A Wealth Spell gotten from Lilith

Hey guys, on one of @C.Kendall and I’s crazy and amazing phone calls, I got given a wealth spell by Lilith that I thought I should share with the forum to help those who are in financial need.

Remember you don’t just cast spells and sit on your ass and do nothing, we’re black magicians end most of us know what it’s like to go through hardships. Be proactive and always seek ways ( both mundane and magical ) to better your life.

Looking forward to hear your results with this spell.

Wealth Spell

Items Needed:

  1. A green pillar candle
  2. The sigil and enn of a spirit of wealth: Bune
  3. A green ribbon
  4. Olive oil
  5. Clear quartz stone
  6. Planetary sigil of Jupiter
  7. Magical square that manifests money ( for example the one in EA’s mastering evocation course, or any magical square you know whose purpose is to manifest wealth.


  1. Place the candle in front of you and put the sigil of the entity( in this case being Bune ) in front of the candle and place the magical square at the back of the candle, making sure they are on opposite sides.

  2. Grab the clear quartz in your hand and raise it over your head, see a pillar of green divine light fall from the sky and enter the clear quartz, see it fill the crystal till it can’t take anymore of this light. Really blast this crystal with that divine green energy till it’s literally overflowing with energy. It’s intrinsic qualities of being a good store of energy and an amplifier will kick in. Program this energy to bring money, wealth and prosperity to you. As much as you need/want.

  3. Place this quartz into your dish filled with a little quantity of oil, state your intent over this oil and visualize the potent energies in this crystal diffuse into the oil and leave it for an hour in the sunlight.

  4. Take your green ribbon and dip it in the oil, and then breathe on it, as you do so you feel the prana of your breath go out and give your spell the life it needs to succeed. Then tie this ribbon around the base of the pillar candle.

  5. Anoint the wick of this candle with a mixture of your blood and sexual fluids, or your saliva and sexual fluids.

  6. Take a $1 dollar bill and place it underneath the candle.

  7. Anoint and activate each symbol used in this spell. You do this by anointing each symbol with the oil, feel it heighten the vibrations of these symbols. Feel the hum in the air, after anointing the symbols, activate them by scrying into them. then place the symbols back in the order in which they were removed.

  8. Take the already prepared planetary sigil of Jupiter (see info on how to do this below) and place it under the dollar bill, and place the candle on top of both of them.

  9. Anoint the candle with the oil, focusing on your desires and going in strokes from the top to bottom because you’re drawing the energies towards you.

  10. After anointing the candle, call on Bune, do not have any preconceived notion about his gender. I just use the pronoun “he” as a form of reference, Bune has both male and female aspects to him. Vibrate his enn and scry into his sigil, evoke him and when you start to feel his presence, ask for his help in what you’re about to do, then begin to structure him into the candle. Try to see and feel his energies concentrate more and more into the candle till it acts almost like a house for him.

  11. Place candle with the symbols all intact in the north. Why? Because that is Bune’s direction, the north is connected to the earth ergo wealth and prosperity.

  12. Let the candle dry and when the wick is dry, light the candle and immediately you should visualize the color change from a red flame to a green flame in your minds eye.

  1. Speak your intent before the candle ( what you want ) and say this chant:

             “Rech al vaskallah sumere
               Duos et metere”

    Let the candle burn down in the north direction and leave it undisturbed till it dies down itself.

How to prepare the planetary sigil of Jupiter: anoint this sigil with the wealth oil, feel it enhancing the properties of Jupiter’s already potent energy. Scry into this sigil and evoke the roman god himself, speak his titles and his known names, visualize him with whatever image feels right to you and with your need for success and wealth, sue that to call to him. See and feel the sigil in your hand begin to flash and when he arrives. Ask him to help your working and house his energies in that sigil.

Edit : anoint candle with strokes from top to bottom as you’re drawing his energy to you



Talk about psychotic synchronicity… I have been ponering a mad experiment for Days involving combining the lamps of fate, with jupiter and the either one of the money or treasure squares carved into the wax itself along with some other element of the path of smoke… :scream: crazy timing.

And creepily enough one of the quartz crystals i “entombed” when i made my nexion resurfaced when i dug up my last lamp of fate :laughing:


Heck yeah, it’s amazing to just observe how many synchronicities we get when we let magic because a part of us and our lives


My plan is to experiment with each money and treasure square while attempting to remove all expectation. Becuase they at their core are sigils for summoning angels and demons from what i can tell it will be interesting to see how things progress.

