Hi from Austin/Round Rock, TX area. Anyone in Texas?

Hi I’m a 38 year old lesbian (“soft” stud naturally more masculine than feminine, but not butch – I’m just me) in Texas. I would really like to meet up with others in my area who want to practice magick and occult related things together and develop strong lasting friendships. I bought E.A. Koetting’s ‘Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence Video Program’ and so far it’s been interesting. This is the first I’ve actually made it a mission to learn some things in witchcraft. I know of only one person in my life who practiced witchcraft (from what society thinks it is anyway), I just never had been drawn to it until now.

And days before I came into the awareness of Koetting and his material and things related to it, I had made my first voodoo doll and her power seems to be strong in getting rid of annoyances like sounds or if someone is around me that I don’t want near me type of thing. Seems to be consistent in getting rid of them (making the noise stop or person move away from me). It’s not what I thought I was making her for but turns out that’s what her primary power is. She is southern like I noticed. The doll was created after watching a video on YouTube by Ryan Cooper on “How to make a real Voodoo doll”. I liked his approach in what he would like to try in bringing a person’s energy from a desired alternate reality to see if you can tether it to have that life in this reality type of deal. He said something like that and I was looking to do something similar just hadn’t thought of the voodoo route. Basically helping someone manifest their desired life through use of parallel reality of our best selves in that sense. Something like that. Anyway.

I’ve had experiences with spirits/entities (good and bad) before for as long as I can remember. First time when I was about 5 years of age. As I got older, I did notice an increase in activity when I consciously made the decision to live a Christian life and probably sometime after I accepted what they call the gift of speaking in tongues and the gift of interpretation came shortly after. I noticed when the Christian journey ended, that it seemed that experiences with the spiritual realm began to be less and less. It was as if possibly the night I had recieved the gift of speaking in tongues opened a portal to different spirits. I don’t want to get all into that right now. My point is I’ve had experiences with different entities including two creatures both were not friendly. One left me numb like on the left side of my body and the other I’m not sure what to make of that. I ran into a spirit boy who left me with a headache after screaming extremely loud in my ear to wake up. That’s another story for another time. I’ve not suffered any real physical damage from entities beyond that from what I can recall at this time.

Maybe in the passing four years I used to play with the idea that I could control the rain just because whenever I wished for rain it would rain nine times out of ten. I always called it coincidental. But a few people I know seem to kind of believe I can after so many times of it playing out that it would rain. I cannot prove it so it does still seem coincidental. I also started to believe that I could make things happen if I write them down or do a mental vision session that William Hewitt talks about in his Psychic Development book. It seems to work but not for all things. Just certain things. It does not work for manifesting money, though. As a matter of fact, nothing I’ve tried seems to work for manifesting money and I don’t understand why. The only thing that seems to magically produce money is if I dream about me winning some x amount of money playing the lottery games (scratch offs or something like that). And it’s not been a significant amount. The first dream I had I won something playing a scratch off. I woke up, went to the store to play and won $300. That is the most I’ve ever won. I’ve never been one to play these things but I did that day. After that, it’s been way under than amount. There seems to be a block on me financially and I don’t understand why I cannot magically produce money. It’s rare I go to sleep and have dreams about lottery games or getting money. And it’s not like I am controlling when I dream them. They come to me in their own time. So that is something I struggle with magically that I’d love to get better at. I feel strongly that there is a force over my finances that is causing me to be blocked from things that I know should be growing and a great deal and at a fast pace. But its not. So I am seeking anything I can think of to find a method that works for me to magically produce money. I don’t have anything against money. I’m not one of those people who think money is the root of all evil. That’s not ever been my mindsent. Money is a tool to help you get things and quite honestly, I just want money itself it feels good to have money. To look in my bank account and know I’ve got a ton of money to do with however I please to pamper a love or use it to be generous to others. Because I’m at the point in my life that I’m not a shopper. But I have bills and I like to be responsible and know that I’ve got cashflow when I need it and when I want it. Not me waiting the last minute for a “miracle”. I don’t like last minute stuff like that. I like to know ahead of time I’ve got the cash and it’s my account and I can pay things early or something. I cannot stand last minute stuff especially if I’m uncertain if money is even coming. I like to be ahead of the game if you know what I mean.

So I wanted to share my experience with the summoning of the Dark Ones. Like I said I am willing to try just about anything to help me get what I desire. I know his material said to not do the summoning of the Dark Ones or something like that and didn’t explain why. But after a day or two I guess, I made the decision to do it because it didn’t seem like anything else was really working in terms of manifesting money and two other things that I won’t get into. Well I did and it was a rather interesting experience that was different from Koeting’s experience. I did not expect it to be the exact same so I went in open-minded. Here’s what I did and how it went. I decided to moved it to this post since this post was really lengthy:

I’d love to meet with people in my area Round Rock, Pflugerville, Austin, etc who would like to come together and practice magick, occult-related and a variety of things. That is the reason I joined this forum. Anyone in my area?


Welcome to the forum.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I tried editing the original post to clean it up having moved the money struggle for help to this post for now (Anyone Encounter the Spirit/Face of Money? Help Remove Money Block?), but looks like the time to edit expired. :expressionless:

I’m in Killeen homie :grin::metal:

@Micah you’re like a hour away. I was actually looking to buy land out there at one point but money is tight right now. You ever travel inward?

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I’m not able to right now, but I am making arrangements to quickly get out the city lmao :rofl:

Something will click in place tho

You oughta take a swing down here sometime mayne

Its summer time as fuck down here…
Summer time As in

Big booty women wearing shorts that expose the ass cheeks almost completely while walking in Walmart type summer time


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Wow that’s how some of the females carry themselves up there? Not really my thing. I like more classy women. But hey if that’s what you like and what they like then who am I to judge. Hehe. I was in Killeen about a week ago I believe. Not sure when I’ll be out there again. But I’ll let you know.

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I’m in tx too, but a bit aways. I live in the Beaumont area. Welcome!

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Hi @Strylyn. I know someone who is from a city near Beaumont. I think Beaumont is like 5 hours from me. I think. Do you ever travel out?

Not really. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like I have any spare time. I don’t live in Beaumont either. Just a small town near it no one would recognize; so I normally tell people Beaumont. I live in kountze.

Grew up in Texas but I live across the atlantic now in Northern Ireland