Hi, I've been unintentionally traveling to a different dimension, and I've been able to take people with me

::Question Presented::
I am looking for some clarification about an experience I had with a friend last month. I am curious if anyone here has experience something similar, or in the alternative, has knowledge of of what this might be. I have since had two other experiences like it with different people, but for the sake of brevity, I will limit this post to my first experience.

As an aside, this was a mutually shared experience; my friend and I both perceived this event the same way at the same time.

::The Room::
We rented a small private study room at the law library. The space is ordinary, small and plain- just big enough to fit a bistro-sized round table and two chairs. it was well lit, with bright florescent lights built into to the ceiling.

Sometime around 9:30pm, we took a break from our regular studies and began to talk about one of our favorite topics: esoteric mysticism and religious overlaps. Specifically, we were discussing the book of Enoch.

::The Experience::
Slowly, the room began to shift…it started to wobble an lose its structure…becoming more fluid. It reminded me of a lava lamp, almost. Our bodies started to do the same thing, at one point we felt completely removed from them. We weren’t necessarily experiencing zero gravity, but there was a significant absence of it.

During this time, we both became very aware of the meaning “all is mental”. The light was no longer coming from above us, but rather was all around us. It was no longer florescent either, but instead a warm enveloping glow.

Even our perception of sound became warped during this time. Our voices were not quite our own, and sounded muffled, as if we were talking under water. Sound only became clearer when we realized we were now speaking telepathically.

This all lasted no more than 6 minutes. However, it felt like we were in that dimensional space for months, and at the same time; seconds. Time did not operate the same as it does here.

Before this experience faded away, the power in the building (except our room) started to fuss: Lights flickering at different speeds which we could see from a window, and then complete darkness (we were still safe within this “glow”.

As we entered back into our current dimension, the power came back on in the rest of the building and everything returned to normal.

::Warranty of Authenticity::
We were not under the influence of any substance, I did not cast any spells no spells or conjuring of any spirits… Just simple theological conversation between two people in an underwhelming, semi-empty room.

::My Personal Theory::
I perceive this experience to be another dimension, however I am unaware of how I entered into this place, unintentionally, and how I’ve been able to bring people along with me.

I look forward to reading your comments!


That is a very interesting and I think quite rare experience. It does sound like a shift up to something like the 5th dimension. I’m put in mind of descriptions from the Celestine Prophecy.

Did you feel you came back into the same version of the universe or was anything changed when you got back?
Was the ‘all is mental’ specific to the new realm or a general statement about all reality? (I have a feeling some realities don’t have a mental component so maybe it’s specific.)


I have never heard of the Celestine prophecy, but just did a quick Google search. From what I’ve just gathered, it’s a novel based on the Eastern spiritualism’s eighthfold path? I am definitely interested in learning more about those topics.

Yes! In so many ways that is difficult to explain in comment. Short version: I am different, and the way I move about this world, and how it perceives me is also very different.

I know my first friend feels the same way, i will have to ask the others (one of which is actually the lead partner at the firm, my boss… sooo… that’s a little awkward.)

Good question! I meant that specifically for the reality we entered into, and this dimension we are in… Or maybe I’m just in… I do agree with you that the mentality component is not a universal law in every dimension. Mentality it a construct itself, after all.


This is truly amazing stuff! You said you were talking about the book of Enoch. Im not very knowledgeable about the book, but in a way i feel like that somehow tied in with what you experienced


Which part of the book where you talking about specifically.

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We were talking about the book in its entirety: My theory of why it was not included with the other works of the Bible (e.g because the church wanted to hide astrology, which I believe to be a language, rather than an esoteric science).

We also talked about the fallen angels, mostly of Samael - and how they were responsible for the much of the introduction of huge technological advances, sciences, languages, and mysticism.


The book of Enoch is interesting reading for sure. You should also take a look at the Zohar.

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Funny you mention that, I’ve been meaning to!

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The Zohar is the best source material regarding Azazel I have found thus far.

Have you been able to replicate these events?

I have not attempted to do so; although the people I’ve brought with me so far have been begging to go back. I’ve wanted to learn more about it first before I even attempt to purposesly enter that dimension. I do not feel afraid of it by means, I just like to have some background knowledge of these kinds of things first.


This is honestly incredible and, if I’m being completely upfront here, far out of my league of experiences. I have absolutely nothing substantial to offer as far as advice goes, but the least I can say is you aren’t crazy and there are people who have done this before you. It is definitely a rare treat, and I’m envious of your friends for being able to experience it with you. x3


I’m curious as to who these other people are! If they are contactable, or if they have/recommend any literature that might shed some light on this.

Let us know if you try it again. I’m curious to see if there are new results.

In fact, I might try this myself and see what happens.

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Whoa, Cool.

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Please keep in touch, and let me know how your experience goes!

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Will do!

Psychic Warrior by: David Morehouse

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I had a similar experience when I was 13 years old. I was reading a book and all of sudden I felt disconnected from everything around me. I freaked out because for a few minutes I didn’t know where I was at. I remember yelling, Where am I? It took me some time to adjust when “I got back”. I remember the rest of the day I just felt weird and out of place. Like everything around me was a dream and not my reality. I’ve had other similar incidents just not as an intense.


This sounds very similar. Did these events eventually stop or do you still experience them?

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