Hi Tim which goetic writings did you read?

I read the lesser keys of Solomon, I was wanting to learn to summon demons. Didn’t work well though until I worked backwards and read the ancient Babylonian incantations, now those work. The goetic didn’t impress me much. The Babylonians were hardcore.

Know any book i could try out

Hang on, so you said you don’t really do magick earlier, now you do. Earlier today:

For Babylonian summons? If Babylonian then I would look at the demon trap bowls or devil traps. Those are pretty interesting.

They are mainly used in Iraq and Iran. They are about the most ancient you can get…as in museum level old artifacts.

The bowls were buried face down and were meant to capture demons. They were commonly placed under the threshold, courtyards, in the corner of the homes of the recently deceased and in cemeteries.

The majority of the Mesopotamian area’s population was those of the ancient Babylonian religion, all of whom spoke Aramaic varieties.

The thing is people do it wrong now days with demons.

Well incantations are protective magic, that’s not summoning. Devil traps are like focus items, or amulets that’s different! You’re talking candles and Ouja boards that’s rookie stuff. I don’t do rookie.

Don’t put words in my mouth please, nor presume to know what magick I do, or others on here do.

This is going south very fast: you joined claiming to not do summoning, now you claim you do summoning and did complex armchair-wizardry to get the one true method whereas everyone else is a n00b.

Step back a moment and see why this is a problem.


The demon summons that I know work for sure are Babylonian, Greek, Egyptian, Mayan, and the major players that involve blood sacrifice. I’m not in the business of killing people and animals or cthonic animals to dieties. Cthonic is black in case you were wondering.

That stuff works just fine I dont get whats the problem with it? People likes to keep it simple.

Petitions work,candle spells work,rookie stuff work.It doesnt need to be neccesarily complex.

But that bowl damn sure looks interesting nonetheless.


Is it? You’re sure?

Yes he’s sure. Don’t you know that?

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This is getting better - a short time ago you claimed to not summon, now you do, then before that you were confidently proclaiming all spirits are just dead people:


PS Who’s “Tim” in your subject line? :slight_smile:

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Hey! You don’t have to be rude? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was wondering that as well. I’m sure its not…

My guess is he’s referencing Timothy.


My guess is he thinks magick is a larp where he can claim to have gasps in awe read books (like no-one else does) and pretend to be cleverer than wot we is. :thinking:

And go from “spirits are just dead people, I never summon” to “I backwards engineered the only effective method and yr all retards” in around 5 hours, yet no-one would notice.

It’s highly entertaining! :heart_eyes_cat:


Now as you said that,a ritual which should be like a rehearsal would be some serious shit :thinking:

But hey, considering Golden Dawn’s ceremonies, I guess my idea isn’t so original.

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I’m fairly new to evocation, but I’ve found the Goetics to be quite powerful actually.


Did he change his name to attack Timothy? GAY! As I’ve said before, LadyE, Timothy helped me out with my purchase so they do care and information is solid esp their links and help.

Even I, with my English only speak, do perform rituals utilizing a structure I keep up with. They could use more work but my intentions are there. I’ve been a little less active posting. I’m still trying to get over this w/e flu I caught. For the most part its done except this damn lung coughing. Takes forever to get rid of this phlem and I sound like I’m a heavy smoker. Made me weak and tired too so I’m not paying the most attention to peoples behavior. (shrug)