How can I self initiate in the current of the Loa?

So I have the Voodoo training course, and EA says to be initiated in the current you have to go in a desert? But we don’t have those down here, not only that but is it recommend you have a different room to practice voodoo? I live with other people so all of my rituals are performed in my room

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I don’t think you need to go to the desert, but ask the LOA.

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People from from the religions that worship the Loa say you can’t.

I don’t see why you can’t at lest try to have a conversation and see what happens.

I suggest talking to Papa Legba first, he’s the guy with all the contacts that can make introductions, I wouldn’t go to a loa directly without him by your side. But I’m cautious about them.
In any case, Iin the absence of a teaching structure, you can let Papa Legba lay out the plan.

I only know this because I said I wasn’t fussed about working with that current, but I said if they came to me I’d honor that. And then Papa Legba came to me. He introduced me to Orisha Oshun for some work I needed to do that she has been amazing with. He made it clear the door is open.

Turns out I like Papa Legba a lot, he was warm and approachable. I don’t know how he’ll appear for you, but it’s worth the ask I guess :slight_smile:


Do you know how I can evoke Papa Legba? I do have The spider and the green butterfly (2nd edition) I started to read it and for a few days I Definitely felt like something was there. I can’t see or hear spirits but I definitely heard something…it seems like they were laughing at me for some reason I know for a few days I really couldn’t Sleep well because my hat was pounding fast it seemed like

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He has something called a Veve, which is reminiscent of a sigil.

To he honest, I typed out a reply about using the Veve kind of like a sigil lhp style, but I got a strong impression he didn’t like that… so don’t do that.

He know you’re interested, I’d let him come to you now.

I think it’s ok to meditate on his Veve. Do do research and find out all you can about him, his origins and culture, why people love him etc. These things will bring him closer to you.
Patience is key, seems he finds the lhp too controlling, and he won’t be controlled. I feel like, you can call him after you’ve met and he tells you personally that that’s ok.

But that’s my lens, your mileage may vary. I’m a bit ‘blind leading the blind’ here, as my work with the beings in this current is very new and untested.
They seem to have a lot of very human qualities, and you know what humans are like, Papa Legba is a great ambassador, I think they get harder to get on with from there, so… just be very careful.

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Do you think it’s okay to open the book to draw his Veve? I think it as his in there. One of the Loa I really wanted to work with was some art type? I can’t remember her name but from what EA said she seems really cool she teaches art type stuff so when I contact him i want to work with her to

I think so. Meditate on it, draw it, send good energy all that good stuff.
What some youtube videos of people talking about him etc.

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i was looking for this course myself i hope some day i will purchase it.

Well there alot of people who say a lot of things… back in late 2018 when i wanted to contact the lwas i was on this discord server with one guy who thought was majestic and he said i have to go to a forest to contact the lwas otherwise they will hurt me … Guess what at that time Papa Legba was already start to make contact with me and to be told i have to go to the forest while im leaving in the middle of the city that lead me to be confused … What happened i was banned from the servers (this was to make me stop to listen to peoples bullshit and follow my intuition which the lwas guided) . Being away from peoples bullshit i was left with only the guidance of the lwas at my disposal.

The lwas does not need to you to leave the place you are living and find a forest so you they can initiate you… if you can do that go ahead BUT at any place at any time you can call the lwas and ask them to teach you, initiate you into the voodoo mysteries and they will be happily to do it.

I myself asked Papa Legba to open the crossroads for me when i was in my bedroom on top of my bed ( :blush: yes there is where i do many of my rituals) and there invocation was intense as fuck.

So my friend dont let peoples experience stop you to explore the amazing path of voodun. Neither they shall never make you think the environmental barriers just because you are not on the forest then the lwas will not answer you call. Even if what is available to you is abandoned toilet go there and call them, no matter where you are or what methods you are using to call them the lwas will hear you and answer your call.



You contact the Loa yourself, you don’t need to go to a desert that’s silly.

Many people find that you cannot work with other cultural Gods and entities but that’s to some degree hogwash as they are not the mouth piece for those beings. Your best bet is to ask them yourself and allow them to personally initiate you.

Papa Legba is like the gatekeeper between you and the Loa, you have to go through him to get to the rest. However, from my experience Papa Legba can be pretty laid back if you show respect and not demand such like some tend to do.

My grandma use to follow the Loa, I learned through them, then was later confirmed by family, but she’s long passed away now.


Papa Legba is the solar God of the Voodoo Religion and Papa Kalfu is the lunar (Moon) God. Ask them to initiate you. Papa Kalfu is the voodoo God of the Black Magicians

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I do live with my 2 little sisters also, so like that won’t interfere with anything right?

When it comes to the Loa, Kalfu and Legba have dominion over the crossroads, divination, and sorcery. Kalfu is actually Legba’s Petro counterpart which in turn means that they are two sides of the same coin. Legba aligns more with the light while Kalfu aligns more with the dark. Despite Kalfu also being a deity of the crossroads, I would deal with Legba first because the darker variation is definitely not a Loa for beginners.

I also suggest dealing with the Rada Loa mostly at first due to them having a more chill and level-headed demeanor which makes them safer to have in the household. The Petro Loa are very fiery, intense, and unpredictable which I would deem to be more dangerous depending on who you are dealing with. In regards to Kalfu it is best to work with him outside of the home because he is known to bring friends.


Okay thanks! So work with Legba, Kalfu, Dada 1st