Hiii new in magic

Hiii Iam new to magic I wish to learn how to meditate correctly and what are the best reads for a begginer in magic when I meditate I feel cold I’m my chakras but I don’t know what do after that


Welcome @abdulrahman_shalhoub :blush:

Please could you tell us more about yourself…


Here just by using the search box above you may reach easily to the seas of information.

I found the below entry regarding to the meditation, and added some videos of EA, hope it helps. :slight_smile:


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Iam 34 years old not married from Palestine I iam trying to build my own self through new means after becoming agonistic the thing is I feel too choatic in I don’t know from where to start I read about the left and the right path ,the tree of life and the qilpoth I’ve tried to look into anatomy of occualt but still feel chaotic it’s not easy when you don’t know where to start nice to meet u wish me luck

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