(here is my list.) which is your entity of learning, wisdom, knowledge or understanding?

Hello everyone. As a computer programmer looking forward to land in a big tech company, I have reached that point where I cannot escape the topic: Data Structures and Algorithms. For those in the IT industry, we all know the topic, Data Structure And Algorithms can be a PAIN IN THE ASS. Needing assistance, I did my research on some of the spirits am thinking to work with, in terms of learning, understanding, wisdom and knowledge.

Albeit I speak of computer coding here, I think that anyone can work with these sprits in any related general learning, wisdom, intelligence or knowledge.

I would like your comments, suggestions, additional list or even share your testimonies about them (if you have worked with some or one of them in terms of learning).

Spirits related with learning, wisdom, knowledge or developing skills,

DIV AESHMA : passion to learn, victory over learning, fiery energies to hardwork in learning.

DIV ZAIRICH : develop willpower or thirst to learn.

KING DJINN : fiery energies to hardwork in learning

KING BELIAL : removing obstacles related with your learning process.

GATE KEEPER ABADDON: removing obstacles related with your learning process.

MARQUIS MARCHOSIAS : victory over learning, discipline to accomplish learning goals, strength in learning hard concepts.

DUKE AGARES: Assist advancing with your learning process, by building projects.

DUKE ELIGOS discipline in learning, willpower and intense focus while learning

DUKE VAPULA : understanding and advancing in arts, crafts, skills

KING PARALDA : improving learning faculties ie. Memory.

GRAND RULER ZADKAL: understanding and advancing in arts, crafts, skills

DJINN SERTANEL/SAERTANEL : understanding and advancing in arts, crafts, skills and plus get a job.

DIV AKOMAN : stimulate brain neurons, that you may understand better whatsoever you are learning.

KING ASMODEUS: bestowing mental sharpness for learning.

PRESIDENT FORAS: Bringing Mental Clarity and Stability for learning.

GLAS’YOS : Bringing Mental Clarity and Stability, plus chasing away confusion while learning.

DUKE FOCALOR : Bringing Victory and Discipline in learning.

PHALEG: courage, strength, willpower, discipline, and fiery energy to learn difficult skills or topics.

NAMRU : Bringing great wisdom, knowledge and understanding in learning.

If you have no idea about where I got the information about some the spirits mentioned above, feel free to ask.


Speaking as a software engineer, I don’t work with any of these for my career, I work with the specific entity for the software I’m directly working with. It’s not the generalities I’m looking for help with.

For example, if that’s “Microsoft”, Microsoft IS an entity, in every sense, physical, legal, cultural, personal and spiritual… it’s a man made egregore of in this case a suite of. There’s an egregore for MS SQL Server, for PowerShell, etc. etc. …

So I work with one entity in particular, it’s really niche so I won’t mention it’s commercial name. I created a vessel (idol/effigy) for it and when I have a problem and need inspiration I call on these and the answer just comes. … the great god StackExchange helps as well. :joy:

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:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: Mind Blowing man ! (i assume you’re male, apologies otherwise.)
I didn’t see the word “Egregore” coming.
Although you won’t mention about your Personal Egregore’s name and sigil, i wonder if you would share with me the knowledge on how to create or find one. If you also know of links to useful posts, i would also like that. I have very little knowledge about Egregores. Appreciation to you.

Since you asked, I’m a woman :smiley: An Aquarian one.

So an egregore is related to thoughtforms, except they are created by many people together, they are spirits birthed through the mind of mankind. Because qi is sentient, and as these kinds of man made spirits get larger they become more complex and develop personalities. Anthropomophisations of natural phenomena and concepts as well as businesses become “gods” in this way as well. The Taoists simple call all thought forms gods. Sometimes an egregoric/thoughtform can become posessed with an older spirit. They are often not sovereign until they have developed. They can be created naturally through the mental/emotional energy of people without them characterizing it as an “egregore”.

The term “servitor” is similar in that it’s a thoughtform that is designed to have autonomy but made by one person, not many.

Another example is amusing but in the comedic novel of Terry Pratchett called “Small Gods” you find gods developed out of things like, baking. I have evoked the “small god of driving” many a time to help me avoid traffic and get back on track faster, it sounds larpy and chaos magicky but it works, if only as a way to tap into my own power.

This forum has an egregore: Meet Mr SILVERA, A Most Helpful Little Chap

This is the best servitor tutorial on here:

Or to find one, look for “entitles”. Like I said, any company with a name automatically can have it’s spirit contacted as an egregore. The brand is it’s name the logo is it’s sigil.

You might also like to look up the work of Michale Small Wright, “Soilless Gardening”, which is about working with the overall entity of your business as if it was a “nature intelligence” aka a god i.e., a servitor/egregore to use our terminology.


Splendid info ! And next time i will try to keep your gender in mind.

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Not to worry, it’s really irrelevant imo, although it informs some of my mannerisms but not as much as being English. :slight_smile: It makes no difference if the post doesn’t stand on the merits of it’s contents. It’s actually against the rules here to sidetrack into identity politics anyway.

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