spirit I can call unto to deal with this kind of person?
What do I do?

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Sounds like outsworking but needs more oomph. Try… I think it’s Andromalius as an addition in the mix to push it through to completion.


Try this technique along with the spirits:


I will try it and give you an update within this week.

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