Help me through practice (practice)

Would someone like to devote their time to practice (driving the parasites out of the body at a distance) in return, I give reports on the reactions of the parasites and the practitioner has a good deed because he saves my life. [and of course practice] :slight_smile:

I have a few parasites on me that wanted to rape me to make me feel worse for the benefit of energy.
(Blehh) [possession, nicknames, body-wading (aggression)
But I am not manipulated by them, I hold on rather well.
Parasites are rotten they descend to being rotten bugs to get energy.
When I have something like this, I have to get rid of it, and that’s where you step into the action.
You will gain my gratitude!
write if anyone is interested, I will write more !
Have a nice day and lots of positive energy

Hey, @anon39079500, another one to eat if you’re hungry! lol


Even now, I can report the parasite reactions. the parasites quieted down a bit, and the suggestion that the cleansing would not work on them.
:slight_smile: typical reaction.
I don’t think they like to be fried.

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I’ll have to read this when I get home.

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Wait…“practice”? Is this a joke?

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No, he doesn’t think anyone can get rid of it so he’s offering himself as a target for people to try.

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So…dissolve it so he comes up with another to take it’s place?

Looking at this, sensing it, has he done anything on his own? This feels relatively minor at this point.

OP, what have you tried?

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no no, it’s not like that, let’s not fall into false assumptions. When I start cleansing rituals to remove them, I am possessed instantly, strong voices, visions, and choked head. when I start cleansing as in the schedule, everything is set, they start to tighten my body and I feel heavy, it feels like the hardest physical work in the world.
I’m starting to fall to the ground, tired as if after a marathon.
Do you think I’m not trying to save my life? Do you think I want to take advantage of you?
If someone would help me remove such dangerous Astral Parasites, then I would be able to finally deal with my dream to begin to magically develop and purify and strengthen myself.
I want to take care of the development and cleansing and protective shields myself.
I just need help in the fight I have a few of them on me and they can take over the body why do you say I’m a hell of a human parasite who doesn’t want to fight for myself?
It is a false image of me, which does not reflect the reality.
I didn’t want to offend anyone, just ask for help.
And what’s wrong with it and in the form I wrote?
I don’t have an idea anyway, so I don’t know in.
that is, none of the things you wrote, let’s not fall into false assumptions.
and I don’t want to start arguing it’s not why I’m here.
it was another person’s idea for me to ask for help as part of the practice and to have someone help me.
because the previous post was against the rules.
I have inside me, strongly torturing rabid parasites which are clever.
I have to have outside help otherwise it will be bad.
Yes, I cleaned myself up with magic every day, it forced me to exhaustion under torture.
I have the impression that you have a picture of me in your head where I have a few weak worms that I can remove and I figured out a way to be lazy.
it’s a lie. :slight_smile:
I am under attack every day, you can go mad.
and here someone accuses me of being an extortionate lazy.
let’s start from the beginning and I don’t want to argue.

Easy. I don’t see how you could have come to the conclusion it was assumed you’re being lazy. No one made that assumption or mentioned you being lazy. No one accused you of being lazy, all that was asked was what have you done on your own so far.


Yes, parasites don’t want to be removed and can fight back. The heaviness sounds like they are draining your energy vampirically.

Given the new information above. this sounds like it is able to hide well. Many parasites adapt fast to being seen. It may be deeply embedded and retreating inside his system.
I had a parasite that I didn’t see for decades and when I did other people could only see small parts of it, leading them to think it was less than it was. It wasn’t this aggressive though.

I ended up removing it myself over several weeks of work, as I was the only one I knew who could find and reach it in all levels of my being. And that included a mage I bought services from, although they still gave me helpful data.

Great :slight_smile: Let’s talk magick.

Can you let us know what technique you used and what the results were, did you have any affect at all as well as being attacked harder?
Was it LBRP, did you smudge yourself, what was your intention, what did you see in vision, if anything… ?

Do you know where this came from, how it found you. A big parasite can infect multiple people at once, and you can see this in workplaces, do you know anyone else who may be affected? A successful working may need to include them and I’d like to rule that out, or it could just retreat to those others and easily come right back. I’m hoping the level of fight in it means this is not the case. But the big ones don’t always “fit” in only one person, or may choose to spread itself out as it looks for more energy.

