Detecting LARPers

I am ok with polyamorous life styles but those are the key Words romantic and commitment: I don’t just want to be a number.


I’ve never had issues with getting women I’m interested in. But also on the other hand I’m also the blind person who cant tell someones interested untill my pants are being taken off.


I was brought up old school with manners. You don’t kiss and tell… everyone lol.


There have been some long lasting marriages that start with a kidnapping, but I need to pull up the statistics to see if it is a statistical aberration or not.

I been encouraging witches to use love spells on me, but I don’t think anyone took up my offer. Meh, maybe when I am richer.


Too many times.

There are people I’ve spoken to personally who have given thousands to these alleged practitioners. One person spent over $10,000 on a seller. It’s insane. I was apart of these communities first as a curious onlooker, later as a (short lived) “tester”, and third as an (accidental) cult member (long story there) before finally throwing in the towel and deciding all of it was full of shit in one way or another, and what little information that could be considered factual was buried under Fantasy or twisted to a point where it was all half-truth’s.

I’m the same lol

I’m still learning the difference between the two, and thankfully after years of picking up tidbits of both, have begun to value the latter over the former (though the former is pretty cool). I think that we’re all subject to falling into LARP behaviors in the beginning, but choosing to deny knowledge is the real heavy sign of a hardcore LARPER. Even when I was CONVINCED of [insert cringe worthy thing here] I still desperately wanted to be told things, to learn different perspectives, and to be told or read about not only if I was wrong but why I was wrong to begin with.

The only difference between a LARPER and the inexperienced is how willing they are to find knowledge and absorb it like a sponge.


i was for quite some time aware of this topic,
and decided not to partake in it.

I felt it woun’t do me any good to so.

as of now,
this changed.

P’tah send me a revelation,
i find reasonable,
and i’d like to share with all who’re prefering the doubt,
and rather disbeliving the concept of actual, attained godhood.


hope it helps someone overcome their limitations.



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I’m not sure if I understand what your “revelation” is.

Are you saying that there’s no such thing as roleplayers in the occult community?


Uh…? Not seeing the relevance to the topic.


no, there surely is roleplayers in the occult.

the way it’s been discussed here,

“hey, let’s play tabletop games, and compare evocation expieriences.”

The concept here,
was to build a common ground on what’s possible,
and what is “fake”, or “made up” or untrustworthy.

The revelation,
was the bit about priests and spiritual people having a shared of the all,
the “creator god” in them,
but at the same time,
being at odds with others who have the very same expierience,
due to different interpretation.

i had an urge to not be involved with the question,

When something is being manifested,
you can’t physically see it,
until you hold it in your very hands.

When you do,
you forgett about the process that brought you to having it in the first place.

we’re looking at invisible forces,
and trying to discern their color,
is maybe closest to how i can coin it down into a phrase.

see, UPG is considered an slight insult,
when you read topics where the term is used,
and usually means “i don’t believe you.”

That’s fine,
except that it calls the one questioned to bring evidence to the one asking.

Which still would be fine,
if it was only applying to things that are tangible,
explainable and understandable.

But we’re working with soul travel,
different planes of existance,
planetary forces,
angelic and demonic creatures in magick.

as such, the UPG,
“unverified” personal gnosis,
goes along with a certain stain of both parties of the conversation feeling worse,
and not getting along in the long run.

On the other hand,
Gnosis is ALWAYS personal.

And what does verifying really mean?

how can one person verify something,
for another?

It’s about the asking person,
to listen to the answers,
and find meaning in them.

But what i’ve seen,
was asking with an presumption of any answer given to rather be wrong,
if it’s not exactly the same the person asking already knows.

I know,
that’s not exactly the discussion LARP topic was heading.

But it spawned roughly that thought construct,
to be more often happening in discussions.

in the long run,
it’s a goal for everyone here,
to both learn and share expieriences,
and be taken seriously when they do so.

On the contrary,
i saw quite a bunch of people who stick towards limitive views,
and “this or that, cannot be done”.

Since the left hand path opposes dogma,
that’s been urging me to find some good solution to bring it back to a more comfortable state for all who partake in balg.

Don’t get me wrong.

Caution and verification of spirit presence, etc. are good things,
and i also agree that Gnosis should and can be discussed upon.

