How can I become a succubus (female)

Hi i am a male i wished all my life to become a women but for so many reasons I cant
Is there a way to become a succubus female what do you think is this possible if yes how?


Its possiable, but you have to connect to a succubus queen like Lilith, or Nammah though

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How can I connect to lilith
And will I die a return as a succubus or have my physical body and in the astral get a succubus

Just look for her sigil or chant online. Also as for u turning into a succubus u won’t die, but u lose ur human soul have it replace with a succubus soul.

Don’t listen to @Falllenangelicstan96, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He lives in a fantasy world.

@anon48079295 knows more about soul transmutation.


Becoming a succubus in soul isn’t going to really help in becoming a woman I assume physically is what you’re looking for.

Also to note, succubus are not the only female demons x.x not every female demon is a succubus either, but how does becoming a succubus in soul correlate to you wanting to become a woman?

You don’t really “lose” your human soul it’s a transmutation it’s the same soul simply transmuted to the soul of a demon/succubus, it’s still you, it still has the past lives you may or may not have lived and what makes it you.

However, soul transmutation doesn’t tend to work or last long if you came here with a purpose that requires your soul to be as it is.


Listen to me I do know what I talking about I been practicing my magic for two and half year now with the help of the dark goddess Lilith. Beside I uses meditation videos from YouTube during my ritual, which have help me unlock my spiritual gifts to sense when spirits are nearby via tingly feeling, including learning how to liquid dreams.

It’s more that you didn’t know what soul transmutation was until you heard about it here from my posts.


No, you actually haven’t. In your time on this forum, you have shown an appalling lack of knowledge and experience in magick. You have made nothing posts about anime girls and fantasy creatures. You gathered random sigils from the internet, put them on your walls, and then went around claiming to have a succubi harem when it is quite obvious that you don’t. When you signed up, you couldn’t decide whether you were a sex god, a fallen angel, or a merpire, so no, you definitely dont have a clue what you are talking about. You are a pretender.


You half right, I didn’t know about soul transmutation at all, but I have you talk about it another forum just very little. Forgot what were forum name, but i remember you talking about how you told someone, that can’t remember exactly, what you said, but you did say you can ask your god, or goddess, or whatever entries you work with, and ask them if they be willing to transmute your soul.

I’m not really on other forums so not sure if you’re confusing me with someone else or not. I removed myself from other forums years ago. You sure you didn’t read that on this forum? as I don’t openly talk about soul transmutation anywhere else.


Oh peace take everyone in the in the occult practice follow their own path, there is no right or wrong path to take, as everyone is different just beside in case you forgotten I been on the left hand path, and part the occult practice for just two and half years, I’m what you called a solitary witch. Beside just as you, and other people, who practices, and walk the occult/spirituality path is different from one another and do their practice differently, so do I.

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no I’m sure



why u crying

His response was hilarious


Oh I see, well he came at me like a bully by stating my way of doing thing is pure fantasy, which is not. Though I will admit what he said about me were truth to a fault, but everything said about me, I were going through a process, just like anyone else on here, or anywhere else in the world that practice the occult, whatever you are a left hand path, right hand path, or anything else part of the occult/spirituality. Before joining this forum it is it truth that what he said about me , is what I thought were all part of the unseen realm, and the occult, but throughout this year alone which is my second year of being part of and practicing occult / spirituality since i started walking this path in 2019 and been working with the dark goddess Lilith.

Your anime/manga fetish was recent, the point being it’s best to not give advice on something you’re new to.


well its not that recent I say more like either the beginning of 2020 or the middle of 2020, when i joined this forum, which I didn’t no any better, till someone with more experience like you told it’ wasn’t

You have to keep in mind that your soul is your sentience and consciousness. You (your soul) is the driver and your physical body (your vessel) is the car that lets you interact with the physical world.

If your soul is taken and is replaced, then the driver is no longer you and you will no longer be able to interact with the world like you were before (you essentially would end up on a different plane of existence).