Anyone Encounter the Spirit/Face of Money? Help Remove Money Block?

I originally put this on my intro post Hi from Austin/Round Rock, TX area. Anyone in Texas? but it was way too lengthy so I’m breaking it up.

So this experience is one that I really wish I could have captured on video or taken a photo. I did try to take a photo, but that failed. The photo you could not see what I was seeing right in front of me. It moved in what was like gears of a clock one going counter-clockwise and the other clockwise and it was behind the face that came through. I saw this at Target just sitting there thinking. I wasn’t doing anything special. I happened to look up and there it was. This was late at night and the parking lot was lit with all those lights and it was a magnificent thing to see. I wish one could see it on a photo but the photo you can’t see anything. I took like several trying to capture it and you couldn’t see it in any of the photos. I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, not on any medication, or anything and I wasn’t drunk on anything as a matter of fact I can’t stand the taste of alcohol. Just not for me. I was just sitting there thinking about life that’s it. I think I had either gone into Target or was about to go into the store. I kept thinking to myself am I really seeing this? That’s why I was trying to take a photo of it. That spirit claimed to be the face of money. And I thought so money really does grow on trees, eh? A little jokey joke, right?! I was in disbelief in what I saw. Who wouldn’t be right? It’s not every day I see something like that. I did go back the next day and the day after it it was like an imprint that you could barely see, like extremely faint, and there was no movement. It was very dull as if to say “i’m not home”. There was no shine/brilliance, movement, or anything. It was like a magical shine, there’s a word I just can’t find teh word describe it’s sparkling effect because the word sparkle doesn’t do it justice by any means. It was the complete pposite of what I first saw and then it was not as visible. So last night I was told that was just the beginning of me seeing the materialization of spirits. In other words, I’d be seeing it more often because it’s not the first time I’ve seen a spirit in my life. One in a tree? Yes that is the first time and it was so vivid. The face of money was not what I expected it to look like but then again I wasn’t sure what to expect. I tried to draw it, too, when the photo attempts failed, but I did rush because I didn’t know how long it would be there. So no the drawing doesn’t do it justice either and I only had a pen. It looks happier in the drawing than what I actually saw. It had slightly sad eyes than how it was drawn. If I felt I had time to draw it I would have gone to get a pencil and took time to draw it more accurately. Not my first time at that particular Target, but was the first I saw the spirit in one of their trees in the parking lot.

Anyone else encountered anything like this? I’ll see about uploading the drawing I tried to make of it but it really did not do what I saw justice.

– Help Request –

In my intro post I talked about my struggle to manifest money. I have moved that paragraph to this post for sake of better organizing my post and really so my intro post won’t be so lengthy like it was originally. :wink:

I’ve done a variety of things to manifest my desires including writing things down and within seconds or before the day ends it manifests on its own in some kind of way (does not work with all things though) or if I do a mental vision session as talked about from William Hewitt’s Pyschic Development book same thing does not work with everything. But no matter what methods I use that prove to work to manifest some things, no technique works for manifesting money (for me). And I don’t understand why. The only thing that seems to magically produce money is if I dream about me winning some x amount of money playing the lottery games (scratch offs or something like that). And it’s not been a significant amount. The first dream I had I won something playing a scratch off. I woke up, went to the store to play and won $300. That is the most I’ve ever won. I’ve never been one to play these things but I did that day. After that, it’s been way under than amount. There seems to be a block on me financially and I don’t understand why I cannot magically produce money. It’s rare I go to sleep and have dreams about lottery games or getting money. And it’s not like I am controlling when I dream them. They come to me in their own time. So that is something I struggle with magically that I’d love to get better at. I feel strongly that there is a force over my finances that is causing me to be blocked from things that I know should be growing and a great deal and at a fast pace. But its not. So I am seeking anything I can think of to find a method that works for me to magically produce money. I don’t have anything against money. I’m not one of those people who think money is the root of all evil. That’s not ever been my mindsent. Money is a tool to help you get things and quite honestly, I just want money itself it feels good to have money. To look in my bank account and know I’ve got a ton of money to do with however I please to pamper a love or use it to be generous to others. Because I’m at the point in my life that I’m not a shopper. But I have bills and I like to be responsible and know that I’ve got cashflow when I need it and when I want it. Not me waiting the last minute for a “miracle”. I don’t like last minute stuff like that. I like to know ahead of time I’ve got the cash and it’s my account and I can pay things early or something. I cannot stand last minute stuff especially if I’m uncertain if money is even coming. I like to be ahead of the game if you know what I mean.

