Hey Guys I am introducing myself to my eager-ed thirsty for demonology

I used to be the guy who obsessed with the other entity that living among us, now i am joined here to open up my every possibility of the knowledge and experience to know more about the unseen unheard knowledgeable that few people bestow

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Hello @Akshay, please make an introduction as your next post, it’s one of the rules we have in BALG.

Simply, click here https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/c/new-magician-help and tell us a few things about you.
Some Ideas to include in your introduction:

Also take some time to read BALG rules:


Since this appears to be an attempt at an intro, I’ve moved it to the intro section. @Akshay please expand on this so that it meets the forum requirements for an intro

i will do that

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Good man. Welcome to the forum

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thanks bro :yum:

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Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread you may find you useful.


What demons or fallen angels are you wanting to learn about?

one fallen angel and demons

Please do not forget to expand upon your introduction as requested so that you fulfil the requirements. Otherwise, you may lose posting privileges.