How did black magick change your life?

please share how black magick has helped you?


It didn’t, I change my life and I may or may not use magick to help achieve my goals, black or otherwise.

If you let magick push you around, you’re not a very good magickian.

If it’s success threads you’re looking for, we have thousands of those - search bar top right.
Like this:


This is the real truth. We manifest what we want be it by Magick on by mundane means.


Magick has been part of my life since I was a child, I don’t believe in black magick but magick in general has always been woven so I can’t tell a difference lol.


Brother, I will say this: Mental I’m down and i don’t even trust or recognise me and my life is a very powerful shit but after a litany of Lucifer I feel different, more relaxed and somehow guided. But soon I will be back to my depression.

not really looking for success stories, just how black magick has impacted their life.
Maybe its the same thing ,i dont know

i feel the same way, but there was a long period in my life i forgot all about that. Now I’m in the phase where I’m remembering again.

Let me ask the question in another way, how did your life look before black magick and how does it look now ?

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Before magick - weakling who lets people step on him and crawls through life letting people tell him what he wants

After magick - lol I do what I want


Awesome I feel the same way

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I guess the best way to ex[plain it is, prior to magick I didn’t have much focus in the sense of life direction, goals and what have you. I went with the flow of life and life was pretty crappy.

Quite literally & through the hardships of being a magician, the discipline the forcing yourself to adhere to those goals i.e I want to be smarter in shape have a good job etc. then doing the magickal & mundane work to get those things due to my path-working and the things I hold myself to, I have them.

It went from oh well this is what life hands me to with a hint of a victim mentality to what must I do to have my will done? (sorry if this sounds egoish) I have more control over myself and my reality and I think that sense of control and empowerment is what magick has given the most to me .


I think magick changed me in that I realised my power

I had to focus more on my true desires so have begun to know myself better, and like myself more

Im working out what is and isn’t right for me - so am more self aware and honest with myself

I don’t feel pressure to follow a crowd, or accept less than I want to give myself anymore

Life just got more fun and interesting really


Black magick helped me take control of my life and feel complete. :slightly_smiling_face:


With magic and spirits , they know who they are.
Before I was depressed, irritated, unemployed, no focus or hope.

During my time with magic and spirits my life turned around, complete opposite. My mood is great, I’m employed, my focus is on my magic and spiritual path to better my life, and I’ve found hope again.

So my life has changed since magic and spirits have come into my life.