Just the way it’s done could use some improvement,

But alas,
i’m sorry i interrupted here.




UPG is in no way am insult because that’s what it is UPG unverified personal gnosis. If others have experienced it to without you telling them anything it becomes SPG. Shared personal gnosis. Anything beyond that is verified by tangible proof.

It’s not an insult it’s just what it is.

I find yes it’s no ones place to say what’s real and what isn’t, however, a lot of the occult is filled with people throwing fantasy in it and due to the fact many people abuse the idea that the occult is purely personal that they can do just about anything and everything and slipping fantasy into it and calling it science.


i don’t know,
i try to encourage people sharing their expierience,
not stop them from doing so.

Lucifer, is the angel of pride.

I can see how some have more of that pride aspect to them,
than others.

but does that make them invalid?

in terms of verification of things,
that’s seeked in magick a lot.

But magick,
is also no more magick,
when it becomes replicable science or technology.

Just sayin…
When everyone is telling what they already heard,
how is something new coming from that?




Pride is one thing. Nothing wrong with being proud. Placing it front and center or parading it around for all to see in order to gain attention because of an underlying sense of low self-worth is another.

In all fairness, its a plague in all aspects of magick based communities.

  • agreed.


Very true.

think about it,
half of the people here seek personal power,
gaining strength and recognition,
or manipulation on those they seek favor of.

And when i consider what kind of requests i get sometimes,
the issue certainly doesn’t just occeur on balg.

Any other magick group has it aswell.



I think you’re confusing pride into larping which doesn’t make sense.


I think he is saying it isn’t so much larping as it is a persons unique experience, and that wanting to share that with others is pride

I feel it too but I prefer to keep it reserved


Having pride in an experience I would think is a bit if not wholly different from larping/role playing.


While in the 20 years of me being involved in pagan/ occult practices, I have never heard the term “LARPing” made in reference to someone who is viewed as a pretender or attention seeker in this way.

It is actually fairly accurate.

There was a bunch of this back in the early 2000s after “The Craft” came out. Then the onslaught of fluffy bunny books by Silver Ravenwolf and the like, a real cash cow for Llewellyn Press. I was early in my practice of the occult at the time and even I was noticing the prevailing mist of those captivated solely on the dark imagery of the impending counterculture and the shock value it provided.

“…I’ve seen The Craft and Charmed… I know what I am doing…”

yeah… ok… cool.

Later on, I was part of JoS and other organizations’ email groups where I mostly just read the banter back and forth to learn more about LHP practices. All these guys and gals talking about how they were in a trance or something and vanquished the Archangel Michael “once and for all” with their magick and yada yada yadda…

It’s one thing to share an experience, or even journal entry, for information sake… it’s another (as the OP pointed out) when someone goes from fledgling to master sex orgy angel slayer demon thrall in a matter of weeks with all kinds of over the top accounts of spiritual workings and combat.

In this day and age where we as people are encouraged to identify with whatever fleeting fancy that befalls them, a healthy level of skepticism and discernment is required now more than ever.


LARPers so annoy me!!!

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Great topic.

I’m not sure calling these people LARP-ers is the best term, I prefer fantasists and they have been around since the beginning of time. The entire alternative community is infested with these people and most turn out to be frauds eventually, but not until they’ve caused immense damage to whatever cause they’re demolishing with their idiotic fantasies.

I must say, I also fell for a few of these initially, such as David Wilcock, Corey Goode or Simon Parkes, though they are more involved in the UFO community than the occult specifically. It wasn’t until I met people online who knew them from the very beginning and caught them in their lies early on, that I realised what frauds they were.

These people are dangerous psychopaths, that lie without flinching and defraud gullible people for a living. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to find genuine people in the alternative/occult communities and you just have to do your own damn work and research, nobody’s going to do it for you.


True, but sadly there’s also some who don’t see what they’re doing as lying. As in they truly believe themselves, but that’s not so bad, it’s only bad in my opinion when they start trying to teach others, then those others go on to praise them which draws in others, it becomes a constant cycle.

These kind of larpers tend to not do it intentionally but also don’t care to listen, but you notice they’re larping because a lot of what they talk about tend to have no basis or the basis is jumbled up nonsense they tried to forcibly peace together.