Help with summoning/invoking kali ma

hello, i have recently found out that kali ma is my divine mother. but she doesnt have a sigil or anything i can use to summon her, i have been looking for ways to invoke her but cant find any. can someone help?

For entities with no sigils, you can pretty much just design your own if you find it necessary to have one, otherwise, just call her by name and use that as your link.

Sigils typically aren’t a heavy requirement, but often beat for aiming your focus or intent, so if you’re hellbent on having one, the easiest method of creation I can recommend is making one using the letters of her name and then charge it with her energy and boom you’ve got yourself a sigil for Kali.

Otherwise, vibrate her name like you would a mantra/enn and you should be fine IMO.

Also, hit the search function since someone may have already designed one or had the same question as you.

Alsooo you may wanna fill this out before posting any further.

Hope this somewhat helps out.

Her mantras, you can find them on YouTube

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And she does have a sigil, her yantra

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As already mentioned, you can make a sigil using her name.

thank you! i will try making a sigil for her

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sorry for the question but what do you mean charge it with her energy? would i bleed on the sigil like goetic demons?

As mentioned, a yantra is a kind of sigil, and has the advantage of having millions of people use it, o the entity understands this form of communication easily.

You should use that because mixing traditions isn’t ideal when you’re learning them, and if you’re newer and not experienced in sigil making. I think it would also be a way to show her proper respect, learn the tradition a it’s own thing, and then ask her to show you a personal sigil after you make contact to get into a fusion mode with western occultism.

You can color it as you like, with colors you associate with the entity: more examples…


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that’s very useful actually. Thanks

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