I’ve also tried sigils and nothing. It really seems like there is a block of some kind that’s preventing any method to work (for me) in regards to manifesting money. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions for a solution that will help me with this problem?

Update for Help Request section: So I go to post this as a separate post and I’m blocked from posting it saying I’ve reached my newbie posting limit for the day. And this was actually my last post and it just so happened to be about money and my issue is I feel blocked. Strange eh? I’ll just post it on this face of money post for now and I will move it after 22 hours when I can post again. I’m not mad just thought it was interesting I am talking about feeling blocked when it comes to manifesting money and am blocked from posting another post about needing help to manifest money. Seems the Universe is confirming there is a block. So the question is how to remove the block? I’m opened to hear/read solutions to this. I’d like for this help request part of this post to go in the Money section of this forum.


Following cause I’m going through the same thing honestly.


Bune and belial is good start


Hi William_bey. Thank you. I hadn’t heard of Bune. But I did attempt to call upon Belial when doing the Dark Ones summoning in Koetting’s program. Wait I just realized I didn’t ask any of them about money. Hm…I’ll try to communicate with Belial and will even call upon Bune and see what happens. Any tips to best approach both of them about money and the best time to do so, feel free to share. Thanks again.

Well best time for me is Friday ,bune loves chocolate pudding and oranges and honey fancy perfume ,just speak from the heart and be specific of what you ask you for and what do you want for and what your going to do with and what you will give them in return , give them blood they love when you go out of your way for them I give them offering mostly everyday … I have two altar made for them also ,so theorbalways with me ,great mix of energy special when you work with them together because belial is a remove obstacles and creates favoritism, I love them there my beitufull loyal spirits and I have worked miracles in my life ,like you wouldn’t even imagine


Hello, I haven’t read your post quite yet, a little short on time, but here’s a little folk magick to help you remove money blocks. (I read this in the book Magickal Riches, but it’s apparently a relatively widespread practice)

You are going to leave a surprise gift of money for someone to find. To this money, attach a small note, telling the finder to enjoy the money, and to use it on something that brings them enjoyment or pleasure. You could even call them a “Lucky Winner!!!” or write “Congratulations!” or something like that. Leave the cash somewhere it will be found, but do not let anyone see you leave the money, and do not wait around to see who will find it. You could use a post-it note and attach it to a wall, or just tape the note to the money and place it somewhere, like I do.

The point of this little game is to ease your attitudes towards letting go of money. It may seem counter-intuitive, but money is meant to flow, and if you can’t release money joyfully, you will block it from flowing to you.

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Oops didn’t mean to do that. Ugh…mobile. Good thing I saved it…

