Help our dog Jalo!

This is my dog Jalo, if you can please help! We have been asking help from demons and I didn’t even know this site, but today wen it came in front of me, I knew we have to try. Help us if you can! He is the light of our lives. :heart: Blessed Beast.


I removed the link to your GoFundMe, you CAN put it in your profile instead if you wish but please do not request people click it, I’m sorry, I LOVE dogs and this sucks but we cannot allow people to use our forum for requests for financial help, there are tens of thousands of truly deserving and in-need people and animals and it would destroy our little community to bend the rules just because there’s a dog involved, next time it will be a child or whole family, and we can’t start drawing the line later.

Try this daily for as long as you can hold focus:

This is a non-angelic mantra that you can also try:

List of money spells that have worked for people:

I’m going to send you a PM with 3 full tutorials on core shamanic journeying, a method explicitly targeted to acquire knowledge and healing, work through them speedily and keep your focus ONLY on helping him heal/finding methods to assist him, one method by communicting with his Higher Self, I described how to pass on tips from spirits to vets here:

Also, try calling “Angel of Beagles” - this is a good way to connect with the highest form of energy, many things we use now as names were actually old descriptions of a being.


Thank you so much! :heart:️ I will read everything you did sent to me, your effort and time means a lot to us.:heart:

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What is wrong with him? poor baby

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