Cause for the money sqaures there are 4.


O have as much Gold and Silver as one may wish, both to provide for one’s necessities, and to live in opulence.
(1) To have coined Gold.
(2) To have coined Silver.
(3) To have Silver in small coins.
(4) To have small change in Copper (or Bronze).

My brain has been circling the Spiritual aspect of each as much as the phsyical when it comes to these and the others. Similar to how EA and Asbjorn were saying in a recent podcast about the runes having multitudes of ways to manifest themselves.

This is interesting to me because Bronze,copper,silver and gold. Each have different spiritual ties as well asbtheir physical values vary.
Some have ties to fire copper,bronze and gold for example. Silver has some ties to water as well as the moon. Where as bronze,copper and gold are seen as various “octives” of solar metals.


Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:
I think Lilith is calling me :hearts:


You guys work with Lilith, how’s she like? :slight_smile:


She’s amazing, definitely one of the most beautiful, amazing and terrifying spirits I’ve ever worked with :slight_smile:

You should work with her if you decide to !


I was under the impression that she chooses with whom she works rather than the other way around? I’ve left her alone simply because I’m nowhere near that level of ability as yet.

You are very fortunate.


Not quite exactly what you think. You see Lilith is different from most spirits you work with in the sense that she does not do what you simply tell her to do and then that’s it, The business contract is over.

Lilith is a personal spirit, she tells you the truth, and that’s why people are so scared of her. Because she reveals aspects of yourself that your in denial about, if you’re egotistical she will let you know, if you’re needy she will let you know as well.

Lilith makes us face parts of ourselves that we are u comfortable with ( our shadow aspects ) unresolved emotional trauma, the lies you tell yourself to protect yourself from the truth, the shatters it in your face to rebuild you and make you stronger. To forge you in the fires so that you accept those parts of yourself that society tells you to feel ashamed of, that’s the epitome of self love.

People hate her and fear her because she reveals to you what you’re scared of realizing yourself, but they don’t realize that it’s all part of emotional healing. It’s her showing that she does give a crap about you and wants you to live a balanced life with no regrets.

You don’t need any specific abilities to work with her. Anyone can work with her, as long as they’re ready to tell themselves the truth.

So it comes down to this: Are you ready to actually learn and be fully invested in your practice ? Will you let yourself see the truth no matter show painful it is to learn ? If yes then she will work with you, and show you some really amazing things and help you in every aspect of your life.


According to Asenath Mason from what she has told me. There are times when Lilith will completely ignore some practitioners but I think this would be more towards two things, either they don’t need to work with her probably because they’ve already confronted their shadow aspects or their destiny is with a different entity, and perhaps a possibility as Aluriel said that maybe they’re just not ready to confront the truth.

While I see her as a lover and equal, she can be for others like a scolding mother. Not because she wants to scold or be angry with you but rather because she knows that those she works with can be better and she wants you to rise above your limitations, weaknesses, and other things that will hold you back and will indeed make you confront those aspects of yourself. Aspects, that either need to be destroyed, (which in my case there are some that need to be), or confronted and merged with yourself.

At times too, she will come to those that she wants to work with in many ways like she did with me by awakening my inner energy/Kundalini, and if she does. Don’t fear her but embrace her. She can be fearful yes, but at the same time. Working with her can be very rewarding and empowering.

“All hearts, all passions, I do enflame.”


Very similar to the money spell in the anthology book. Crazy you got it from Lilith


I love this quote !

Thank you for sharing that ! I genuinely love this post, it warms my heart when I hear about her from the perspective of another magician.


It is ? That’s a nice synchronicity :slight_smile:


Thank you; glad to hear that.

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Actuallly; now that I think about it, it does bear a resemblance towards that one from Book of Spells. (Speaking with experience here, lol).

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May as well do it on Thursday during the hour of Jupiter since this is a powerful magick stacking spell.


Good luck! If you do plan to do it next Thursday on the day of Jupiter. The time will be 7:59 A.M.-8:45 A.M.


I have an app that always tells me the current planetary hour its great. Along with current moon phase, etc


Alright; just wanna make sure, lol.


Haha. Much appreciated. I already created a very large money spell I did 2 months ago that is beginning to manifest now… My new company starts march 1st :grin::grin: