Help me save my Soulmate!

Okay, looked through the list of categories and this seems to be one that best fits my situation. In October of 2009 I laid eyes for the first time on a woman and immediately though “I have to know her” 2 and a half months later I had a chance to speak to her and we really hit it off. She flirtingly, play stalked me at our local bar where I was in rehearsals for a production of Moulin Rouge in their at the time closed downstairs. She invited me upstairs after for a beer and karaoke. This started a pattern of nights singing and hanging out until our first date (which I was oblivious to the serious “date” aspect of) on New Year’s Eve. We declared ourselves officially an exclusive couple on January 18, 2010. After an excellent Mabon Ritual with friends from the local pagan community the following Fall Equinox (and some amazing sex after) we decided to become handfasted and the ceremony was held October 2nd, 2010 at the anniversary of the festival we had first met at a year before. About a year and a half later deep depression stole my libido and we’ve had difficulty rekindling our sex life to its former glory since. At some point in the next year or two she brought home a psychic parasite from a hospital or nursing home she had visited in the course of doing her job as a paramedic. We were, sadly, oblivious to the presence of this parasite (I have just discovered it recently) but it poisoned her against me, fostered the growth of a toxic persona she has preferred more and more over her true self, and spread negativity and discord in our lives, our relationships in the communities we were once active with, our marriage (which since it was before same-sex marriage became legal in the US was not legally binding, but is STILL spiritually binding), and just everything. The havoc this parasite has fostered has also invited toxic people into our lives and has deterred my partner from smudging and cleansing our home after we finally got rid of them. That’s almost 10 years, 5 households, and at least 20 toxic people worth of toxic negarive energy building. One of these toxic people is her best friend of over 20 years from her hometown. We moved him here, gave him a home, provided for all his needs, without requiring him to work. He was only expected to help keep the house and yard and be a live in dog nanny for when our crazy work and sleep schedules kept us from being able to take them out for all of their walk times. And yet, he grew resentful of our relationship and of her “control” over his life and when he eventually caved in to his past drug addictions, stole her mother’s prescription painkillers and was kicked out of the house he began working with Coyote and spun a curse directed my partner which has now reached its peak 4 years later. He has now, with curse in full swing, subsumed her free will and schemed with an individual who is bound to an incubus or succubus (actions and energy say incubus, but host is biologically female with preference for male pronouns so I don’t know if that would mean succubus or incubus). She began cheating on me with the incubus/succubus on July 10 after meeting its host forthe firfirsfirfirst time on July 4th. She has fought the entities and the curse a few times and xome to me crying and apologizing and professing her love for me only to again succumb to their pretty little lies, deceptions and manipulations. On August 24th at a public poetry reading event she performed a poem essentially spelling the doom of the one whocarries the incubus/succubus. But 6 days later in a civil ceremony with no spiritual aspect legally married this person. Yet still desperatelyclings to our friendship and “common interests, because none of that is stuff ‘we’ (she and the incubus/succubus host) do” I can feel our bond remains. I can feel her emotions which are in turmoil. She is perpetually drained, weak, exhausted, sick, and in pain. Her elderly mother who lives with her is having more issues. And our 5 dogs are sick and depressed. I can see she is not really happy though she keeps saying she is. Her body language, constant eyerolling, always seeming on the verge of tears or of begging my forgiveness or confessung her mistakes to me while battling the spells and entities entrap ping her tell me the truth. I also learned recently the host of the incubus/succubus is chearing on her with 3 other women. Gods I wish I could prove it to her. I am working on breaking the curse and recently cast a protection in the house to work on casting out the psychic parasite as well as protect and shield her, her mother, and the dogs. But I need help ensuring the curse is truly broken, and removing the incubus/succubus. I will be able to cleanse the house and salt all the thresholds in a week and a half when they go out of town for the weekend and I am there to care for the dogs alone. This should eliminate the parasite and make the incubus/succubus uncomfortable when they return. If the curse is still active then, it will also hopefully weaken its hold on her further. She is my soul mate and I can feel under all the deceptive magic she still loves me and regrets the past 2 and a half months. But she also feels trapped by the new legal marriage and the guilt of betraying me. Ineed to free her of the curse and for her to discover the deceptions and infidelity of the incubus/succubus host. Once she is freed and the incubus/succubus loses its control over her she will divorce it and I can non-magically work on winning her back. Please help!



My soulmate has been host to a psychic parasite for at least 7 years, her ex-best friend cursed her and plotted with someone who is hosting an incubus/succubus to ruin our lives and seduce her away from me. Now she’s trapped in a legally (but not spiritually) binding marriage with the incubus/succubus and fighting against it but growing weaker by the day. The curse is protecting the incubus/succubus and blinding her to the truth and the weaker she gets the harder it is for her to fight it. I’m working on things, but limited. Help me free her and win her back!

