Help me plz

Hey im a girl, my family is forcing me to get married where i don’t like that boy i have no idea what to do rather than commiting suicide. I belong to south asia where the parents has the hold kindly somebody help me to get out of this mess i don’t hurt my parents but i don’t wana marry so plz kindly somebody help me plz for my life sake


:expressionless: ugh arranged marriage is the norm in my country too… i know how you feel and i have been it the same situation couple of times…
Have you worked with any entity? You can ask for help to change someones mind or create problems so you don’t have to marry him!
For me i wrote a letter to Lucifer to send anyone my parents arrange for me away! :kissing: i don’t even have to meet the guy and he is gone!


I’d recommend Lucifer or even Belial for something like that. I believe they can be really helpful.

Maybe you could make your parents argue with the boy, so they don’t get along anymore and they cancel the plans.
here’s a way

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How can i evoke them

Well OP, evoke the family oversoul from both sides, the sum of the entire family in one spirit, and see where that takes you.


Use this: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

in case you need them here’s Belial’s enn and sigil

and a picture of the sigil just in case


Thnx alot today i’ll

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If your parents won’t harm you fir it, go ahead and tell them they need to pick another boy.
It’s their responsibility to find a good match, not yours to save their feeling.

Also Belial is great. You can also try getting the boy temporarily sick so you have time to work on your options.

Try entities that people in your region believe in, it will add to their strength in helping you. Eg, if many people in your area are Hindi, try asking Kaalii for help, or some Hindu demons like Kali Yuga, a Pishacha or a Rakshasas. .