Hey everyone could use some help if possible

So I evoked lucifer I believe twice lets say about a year ago its been that long beacuse I didint feel the need things were really good I tried to give him a present / offering with a black candle his sigil and a few drops of blood some coffee and non alcoholic wine beacuse its all I have I dont drink anymore lol but anyways I was cleaning and felt alot off anxiety and tried and almost sick and irritation and today I felt like I was gunna pass out had really bad anxiety so I tried to shower and I had 2 knocks on my door and my wife and dog were sleeping I asked if it was her she said no and some weird stuff has been happening since still feel off dog has been acting weird so please give me some ideas

Banishment would likely be a good idea at this point.

I’m really new to this and I dont really know how as stupid as this is I truly think lucifer has helped me the second time I tried to contact hhim he gave me a vision and this past year has been amazing and I wanted to thank him do u think its him or is somthing else messing with the gate way how do I banish sorry like I said im new

I cannot really comment whether or not it is him, as I have never worked with Lucifer. Some spirits have tendencies thst can be predictable, while others a bit more unpredictable (I would put Belial in that category). Either way, something is going on and wiping the slate clean will likely help things. As for banishment, there are many, many different ways to do it. You have LBRP (Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram, which has been explained quite well on youtube, including by EA), smudge ceremonies, Sword Banishment, etc. Here are a couple threads that might help you out, but i would recommend also looking into the search function.

That second one will require fire safety of course.

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Take a xanax and calm down you are gonna be fine.

Mix some salt into a cup of water. Then visualize yourself breathing in bright white light into yourself and when you exhale “push” the light into the cup. Keep doing this until the cup of water is so bright you can hardly stand to visualize it.

After that go around your house, dip your fingers into the water and flick the water all around your house. Do this in every single room in your house. As you do this visualize the water burning away all the negative energy around your house. It also helps to say a simple exorcism with force. APO PANTOS KAKA DAIMONOS! for example.( If it is not to your liking search around you should be able to find one suited to your taste)

You can also try summoning Asaruludu and ask him to protect your home and get rid of any unwanted entities.

Could you please let us know where you got that incantation from, what effects it’s had on your practice, did it jive with everything else you do? How did it effect the energy of the environment and what other factors should be known?

You joined very recently and have failed to elaborate on your magical abilities and practice, so how do our members know they can trust what you are giving them, when you haven’t let them know what experience you have or don’t have?