How can I increase my memory/iq through occult techniques?

Hello.(I have heard of the ars notoria but do not know if it works.) So you may ask, what is my goal?To keep it simple, I want to learn 150 words a day in my target language.Before anyone says “But this is not possible”, even without occult techniques I have memorised 25 words a day in arabic… Research says that it is completely possible to learn 100 words a day. So why couldn’t I speed the process up a bit? And yes, I will still do the work and do not expect that the words come into my mind spontaneously ( Even though I think this is possible) I really wish to become a genius in language learning and become fluent in 1 year.Thanks for your answers in advance (And keep in mind, I already know several non occult techniques, I would like to know some occult techniques which work) Greetings, Lonelyseeker


Ask Asmodeus ,belial

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Create a servitor or work with air energies.

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President Foras from the goetia is said to make one more intelligent and can raise one’s IQ

For such task, it might be a good idea to look into spirits that have a dominion over the matter of the mind and see which one(s) you are drawn to most

Reach out to Lucifer, as an air spirit and one who bestows wisdom upon this whom he receives such request from, he might be the one for you

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I just remembered this.

I have used this mantra to successfully memorize a 30 page script in 10 days:

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Thanks for your answer.So, this mantra works for everyone? And do you think you wouldn’t have been able to memorise this script in such a short time without this mantra? I think that I am certainly not able to memorise 150 words a day without some “supernatural” help. Greetings, Lonelyseeker

I’m an older gentleman so I don’t memorize as quickly as I used to be able to. I used the mantra to augment my usual memorization techniques and was not only able to memorize the script within the timeframe but also to retain it longer. I tend to forget a script soon after the performance is over but with this mantra I was able to still remember it six months later.

I’ve heard that Meditation sometimes helps bring back deep buried memories of the past. I would certainly like to remember a lot of things from childhood cuz my memory of it isn’t the greatest

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Sorry if I am a bit annoying lol. So you think it is completely possible to learn 150 words a day with this mantra? I am actually good at memorizing stuff but I would never claim that I could memorise so many words in one day over a timespan of 5 months (Which is my plan actually.) Greetings, Lonelyseeker :slight_smile:

I have some experience with this. I was not good in my school years, I was naughty and not caring and certainly the fact that I had dyslexia was not making the situation any better, my brain just could not retain information and what I was studying just slipped away. I was aslo trying hard but in the moment that the test came my mind just went blank.

Now I no longer excuse the way that my mind is wired because I made some very big changes to myself using devotion to the thing that I am studying which is Mathematics.

Back then my mind was cloudy and foggy, I did not retain from evoking a demon to help me and that demon was Azazel, I asked him to make my mind sharp in ritual and nothing happened but when I went to sleep right after the ritual… It all changed, I was just looking the ceiling waiting to fall asleep, I saw symbols moving and colliding each other, the symbols were complex like mandalas, I aslo remember my ajna chakra buzzing like crazy and for the first time in my life was able to think clearly and sharp. Literally my mind was crystal clear, I felt so refreshed and weightless its crazy.

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I think it is possible, yes.

There we go! You just reminded me of this. I’ll chant it today so I can memorize the information for this work quiz.