Help me.. cursed

I received an message which the person claimed to curse me. I need help it won’t send the video file on here. I need to lift it…

How do u know thar you are cursed? Any bad luck happening in ur day to day life?

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It has been months and I have yet to seek help. I have contracted bad habits ruined relationships, been subject to horrible inconveniences and the guy who sent it got real mad at me and said that in the name of his ancestors he would lay a curse on my head.

I can send you the audio file if you have an email.


The vocals are in the language Yoruba (I think)

This is probably wrong but it sounds like:

Sna Muda ou Ki A’Fada

If you are or think you have been hexed you need to uncross, I prefer the bath method with rituals before and after.


The Yoruba work with a pantheon of hundreds of deities called Orishas… research those and see if you are drawn to one that can help you using the same current you were cursed with.

For this approach it would probably be easiest to accomplish by making an alter to the Orisha you choose to contact them and ask them for assistance.


working with spirits helps very much. If you contact a high ranking demon or angel and go above and beyond for them they can lift the curse without many trouble. 1 guy decided to cast a curse, imagine if you have a demonic king commanding 50 legions of spirits shielding you. Each legion being around 2,000 individual spirits. Lucifer is great, Azazel, King Paimon, any of the archangels, angel Samael. pick one.


You need a reversing spell. White and black double action candle, and uncrossing oil.

Heres a quote from ea koettings kingdom of flames. You’ll need to buy the book though to learn how to summon the demons.

Opfaal - Angel of Deliverance. Opfaal comes as a tall man
wearing pure white robes. His shoulders are broad and his
upper body is padded in muscle, though his strength does not
make him the least bit intimidating. There is nothing about
this Angel that could warrant the slightest amount of
discomfort in his presence. His eyes are sky blue and seem to
dance with laughter and joy.

Opfaal will deliver the magician from any type of
magickal curse or spiritual bondage. He can free the mind
from any fears or plagues, and can release the individual
from addictions. It is in his power to lift any enchantment
that may be working on any person and to restore one’s
spiritual health.

Although Opfaal’s assistance is astounding at any time,
his abilities are at their highest on the new and the full moon.


Why hed mad,?

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I deliberately offended him… Thinking that he ws fucking with me…


Can you send me one?

If hes a member here, he maybe reading tis, so u have not many optcions, but chk v. K. Jehanun yiutube, or go to lulu. Com. And chk maybe in his page u will find a solution.

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If u spaek spanish or trust a trusty friend. Lmk

If you mean send you a reversing spell, I will have to look one up later, if you meant the candle, they are available in occult bookstores and online.

He isn’t a member here my dumbass found him on the dark web and he snaked me into a conversation

yes a reversing spell. But you would have to know the spell wouldnt you

I do not have either of those things