How can i banish a bad entity?

Something scraping on the ceiling, and I feel very negative power. I tried the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (at about 1:00 am), and at the end I felt strange (like sleep paralysis). The next morning i found a cut on my face. This thing always comes back.
I thought it was astral parasite, but recently I have not had sleep paralysis.
Thx for help!

Sage and dragonblood too.

It is definitely just a parasite. Remember, there are a lot of different kinds at different power levels.
Conviction is what gets rid of trouble. Conviction and quality backup. Ask any demoic that works with spirits to help you. Personally, I would ask Hecate. Spirits and parasites really seem to fear her. Sehkmet is a quality ask, too.
For Sehkmet, I would open all your windows during daytime, walk your home with a candle blessed to Sehkmet and ask her to destroy the entity. You can add any banishment rit to this you like.
There are thousands of ways to get rid of this kind of problem. Get creative, but don’t get stupid.

Cuts on the face can happen during sleep, as it is an easy to reach spot on the body (depending on how deep of a cut we are talking about). I probably would not worry that aspect too much. Sleep paralysis could happen with some parasites, but it also depends on the individual’s response to them. It sounds like a parasite in my eyes. This first thread is a list of a number of techniques that you can use to get rid of them. I personally break down and “devour” them, which I’ll show in the second thread but there are less extreme options. Pablo Santo and sage are good for them as well.