Help! Ritual or Spell for health?

Hi, my name is Jack and I am new to magick. I am searching for help , white or black magick.
I have a disease that affects my limbs. Does anybody know anything that can help me ? Thank you .

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Start here please and thank you

In regards to your question, I’ve heard the angel Raphael can work wonders for this sort of thing.



thank you for your tip. how can I contact Raphael? thank you


This should help

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Alternatively, perhaps consider Marbas to assist you with understanding the mechanics of your infirmity. He is brilliant with this kind of research which will allow you to create a precise and accurate ritual tailored to your needs. I’ve had great success with healing in phases through understanding how to support my body: such as; improving blood flow and oxygen to and removing waste from the affected areas with specific gentle yoga asanas; improving my nutrient intake with exact dietary changes; knowing which questions to ask my physicians…and most importantly recognizing that my mind/body is MY primary tool, so I’m encouraged to keep it in pristine shape.

Stress manifests differently in us depending on what we feel threatened by, as well, and since we are reasoning beings, that includes symbolic threats.

It will assist you to meditate for a few moments each day with his sigil and your questions and slowly build a relationship as he works with you to clarify your bodily signals and the inner workings of your thought processes in tandem. It’s fun. And painful.

For example: breathing slowly and evenly while visualizing blood vessels carrying away toxins to the lymphatic system with each exhalation.

The learning curve is amazing, though. And the acquired skills and insights don’t vanish if you request ongoing assistance in your pact or a familiar when you are ready.



hi king
thank you for your words. what is the left hand path and are you familiar with any black magic that can help me ? thank you

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In my eyes, all magick is “black magick” as we are bending things to our will. The left hand path to me is being our own masters and gods. We Don’t do dogma. The definition is this:

To answer your question, I can try and find a couple names of entities to help with the healing and I’ll look through the couple grimoires I have for you.

Hi Beryl
I am more than ready. can you give me some clarity ? how long do I meditate for and how ? I have his sigil, mirror ,and incense . thank you

thank you so much ! will you be able to advise me how to contact them? new to magick but I sincerely believe .

Certainly :slight_smile:

I’ve got (ironically enough) two wiccan spells of health, and as stated before Raphael and Marbas can help you in healing if you wish to work with an entity.

I’m certain there are plenty of people on BALG who are able to offer more on the subject than I am. @telgega comes to mind. As does the wonderful @Lady_Eva.


thank you . how do I do the spells?

Contact Sekhmet. She worked wonders for me when I suffered from intense abdominal pain. Red candles, rubies and red cloth (preferably silk) are good paraphilia for a ritual contacting her.

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I can slightly feel it, is it a warm/ stinging sensation?

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can you give detail of incense using, her element, your offerings?