How can i use the jinn i linked

I tied a genie named Lebla on my necklace to make a target fall in love with me,how can i use it, how can i get the genie to do this job,I want my genie to make this person fall in love with me and bind me for life how do I use it,Can I force her to do this, threaten etc.

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Omg. NEVER. EVER. Force a djinn. NEVER. EVER. Attempt to remove a djinns free will.
This is not how you work with djinns.
You should be respectful to them.

I had djinns binded into rings etc. And i never forced them to do anything.
I invited them to use the stones as a vessel ie a temporary home like a hotel to assist me to what i wanted to achieve.
It is a pact that you make with the djinn when you both agree why you work together and how they would help you.

The best way to work with a djinn, when you bind them to an item is by my experience to treat them like a good friend.

I would talk for hours with my djinns and tell them how i was feeling. I had also told them that when they feel that they want to leave and that they have helped me enough they were free to leave any time.

When i would sense they did something good for me i would hold the stone and send them appreciation.

They helped me a lot. When they were ready to go i lost the stone. I wished them well and because our collaboration was amazing i told them they could come visit anytime they wanted without the need of the vessel.

This far they have visited a few times that i needed them. They did it by their own free will and they helped. I miss them so much sometimes but i know they will be here for me if they sense that i need their help.

This is my method btw.
I only had positive experiences with the djinn. I am still on the beginner level of knowledge. Take my advice with a pinch of salt.


I want to ask her how I can show my target.

So, can I open a picture on my phone and say I want this woman and go to the woman and show this woman to that jinn?

I just want him to know the woman he will fall in love with and let him do his job, anyway, I regularly feed him incense and chat.

You dont have to do that. He/she knows already.

so did you use baal kadmon method too?

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Yes at least 3 times

Hi. Can you teach me how to do this please.

So do you have any advice on how I can manage this genie?

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Yes. Let it do its job without trying to interfere.
Build a relationship with it by talking to it and see how the genie will respond.
If you see that things are not working the way you want to, thank the genie for its time and release it.
Then try some other form of magic that is more compatible to your personality.


they don’t fulfill my requests how can i get them to do this job

Maybe you can’t… Based on what @PriestessLayla said, you ask nicely. If it doesn’t do it, either you don’t actually a have a Djinni bound to your talisman and the binding didn’t work, or it doesn’t want to because you have not got it’s respect.

It seems you don’t know how to talk to it to do that though, how do you know you have a Djinni “tied” to the necklace? Can you talk to it and hear it’s answers so you can have a conversation? Have you done any work on yourself to build your psychic senses to listen to what it says?

This is a person with a personality. If you treat it like a stranger, why should it do favours for you? You have to make friends and get to now each other, or, you have to be a powerful mage and force it in which case you had better know how to protect yourself and win that fight. As a beginner you don’t really have that option, so being nice and making friends is your only option, and then if it doesn’t like you, you could bring bad luck to yourself, then releasing it is the best option.

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You cannot. Spirits and especially those with free will choose who they want to work with and when they want to work on something.

Angels will help you better