Help with pact

would you choose him over Gremory?

Honestly lately I have seen more about him then Gremory… So yea. Also you don’t entirely need to make a past with a spirit to get what you want find their sigil give it a little bit of love and ask for what you want

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I realize that can be taken… Wrong

I mean

Granted you can give it some love the spirit might like that :thinking:

awesome, I will try that first…im going to get his sigil, try to meditate and chant his enn,is this also something you would suggest?

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Oh yea I do it all the time also… let me find it…

IMO any time you say a spirits Enn they know you want their attention and are listening

Well this is awkward

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too slow :laughing:

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E.A. doesn’t talk about chanting an enn when doing this…would that be something you would add?

Enns usually are used during evocation, but it won’t hurt to do so while sigil gazing

You guys are fucking awesome, I don’t know how much you know about Wv but not only is there not shit here but no open minded people either…i’ll tell ya what, wanna hear some funny conversations…it would be me talking to a girl for hours and hours and then mentioning anything about demons, usually ends with a CLICK lol


Yikes… I usually never mention anything occult to normies. They get freaked out or think I’m insane.


SAME… but I like that makes people leave me alone… or bug me to teach them… or do stuff for then… Granted it’s the latter mostly :pensive:

Android why do you have to be special? Just make your emotes normal let me know what I’m putting without it being completely opposite of what I wanted. And stop with the auto correct and small space bar please. :grimacing:

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Also when you do sigil gaze you gotta go with the flow whatever happens, happens don’t think about it to much

sounds exciting, im going to do that right here in a minute…I hope something does happen…one reason I was interested in a pact is for the feeling, so many people say if you do a pact and don’t use Solomon’s circle it cant end well but E.A. says that’s disrespect and that if you go into it with respect and not using a lower level demon that one will help you…I would just like to feel that power that one has, not in a bad way, but just having it show me that its there

You can use any demon and do not be afraid that and disbelief are the magicians bane… let me tell you something as long as you are respectfully hells hierarchy goes like this (words of E.A) First there is the operator then the rest of existence. Demons need us as much as wee need them without us there would be no them.

Also if you do work with KP make sure to always call him King he’s sensitive about that

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just did that with Gremory :slight_smile:

I wonder, can I only do that once? and if I did it again and asked for the same thing wouldn’t that be like not believing in it to begin with, also, can I do this with more than one demon

King Paimon doesn’t do love spells for the most part.
You will have to demonstrate serious reality shifting skills or magic learned before he will.

Also every grimoire mentioning him has other spirits in it that speciality is love/lust goetia has at 15-20.


Knowing exactly what you want is a great start, lol.

First, you CAN make a pact for what you want, but I honestly do not think it is essential. Pacts are often more about long-term mentoring and development than the attainment of purely material things, but rock on if you want. So, to help with your questions:

You can make a pact with goetic entities, but I would not suggest performing traditional goetic evocation and then asking for a pact. That system involves a lot of threats and aggressive behavior towards the entity and it will not be your friend afterwards, lol, let alone even want to be around you again. I would suggest a different approach with them. A simple evocation could get you what you want, or even just simple spirit sigil magick. It is less complicated, too.

Money AND love? Tough one. I saw some suggest King Paimon. He is not really a money specific daemon, and he does not deal in lust or love, but he is an AMAZING mentor for teaching you the art of influence, which can most certainly get you what you are seeking. For quick money from a random source try Bune. If you already have channels of income as a result of your own efforts (i.e. business, investments, etc) then Lord Clauneck is the one to speak to. I would actually recommend an invocation of him rather than a pact. For long-term, general financial prosperity you can’t go wrong with Belphegore. I have also found Belphegore to be more inclined to protect the money you gain, too. For love or lust, I am not the one to comment. I do not deal with that area.

Just search "pact making"in the field on the top right of this page. You will find 50+ threads on the topic.

Enjoy yourself. It is hard not to when you have $$$ and are highly sexed, lol.