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Ive watched all of E.A.'s video’s and also all of Black Witch Coven’s video’s…I constantly hear one person say when making a pact you should use the goetia and ive also heard about the universal circle, I want to make a pact concerning money and women, kinda thought Grimory was the one to do it with, not so sure anymore, my questions are, 1. which method should I use the goetia or make a pact, 2. which demon would be the most ideal for my desires, and 3. where could I go to find the exact details on how to perform the pact if I choose not to go with the goetia. I appreciate everyones time and consideration. Michael.


Well… can you hear and talk to spirits. If yes then King Paimon can manipulate women to you and get you money as well. Don’t make a pact right away, learn who the entity is first. Well, you do you just my opinion.


I can only answer 1 and 2. I believe you need to get in contact with Lucifuge Rofocal hells Lord of excess, but keep in mind he doesn’t like slackers

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I have never tried, I had a person tell me that I should take Grimory’s sigil and chant its enn and see if I could feel its presence…is this the type of communication you refer to? If not what other ways are there? Thanks for replying also.

Is this a person on here? Thank you for your time.

Yes do the same thing with King Paimon. Yes it is a type of communication. Once you summon them you have to be able to hear them. Google King Paimon, search on the balg forum as well.

Thank you, I will do this, you’ve been very helpful.

KP would be good for the money aspect… both you and me know he doesn’t deal with love.

And google Lucifuge @wvalternative


I also see you haven’t made an introduction thread please do so here it’s part of the rules.

Love no, manipulation yes. If he just wants to fuck, king paimon may be able to manipulate some women his way. Who am I to judge his morals.


Haha, maybe I’ve never asked him for that so idk I’m also trolling/teaching a pagan FB group about magic so I’m kind of distracted tehe

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Do you want love, a relationship with someone, or just sex?

Awesome, will do that now, thanks.

not interested in love whatsoever

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Silence yay! I win!

Anyways KP is good for Money and since you are a beginner (he’s great with beginners)

For sex hmmmm :thinking: on the tip of my tounge 1 sec

I just posted in the beginners forum and got a like already :slight_smile: lol but yeah, not looking for love

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They Replied! Got distracted back to searching

Alright sorry it’s not happening things are getting heated :smiling_imp: anyways best of luck man if you need help with anything give me a shout

thanks man, I appreciate everything

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“Cough” excuse me am happy I won :sunglasses:

And I’m fucking Retarted it’s dantalion I was thinking of