How deeply do you believe in your magick/path?

I have arrived at an interesting point in magick. I am curious to where others are at. I will preface this saying this isnt a skeptic discussion. I started with working the left hand with goeatia and have made contact. I started looking at chaos magick and maybe this is what brought me here.

Regardless of your path, and level of practice how deeply do you beleive in the entities, rituals, etc?

If you have gotten positive results how deeply do you beleive your magick brought it? Example did your egrygore, servitor, evocation, or ritual bring results?

Or do you beleive your rituals and practice pushed you to live more positively. Do you feel evocation is a dialouge with a real spirit?

Or do you feel through the ritual or contacting an entity is you reaching into your own deeper consciousness?

For example say you’re unmotivated, not killing it in life and want to change. Lets say you contact an entity lets say Bune . You want to make more money, you make a pact Bune says he can do it but you must do x, y, and z.

Do you feel it is a demon who guided you or you finding it in yourself through intense meditation.

Again this isnt a skeptic discussion. I waiver on how I feel I have felt very intense contacts. But also wonder meditation or gnosis can be powerful. Also I understand belief may be counter intuitive to many paths while others are autonomous.

At the end of the day if you beleive or not whatever makes someone better themselves is all that matters. I see all these pathways teach discipline, positivity, and empowerment. If someone beleives this spell helped me. Or I dont know if I beleive in this magick 100% but these rituals, this practice has made me live more positive and made me happier. So the ends justify the means.

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I was skeptical at first but after my first meeting with Lilith, that basically cemented my belief that this stuff is legit. Long story short, she basically manifested herself (her presence) without me evoking or any warning beforehand. It was one minute, everything is normal. Then the next I felt a sudden and HEAVY change in the atmosphere of my room. Like her presence felt very heavy/intense and there was NO questioning it.

The situation where she first manifested was after I burned a petition spell to her. I did not ask her to come or intended to evoke her at all. So it was very unexpected. I thought she was going to “work behind the scene” lol.

She’s done that to me twice so far in the year(s) I’ve known her. The first time I think is what you could call the nice version of a rude awakening.

So yeah, I’m a “believer”.


Like you, you mean?.. I assume a human person must have typed on a keyboard to make this post, but I have never seen you and will never meet you, all I have is this anonymous transaction with faint whiffs of energy behind it, what’s the different other than assumptions?.. so I do not “believe in you”, but I don’t need to… I am merely responding to an energy manifest in front of me. I do the same with all of life, and sometimes I do the manifesting first.

No more than I believe my keyboard works. It does or it doesn’t, it’s not actually mysterious at all… A ritual is a tool for you to direct your own energy, and you can feel that, or you can’t. If you can’t feel it, you have no feedback to know that it’s working, it might, but it might not. I can feel it, so it’s not a matter of belief. This is why I always recommend people start with learning how to feel and work their own energy first, not second, when starting in magick.

Again, you need to have build your senses so you’re not working in the dark all the time… you can watch the energy flows happen and then it doesn’t matter about “belief”. You could also develop the clair senses to get that info through the subconscious that way, but you want to get feedback not just hope it worked. You’ll always doubt when you’re blind to what you actually did that caused the manifestations. You’ll doubt anyway when it’s still subtle, but that’s why we keep grimoires to stop second guessing ourselves and if you decide it was just a joyful coincidence, that’s ok too. Keep going, after a few coincidences in a row it stops being a bother.

We have a ton of those for you to browse through:

No I didn’t make any changes and I already live how I want to live. Most of my rituals were done expressly so that I didn’t have to. E.g. doing well at work or working on my ascension: I got the job, I got an unexpected promotion, I found the perfect materials for my style to practice with etc.
I have a question and the answers come fast, albeit with more questions as answers are wont to do, and that’s what I want.

No, I’d moderate it if it was, the forum isn’t here to pander to people who are basically trolling with no intention of having an open minded discussion. Being a skeptic has a kind of religious enegy that makes people soapbox, and we don’t allow preaching here. It’s written into the rules that that’s a no no.
I don’t see you doing that so you’re good :smiley:

Yes, there’s a whole school of thought that says the entities are only aspects of your own mind. It doesn’t matter which one you do with in the end, if the results are the same. I have a different view but I’m not them and it’s not up to me to tell someone else how to think, you have to do what works for you.


Well, I usually get quite intensive experience during the rituals. I mostly see and hear spirits in my mind, but sometimes I can see some things physically (shadows, lights, things like that) when I perform evocations. I also can feel spirits with my body (cold, hot, pressure, nausea etc.) After the rituals I usually get some signs and synchronicities. This makes me believe that I have real contact with entities. The problem is I haven’t gotten big results so far. This is what undermines my belief in magick. Anyway, I’m going to continue with that. I see magick as my last hope to improve my life. If it doesn’t work, then nothing will.


This is really broken down well, thank you. Based on how you describe your practice I can concurr with so much of it. It makes so much sense to practice just being aware of energy and how to work with it as oppossed to which path. The path depends on the practitioner and what works.

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