How can I used enochian table to remove inner obstacles

please how can I used holy table to remove obstacles inner>>>I cannot find post about that ?

What kind of inner obstacles?

disbelieve-fear from result

I think a better option would be something like Afformations:

Enochian magick can be…harsh.


I used afformations already >>>>but I want radical method please …tell me enochian table usage


You’re not going to be able to use the Great Table for what you want. It’s a bit too complex.

Try this Enochian square instead:

Is that angelic as holy table ?

Yes. It’s Enochian, and calls upon Seniors of Fire and Air.

ok thank you >>I will try it :heart:

and if you know complex method of union table tell me where can I find it please

thank you graet :hearts:

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where start of gazing at table ?

If you’re talking about the square, you open it the same way you would a spirit sigil, and say the conjuration EA gives.