HELP, two people sending me panic attacks on a daily basis

Hi, I know these two people have been harassing me and they won’t stop speaking in my mind telepathically, and once, twice or maybe even three times a week I get panic attacks sent at me from them and I hear their voices. I know these two people personally and their full names and I’ve got their picture. I just know its them because every panic attack I hear their voices. How can I do something back to them. Please respond guys, I’ve already been admitted to the mental hospital right now because of them.


Stewart maybe the hospital is for the best right now. I’m not saying you are crazy, but you sound very distressed.


You could try to do a banishing or work with a spirit to defend you. Maybe Vine could help

how do I do that? Im new and I didn’t know where to go, just found this EA Koetting by accident where a lot of magicians/witchcraft is going on so why not give it a try to take advice on professionals

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This is a confusion hex put forward by someone who holds a grudge. The voicing may not be from the two individuals but from the demon sent to harass and torment you.

You need to see a doctor in addition to the magickal workings. Also, meditate every day. Clear your chakras. Do some physical exercise if you’re able. These basic things will help you to stabilize your thoughts and perhaps reduce the intensity of your attacks.

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Seek medical help and treatment
Your mental health is nothing to play with. Best of luck to you. Peace.

Welcome Stewartprince!

First off the people sending you these panic attacks probably don’t know they are doing it they are probably feeling panic themselves. Know that though doesn’t make it any easier or their atacks less real or annouying.

Here’s a technique to help you. Please don’t pay anyone to do a banishing for you because you can do the banishing your self and it will be more effective. Plus you won’t know if they are charletans or not.

Technique # 1 Banishing Stand facing toward where the person whom you feel is sending you this shit probably is. In other words if they are 10 Kilometers northwest of where you are then face northwest.

With your right hand touch your left hip with your index and middle finger together. Now straiten your right arm out (you won’t be touching your hip any more). Imagine violet colored flames coming out of your 2 fingers like a blow torch. Draw a pentagram in the air saying as you do "I banish you back to where you came from double in the name of (choose a diety that you already work with here)

As you say the diety’s name make a pushing motion with the hand with which you just drew the pentagram. Pushing that pentagram you just drew away from you toward whom ever is sending you that panic.

If your new to all this and you don’t work with any Pagan dieties use what you know. In other words if you’re a Christian usre the Holy Spirit. Since you are new to magik, you’ll have to do this many times. Each time you do the banishing you’ll get better and better at it. Also with this technique if you happen to be wrong (which you probably are not, most peoples intuition in these matters tends to be spot on) the banishing will send that panic right back to it’s originator since you are not naming a specific person but sending it back to the originator.

Remember you may need to do the banishing many times over. Each time you’ll get better at it. With practice eventually you may be able to do it just with your mind. That will take lots and lots of practice though.

If you paid someone to do the banishing for you the results would probably be temporary and the next day the panic would be coming at you again.

So I hope this helps.


It might ease your mind a bit if you just ask them about it and judge by their response whether you’re right or not?

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Try a few things from my thread.
The most important thing to do is to get yourself to calm down.


Go to the doctor and get checked out.
Magic is not always the solution and honestly should never be your first conclusion.
Best of luck.


Goto the doctor. This may be an actual schizophrenia episode and if not taken care of properly can lead to problems. You cannot play with your life.

If somebody is messing with you then do the following
Get some sage and smudge it over your head and body 3 times clockwise and 3 times anticlockwise and carry a black stone like tourmaline with you. Then take a salt bath or any cleansing bath. This will be enough to ward off any panic attacks that are being sent your way. DO THIS!!!

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Imagine your body having a cord attached to these two individuals , cut the cord from each of them with a knife and feel relieved they are out of your head , also inhale air around you but visualize it as cleansing light , the doctor will think your crazy, I don’t agree with that advice given but that’s just me

Ditto about going to the MD and Going to the MD like Thinkdontdrink suggested should be your 1st action.

After you’ve gone to the MD the suggestions from forum members Purple, Pureheart9596 and John_Wick are all solid.

Best of Luck

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Try searching on 'mirror shields that will bounce a bane right back to the sender. Then you don’t need to care what they do.

Another option is to transmute the energy and absorb it to make yourself stronger, and then you want them to carry on because it just makes you stronger.

A third option is similar to mirror shields but is to redirect it to a different enemy of yours, saving you some work.

Otherwise, search for ‘death curse’ on youtube or here.


If they don’t know how to shield yet, I’ve done the same mirror technique as a spell. (You can do the shield and the spell). Also visualizing yourself like a baby dragon inside a very thick opaque egg is good to go with the mirror shield if you can shield.

Take a mirror. Light some incense and move the mirror through it…say something like “I cleanse you by the power of fire and air” take salt put in the water and mix them. Wash the mirror in the salt water. Say something like “I cleanse you with the power of Earth and Water”…really what words you use are not important…draw a pentacle or spirit sigil or what ever feels right to you over the mirror with your right pointer finger. " “Any negative thoughts or energy directed at me…state full maiden name…shall now be returned threefold to the sender.”

Medical help is great…if you work with some incorporeal being now… you can also call on them and ask them to protect you from attack…if you do not currently work with a higher being now is not the time to try to call spirits. You may end up with more voices in your head. That’s the last thing you need.