@William_bey - Thank you for the additional information. Truly appreciated. I had actually done a meditation with Bune’s sigil. I used orange marker since I don’t have an orange candle like I preferred and given my blood on it. I did that shortly after reading your first post. But I did give blood. I’m trusting it was Bune who came thru . And Bune seemed to be in a hurry, though not rude. But when Bune asked me what I wanted for whatever reason I got tongue tied. It was weird because it hasn’t happened before with other entities. I know exactly what I want everytime I reach out and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time nor my own. But with Bune, when asked what I wanted my throat just closed up on me for a few seconds. Must have been longer than that because Bune said, “Speak.” And I was trying to but I was stuck. Here it was I’m calling for help for a removal block on my finances and I’m blocked from speaking the help I need regarding it. I find the synchronicity interesting. So still hadn’t spoken my need Bune says, “What’s wrong with you? Speak.” And I was finally able to speak what I needed. Just interesting. It was in that moment that I felt Bune was hurried like had something pressing to do. If I recall correctly, Bune did say near the end, “I must go now.” Something along those lines. Only time will tell if anything was done or not and if that was Bune or not. I’m taking what entities say for face value unless shown otherwise. I don’t have any reason to immediately doubt what they say unless they personally give me reason. Bune, like others, did not immediately give me reason to doubt in that meeting. I wanted to do a meeting to include Belial as well but ended up just calling Bune only yesterday. I will see if Belial will meet with me soon though. Thank you for all the information you’ve provided. Bune did tell me if I need anything to call upon while adding, “You don’t need to give me anymore blood. I’ve got yours.” It was in a gentle but certain tone. I didn’t know what to make of that and so just said ok in return. It was kind of like it’s not required of me but I can if I want. Still wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the tail end of that. It stuck out to me more than anything else. But I didn’t ponder on it too much later just went about my day. Something awkward did happen later last night regarding money that I’m saying may have had something to do with Bune. It was a small amount but it’s just the situation itself was out of the ordinary. Almost like when some companies send test change to your bank account to make sure the account is valid or when someone is troubleshooting something in a payment processing system and will send test amounts to see if a payment for through when trying to fix the error – looking back that’s what it seemed like. Oh my gosh it just hit me. The guy said it’s a glitch in the system when he said I need to get cash from the customer. First off I was thinking why are you telling me how to handle my business. I didn’t ask that but thought it. I was so confused what he was talking about because that’s not how my business worked for that particular thing. We don’t do cash on delivery for that. I was so confused at what happened …it was out of the blue. But now I think Bune was troubleshooting. Like now I think that guy was Bune or sent by Bune. Oh wow that would be amazing. He seemed frustrated a little and said get cash from the customer and just keep it and he seemed to be mumbling something I couldn’t make out and I was like huh? And he repeated to get cash from the customer and to keep the money. Payment should be done online or called in by the customer. Thats how I’ve handled my business. So this guy telling me how to handle that was also odd. It was truly out of the ordinary all the way. I even called up someone to figure out what was going on and they were confused too. I got to the customer and turned out they didn’t pay online and had cash in hand ready to pay. We don’t do CODs. But I made an exception following what the guy said to get the cash and keep it…I know I’m chopping my thoughts here when going back over that situation last night, but now I see what happened. The more I’m talking about it right now the more I’m believing it was all Bune working to troubleshoot the block on my finances as a whole and came to me in that way to let me know it’s being worked on and that the block is a “glitch in the system”. Hm. Amazing. I heard the guy say ******** will get me paid. That moment was extremely bizarre but can see now it was Bune. I suppose I’ll see soon the result of that troubleshooting. As a matter of fact, I don’t know why I didn’t think to reach back out to Bune after it happened. So I’ll do that after posting this reply. Again thank you for all that you shared.

@shinri - I appreciate you commenting and providing detail in your suggestion. Says a lot about you in a positive light. I may have to find your posts and see what other things and steps you detail about any else. I like when people are specific and detailed helps eliminate errors in general. I personally have no issues releasing money. I’m like a philanthropist and I’m quite generous. I love to give especially to those who are appreciative. It makes giving even more exciting. The more I get, the more I give. Just how it is with me. Maybe that’s why there’s a block in my finances. Maybe I need to take a break from so much giving. That would be weird. I don’t have anyone giving to me but that is not why I give anyway. I’m almost like a genie in a lamp. That thought cane to me the other day out if the blue. Most of the time I give joyfully but there has been times when I didn’t and gave because I couldn’t say no … like a genie in a lamp. So anyway I just know there is a heavy block and it needs removal. Now I have done something similar to what you described within the last 60 days and left money in different areas at a store including the bathroom just because I felt like it. As usual I did not expect anything in return. I try to do it discreetly even though stores have cameras. hehe. I do things like that from time to time giving direct or indirect … I get creative. I have no idea who all found it, I never waited around to find out. I have not done it the way you described as far as leaving a note, though. hehe. I used to stumble across money on the ground growing up. Not so much as an adult. It wasn’t like a lot anyway. But thought it would be cool to leave money for folk to find. I’ve done quite a bit of stuff and even developing a site with hidden gems like find free money, treasure throughout the site and also going to do it in different places on the internet in like comment sections or something. Some people will not believe it and will pass it up while others will do the opposite and get the reward no strings attached. So no issues with joyfully releasing money. Too much giving or maybe even giving to the wrong people might actually be the problem and why the block happened in the first place – for me. That would be really interesting if that is the reason. I will look into that book you mentioned though. Who is the author?

Update: Again I’m on my mobile phone so please excuse any errors. Smh.

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The book is by Damon Brand. I mostly use his and the rest of the Gallery of Magick’s books in my practice, though I do take ideas and methods from other sources (don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, as they say). Also, thank you for the complements, I just enjoy helping out with these sorts of things, and such topics can easily become incredibly abstracted and esoteric, without much practical value (at least for those who are not able to derive practicality from the metaphysical). While there is a place for such philosophy, it’s good to stay grounded too, I think.

One thing that may help is to focus on yourself more, rather than on others so much. The better your position, the better you will be able to help others in the long-run. It can also be dangerous to neglect your own well-being or pleasures for the sake of others’. You don’t want to be a door-mat.

The demons have helped me a lot in being more selfish in this way, which may not sound like a good thing at first glance, but there really is such a thing as being too generous to the point of bringing financial or emotional ruin upon oneself, or being overly optimistic about the motives and intentions of others. Complete cynicism and misanthropy are not beneficial states to reside in, but neither is blind naiveté.


Read either Holly Alexander or Genevieve Davis’ books and follow their instructions daily. You don’t have to buy both, buy one or the other.

The money you want will manifest over time as you do the instructions every day. Be sure to buy a daily planner like they say and do these rituals daily.

Also, buy either Damon Brand or’s books with larger-scale magick rituals. Whichever one of these you choose, schedule these into your planner and do them roughly every 2 weeks or so, along with the daily practices in Holly or Genevieve’s books.

Between these two books you’ll begin to remove money blocks.

Btw, the spirit of money in today’s world is Charging Bull, the statue on Wall Street. It amazes me more magicians don’t think to call on CB, but hey, that’s magick with a k for you, so there ya go.


@emperor - Thanks for the book recommendations. One of my blocks is actually Amazon. Identity theft by someone believed to be within their company who has attached a fake card to my account and also created additional accounts with my information, that I’m trying to get resolved. Already filed FTC reports and all that. Could potentially be a hack/data breach not yet revealed by Amazon, too. We do not yet know exactly; its ongoing investigation. But until there is a resolution and full cooperation from Amazon, I cannot buy anything on Amazon. So unless those authors sell elsewhere not connected to Amazon, I won’t be able to review and use any of their material. But thank you anyway. As far as today’s spirit of money being charging bull, I wouldn’t know anything about that when compared to what I saw; perhaps it was from another time. I don’t know. I just know it wasn’t a bull I saw. How would one go about calling on CB anyway and what can CB do? Have you had success with CB? Feel free to share your experience with CB. :slight_smile: Again, I really appreciate the book recommends, just I cannot get their material unfortunately because they sell on Amazon. “Funny”, yet another block in trying to get help removing blocks from my finances and it just so happens the books you recommend for helping to remove money blocks are sold on a site that’s blocking me from accessing it due to what I mentioned above. Synchronicity yet again. “Funny”. smh. But I’ll keep seeking help from places I can access (online and offline) until something opens up for me. Sigh. Man this is nuts!