I don’t want to intefere with anything @anon39079500 might do but I’ll take a look when I’m off work in a few hours and post my UPG. You might be asleep at the time, which is ideal because I might be able to dreamwalk with you and get more descripions. :slight_smile: :+1:


If you have a minute, you might be interested in some of the tutorial posts and discussions we have about parasites, which we recently started a collection thread for here:

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A shield. Use your own energy. Draw it up root to crown. Let your energy become like a white hot flame. Bubble it around you and push it outward as far as you can if you are capable. A few inches will do just fine. Place intent on your energy to burn anything that has ill will toward you. Best regards and best of luck.

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No worries. Just getting off of work, so it’ll be hours before anything could even happen. Like 3-4. Plenty of time, if someone else has ideas.


I did things a little differently tonight. Instead of handling them only on my own, I felt I should make an offering of them to Tiamat. What her business with them is, I dont know.

Regardless, I called her forth and then called Pazuzu, who will help handle the healing aspect he felt you needed. It doesn’t take the place of needing to do banishings and cord cittongs more than normal until you’re reasonably confident you’re on the clear.

I pulled them off of and out of you, attached them to the candle, offered them to Tiamat (hi accepted control of them), and lit the candle.

Edit - a little later. There is low ceiling fan in the room.

Edit - the 1.5 hour candle is done at less than 30, I believe.


you see you are right the case is serious because it feels like everyday torture.
You can lose your mind.
that is, I did kingdoms of flames incantations, I had 2 which I did and put candles with runes.
I have a big problem with my own imagination because these parasites can block my own visions (images in my head - imaginations)
They can sit in my family for years because my family seems strange fanatically religious and believes in every word of a malicious god.
in this way, the parasites want to enslave my family so that it is hard to fight them, because I cannot speak reason to my family.
my family often act against me and they do not know about it, and from the angle of the eye you can see that it is suspicious.
I feel like concreted, but recently realizing that I needed help, I hired a witch who cleaned me up a little. I feel more free from parasite control in my mind.
So it only shows that I need positive cleansing energy.
despite the fact that they attack intensely, plans to resume incantations with kingdoms of flames.
:slight_smile: and believe me, for me toil like in a quarry.
not because I’m lazy.
severe fatigue. this is how I feel it.

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it’s probably what you wrote is for me, so I will write it back

Thank you, I will tell you one thing, you are strong for yourself and enough for the others, that is victorious and beautiful, I come for help and there are warriors who want to help me, Glorious!
my gratitude is great !
I’ll tell you what happens next, I still hear their voices because usually, as usual, they try to deceive me so that I feel bad and they shout at me non-stop.
I feel lighter in mind after all.
Bigger pests, you understand.

What should I say to Lord Pazuzu, how am I supposed to cooperate with him now?
How to thank him?
besides, to take care of my own cleansing ?

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Let him do his thing. Nothing for you to do. He normally doesn’t play any part in this sort of ritual.

I don’t know that the voices in your head is related. Since there are signs of (possible) medical issues, I can only suggest seeing a medical professional for the voices in your head. I’m not a doctor of any sort.


Incantation for visualization in the KoF book? I don’t recall that.

so he will come to me from time to time, I must be grateful, right?
sure it is!
and as for the alleged mental illness, I ended up in the hospital because of the parasites when they made a fool of me.
that’s why you probably see mental illness.
I do not have disease and I will ignore these voices, but you must know that they are real and the voices of parasites.

no, I mean do you know any cleansing that does not require imagination (building images in the head)
because parasites block my visualizations, probably because I am possessed.
I made incantations (kingdoms of flames egorcism), from the shrine of algiz runes looking into the fire and telling myself that I cast out negative energies. I believed in myself and acted.

Visualization is a way to sent intent and direction to energy, right? You can do this through words and emotion, too. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any.

Energetically, you were homogeneous when I was done, inside and out. I’m going to see my way out of the conversation at this point, as I am not a medical doctor.

Best of luck.