House sitting, bad night last night


I am house sitting for my father and this house has been known for paranormal experiences. I was only needed to stay the night last night and my father would return this afternoon but my luck their flight was canceled due to weather. So I have to stay the night alone again after a horrid experience I had.

Im going to attach pictures of the more active room. If anyone can maybe see anything. But I had an experience last night that never rivaled anything else I had experienced. But I was headed to the kitchen to make myself a plate of food, and I was texting a friend laughing a bit loud, well the light started flickering. It scared me a little bit and I did keep quiet finishing up making my plate. I chalked it up to okay the house is old. Lights flicker sometimes. I head to my room and all of the sudden I hear HEAVY, HEAVY, boot footsteps. It was definitely a bipedal walk like a human. Honest to god I thought a man broke in the house and was coming to my room. My body got extreme chills and I stared sweating so bad waiting for this thing to come into my room. Then it just stopped. This was at 11pm and I couldn’t sleep until the sun came out. I was like great its not even 3am yet and this shit starts happening lol. My step mother also experienced heavy boot walkings too. My step sister had seen an entity that looked like the traditional grim reaper (black hooded robes) pass through the hallway in these pictures into the bedroom. My step mother had also saw a shadow being do the same but this once had a top hat on his head…

I had never seen anything like a shadow but the boots I did hear. It was loud and clear as day. I do follow Damon Brand’s book of magickal protection and use the master protection and sword banishing rituals. But if I do these rituals why was this presence heard? I’m scared to stay another night alone (these things seem to target whoever stays at the house by themselves alone) I’m just hoping if someone could potentially see what or who is in the house. And if it’s peaceful or malevolent.

I hope you guys don’t mind me making a topic on this. It just really scared and shook me up last night. What do you do in a case like this? Confront it? Ignore it? This house has had some drug history as it used to be used for squatters.

The more active rooms.

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Wow that sounds like spirits for sure. Looks like you got an authentic haunting… Could possibly be the djinn, elementals, departed human souls.
I doubt if it was an actual demon though. But hey who knows.

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Entity’s love environments relative to the energy they give off , so if their was drug users there it’s possible there’s some fuckery ,


I don’t feel anything bad so I don’t think it means harm. Could be a spirit that wants your attention

Ooo that’s real possible.

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Can one of y’all project yourself over and rangle the thing out? Lol (im kidding but if you can please do lol)

Im just scared to death to go back. I’m surprised i braved the night last night but I really don’t know what to do. I had confidence in the banishing I learned but then shit started hitting the fan and I think this thing is just… high energy? Im still new so I don’t have much experience im just scared being alone. Those boots are scarred in my memory.

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. You lost a night of sleep and are stressed, compromising your ability to think clearly and your immune system. Over noises.

Why are you scared of noises?

Personally, depending on my mood I’d talk to it, be annoyed and tell it to leave, attack it if it doesn’t, or ignore it. These are nowhere near as strong as you, it’s like being scared of a mosquito.


Lol well to be honest im scared of mosquitoes too lol. But I understand what you’re saying. Its hard for me to let go of my primal fear. I dont want to be scared but it just takes over me. I freeze and panic. I dont know how to get out of the fight or flight mode because its instinct for me but I always get stuck in flight mode. This thing seems very territorial so I think if I demand it to leave it will get more upset.

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I just get the feeling you are overly concerned about whatever it is. I mean, I’ve sometimes been certain I hear breathing in the next room, and I know no one is there. It just don’t bother me at this point. Then again, to get to that state, I guess I did a lot of evoking and stuff, and I know when something really wants my attention, so, sorry, its just you being overly fearful, not that there aren’t spirits there, but it isn’t anything to worry about.
I recommend meditative breathing. Just focus on your breath when you see or hear things like that.

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Knowledge is the antidote to fear. Summon it in daylight, like you would any other entity and find out what it’s issue is, and help it fix it. It’s unlikely it’s enjoying the state it’s in.

This thing seems very territorial so I think if I demand it to leave it will get more upset.

That makes it’s situation more pitiable but it shouldn’t matter to you. So sad, too bad.
If it’s giving you attitude get indignant and give it a lesson in humility.


By upset I mean turning its tactics up a notch to fuck with me even more lol. And i wish i could help it but that’s something i have to do research on. Im only in this house hopefully until tomorrow and I leave to drive 5 hours back to my home state. Like I said im new to most of these subjects so in the matter of helping it, I’d more or less need to learn how first if I’d were to come back later on. However, I do feel like this is a test to control my fear (something I really need work on as you all can read) but its hard. I just left my mothers to come back and drove around a bit just to compose my nerves.

Deep breaths. Im outside the house now. I’ll keep you guys updated. If i never post again, just know i got got by the :ghost: lol


I just noticed an old latch lock on this door. Guess who locked that door up? :sweat_smile: it leads to the problem areas

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You’ve probably seen most of what it can do unless you feed it a lot more energy. It’s not like TV, and if it was a poltergeist you’d know by now.
Fear can feed these, that’s another reason to stay chill. If it’s a training session of sorts, that’s cool.
Familiarity helps.

To be honest they don’t always want help anyway. Not to worry. It’ll fade over time by itself.


Oh i know well it does! It probably used my fear from flickering the lights do what it did last night. Im just a flighty person in general. Im shaking texting you guys. I hate how bad I am at composing myself.

Theres also a church next door if that makes any differences with this kind of stuff. No cemetery though.

sounds like fun. you can do all kinds of testing of your senses. opportunity to interact with the unknown. do what the ghost hunters do. try to get it on camera.

why would a house need house sitting? it’s not like a baby which needs baby sitting. Just stay at hotel/motel nearby and you won’t need to bother with it. hehe.

probably a case of psyching oneself due to being alone. I use to do that when i was a kid. haha. you probably have great imagination.

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When you say its an opportunity, it certainly is and I agree. But I am having trouble overcoming fear but this might be what I need to experience if I’m going to get a handle on my own energy and what I’m giving off. So I’m trying to keep my mind on that.

House sitting because right behind the house is a burnt down structure where homeless and maybe the type that would squat in this house stay. They roam around the property in the middle of the night so I’m here to make sure nobody gets in. I guess. I hear people yelling outside as I’m typing this, not a great neighborhood. There is also two dogs I’m taking care of here. So its doggie and house sitting! I have my own here and collectively I call them the three stooges because they did not help at all whatsoever last night.

And lol I wish i had got the boots on camera but I was stunned and petrified.

fear = false emotion appearing real

3 protector dogs in the same room and your scared?

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I’m going to remember that. Im also trying to use the meditative breathing technique another member suggested. I already have heart problems so this is not good to be overworked!

Yes… i know :sweat_smile: they didn’t do anything helpful last night. They are the three stooges but i still love them.

EDIT: Now its thunder-storming… why do i feel like im in a horror film… lol

My dog is the front. :slight_smile:

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