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On another note. Already planning to bind the one who cast the curse as soon as it breaks. Also wishing to summon Behemoth to cause his drug addiction to grow out of hand and remove his threat for good.

Once she divorces the incubus/succubus host, I want Samael or similar powerful demon of death to eliminate him. Or protect me from discovery and help me eliminate him myself.


@succupedia, If this is an Incubus, do you have any advice on communicating directly with it or getting Lilith involved?


@Sigfried. Thanks, that is Exactly the kind of advice and help I am looking for.

Also any help breaking the curse, breaking my love and the incubus up, preferably by revealing his cheating and lies, and draw her back to me with open heart and mind. I want to rebuild our relationship without magic, but need the chance first. Though encouraging her to be faithful in the future is looking pretty good, though if it was the curse, parasite and incubus causing that, maybe it’ll be a non-issue going forward.

It’s nothing, man. I just saw your post and tagged a member I think might be able to assist as this is outside my workings. About the only other I think off the top of my head would be @UnseelieDiabolus as he’s boxed a wild Succubus causing some friends of his trouble. But that’s about all I can do aside from tell you that you seem to have outlined your plan quite well as far as your planned retaliation. Hope the two I tagged or other members help ya work out the details.


I’d suggest Lilith as well, she will help you with Manipulation and Sexual Energy, maybe try Zepar? Just some food for thought, I’m not sure on trapping/dealing with an incubus or succubus but as far as help, they should be able to give you assistance no problem.


Hell, I almost forgot about this. If she has expressed interest in removing the parasite and you can get her to commit in removing it, that may be a step toward your goal.

In which case this working comes highly recommended:


Exactly why I tagged Succupedia, Senoc.:+1:

If this Incubus is up to shenanigans, mama Lilith could spank.


Lilith would have the incubus/succubus folded into 10 lol, can’t mess with the Queen :blush:


To which “she” are you referring in this statement? Just clarifying, making sure we’re on the same page?

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When the time comes anyone who has experience with Behemoth and Samael or suggestions for any other entities that would get the job done, I am open to all help. My work with demons so far is all research and theory, so I’m totally open to reliable help in not effing it up!

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Do you think using a similar letter and ritual to the one described in the thread linked below would work for this? When I read this post the other night it seemed like a great way to contact Lillith and ask for her help, just adapted to ask to remove instead of evoke.

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Your girl who has the parasite.

She is unaware of the parasite. And it’s attached to the house more than just her now.

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@succupedia @DarkestKnight

Any suggestions? All help welcome!

Well, I’m not an expert on banishing spirits, because I never had a need for banishing. I still suggest doing a Lesser Baninshing Ritual Of The Pentagram.

…but, there’s really nothing that indicates this particular spirit to be a succubus/incubus. It seems to be a parasite with succubus-like tendencies. Don’t get me wrong. A succubus/incubus on the “wrong” side of the fence, can wreck havoc and do serious damage and they’re almost impossible to banish if they are deeply connected to their target. But this particular spirit/parasite isn’t one of them, at least as it’s described.

Of course you can try the “Letter Method”-ritual in reverse, empowering it with all four Queens, including Samael. You just have to figure out how to write that letter.


I think some of you are confusing the parasite in the house with the incubus/succubus that the person she is with right now is carrying. This person has ZERO attractive or redeeming qualities. He embodies all the qualities my mate despises and yet she is drawn to him. And he is cheating on her with 3 other women. That definitely sounds like an incubus to me. But I could be wrong.

I can banish the psychic parasite just fine. I need help with the spirit, be it incubus, succubus or other that the asshole that seduced her away and has her acting like her anti-self is using on her.

Are you speaking about an incubus possessing a human male? Possesions needs to extremely strong to work and it’s extremely rare of it to even be like this, even if the human male are aware of it. This is from someone having two spirits being permanently attached, which is basically the same as having a permanent possesion.

If we are talking about an incubus possessing her unawarely, what makes you so sure it is? These kind of events doesn’t happen in a whim. It takes weeks and sometimes months for a spirit to succeed an attachment or a possession. But this is from someone who is aware of spirits, energies, emotions and feeling spirits on a physical level.

Some women likes men that behaves like assholes, even if they openly hates these kind of men. I haven’t really figured out why some of them do this. :thinking:

I’m sorry if I can’t give you the answer you want with this issue, even though I shared my thoughts and suggestions.