How can I become a succubus (female)

Really? please explain more

To put it simply, the physical you will no longer be you because you gave it up to someone else (the supposed succubi soul you mentioned earlier).

Essentially, it would be like possession but you aren’t in the backseat and are somewhere else entirely no longer connected/linked to your body.


@Issam has been posting about this same problem, in evident distress, for quite a long time now.

As far as I know, changing your physical body in any major way (including eradicating deadly tumours which have been observed by others, which some may consider more serious than this) seems to be beyond the scope of most normal magick.

@Falllenangelicstan96 - @DarkestKnight was harsh there, but not inaccurate.

You’re doing the equivalent of hearing someone in a burning building calling for help, and promising them you can summon the rain gods if they just stay put - only, you have no such proven ability, and your post history shows that.

There’s more danger to Issam’s peace of mind in investing faith in your advice, in my personal opinion as a magician.

As a mod, you’re not breaking any rules here, but neither do I consider @DarkestKnight’s words to be doing that, since he’s not insulting you, merely pointing out very obvious facts borne out by your post history.

If I were to start claiming I was the Virgin Mary reborn, or a 250lbs quaterbacker called Steve here to coach you on your sporting skills, people may very reasonably point to post history which contradicts that.

Finally, magician hat back on, one’s soul doesn’t dictate the form the physical body takes, or every otherkin would rapidly shapeshift into their “true” form, so with respect @issam I don’t think changing your soul; or acquiring succubus energy will be helpful to you, in fact it may just increase your uneasiness with the body you have right now.


This I agree with there’s many who feel uneasy in their skin and want out of it because it doesn’t vibe right with them so a transmutation is something better questioned than advised.


Yes there is.


Get a sex change operation, @anon48079295 explained how even if you transmute your soul to that of a succubus demon, you still remain a male human in this body I think it’s what Velenos meant.

And I think he may be right


I mean. I have a bister- I call him my blood brother, cuz he’s my only full blooded sibling, but he was born a girl, he was born my sister. I tend to disagree that we come into the wrong bodies, but that’s my opinion and no one should live by someone else’s opinion.

My Bister, took advantage of Obama care and my daddy’s veterans insurance, and well. Now’s he a guy. Had an addadickontomy and everything. Maybe you should look into that, only in reverse?

He struggled at first after his double mastectomy’s and hormone treatments, (Humans are just mean most days) but after moving to a place where he didn’t know anyone, he met a woman that doesn’t care that he used to be a girl, and they have a very happy marriage.


I cant do that operation for several problems I cant tell
But do you know any method I can at least be a women in the astral please


If you can get out into the astral, I believe you merely need to learn how to will it, so that you are that.

@anon48079295 is much more versed with this however, as my own astral journeys are rather limited atm :slight_smile:


@Falllenangelicstan96 why don’t you actually work on your practice instead of acting like you know things and spreading your “knowledge” to newbies who ask for help?

@DarkestKnight @anon48079295 I was debating trolling him to pass the time, concocting extravagant fantasies, but I decided I have too much respect for Lucifer to do so


The astral body can be changed to fit what you like I think, practice Astral projection


I guess that OP is living at some place in the world where a “re-alignment” via surgery is not possible or else he would have used magickal methods to gather money and to convince doctors and family that this is the only option. Or at least I hope he would have thought of that,lol. (I know a woman who was born a male and who had the full surgery journey after two years of hormone treatment. This shit is seriously only an option if you ARE serious because it is dangerous and you won’t have much fun with your body over the course of the healing period (which might take years, depending on how many surgeries you’ll face). )


Dum question is there any method to full posses a womans body and take control of it and live in that body😅

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Think you’re going to need to gain some above average skills and maybe go through a near death experience where you try to take over someone else’s nearly dying body as a fill in.

I think you’d be best to stick with mundane options, as I can’t think of anything feasible for the average person to be able to do that.


Not forever as you’d eventually return to your own.


Is it possible to take over it for a little of time
How much do you think I mean time
And do you know a method to do it

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What do you think would happen to the woman’s soul if you did that?

Are you desperate enough to kill a random woman who has done you no harm, just so you can get boobs and a vagina?

Most women would not kill another woman to have these, if we lost them for some reason.

And you will one day lose them all, or at least the fantasy versions: boobs will go south and flatten out, vagina will cease being much use to you when you’re older, most of the time - either dried out and atrophied, or simply you’ll be an old lady and not a hot young thing any more.

I have a horrible feeling you think the female body you hope to have will somehow stay young and sexy forever.

Cellulite, mastitis, endometriosis, osteoporosis, cystitis, higher tendency towards PTSD, lower resistance to all kinds of stress, are just the tip of the iceberg of the reality of being female. :thinking:


Don’t forget the everlasting lack of pockets in most dresses or skirts.


On my ass.

Not to mention my tits look like a tiger mawed them from breast feeding, so while I’m small enough I’ll never sag and drag like others, I gots my own flaws.

Definitely, not to mention hormone fluctuations effecting your damned mood… A good day turned rainy by a single badly worded comment…


Fck how about the stupid fake ones, in half your pants. I want a real pocket man. A REAL pocket.

I like to put my phone in my back pocket and drop my earbuds down the back of my shirt… but, can’t do that with a stupid fake pocket.