Help gain weight

I am a very lean guy with almost no appetite. I look like a teenage slenderman. Even though I tried forcefeeding myself to gain weight, I can’t. I am actually quite uncomfortable about my body structure. This is also a hinderance to my magick. I often feel less energetic to do an invocation/evocation . I started a new diet to increase my weight. But I feel that some external help would be of assistance to. Which demon can increase your muscle mass, make me want to eat more? I really want this.

PS:- Before you assume, I am so not gonna eat light and start praying for muscle. I’m gonna do my part. But I am in need of dire assistance.


have tried to make a petition spell ?

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I am thinking of making a petition spell. I am not sure which entity I should address it to. I am comfortable with working with demons of goetia.

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Sartmulu, a spirit of Mars, from Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits.


Have you considered starting a training regime? I know it’s not all that magickal, but I was the same as you for most of my life - very skinny, almost no muscle, no fat, can’t gain for shit - even though I’ve always had an appetite. What ultimately helped me was starting to workout and eating by the hour. When I first started I was really into it, almost to the point of being obsessed, and I went from 59kg to 64kg in 2 weeks. It also helps with eating healthier - haven’t touched fast food or a bag of chips for about 2-3 years… It’s also easier when you have a plan for your meals. E.g.: You have 4 meals for the day, so you space 'em out evenly.

You can then ask an entity to help with your discipline, training, health choices and all that.

The way I see it, when you start exercising, you give the body a reason to hold nutrients, and use them accordingly. Your hunger and appetite will also go through the roof. I’m always hungry…
Come to think about it, I’m hungry now. Brb, gotta go to the kitchen.


Get some weights. Find a cool full body dumbell routine at home and lift them.

Go out for a walk
it’ll get your appetite up
Take HCG supplements, it boosts your appetite or buy EatMor on amazon

Then, when you DO eat, dont eat salad or low cal foods - cover everything in olive oil, your salad, your fired food, glug it in your bolognese glug it everywhere its good for you and contains calories. If you like, drink beer, it gets me very weighty.
If you take protein shakes, pour olive oil into it, two tablespoons is 240 calories! Fry the fatty meats in lots of olive oil, make a side of oilive oil cubed fried potatoes, eat aubourgines they soak up oil.

Eat fatty meat with the skin on, eat it with potatoes, lamb is calorific, eat pork scratchings for snacks, 50% protein 50% fat.

You cant fail to put weight on.

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You’ve got my brain going now…

Mornign coffee, black with big glug of double cream… get used to it… drink lattes, drink a pint of milk at your desk all day in between meals - some of the largest tribes in africa all they drink is milk, it makes you huge in large quantities… no not the bloody fat free stuff… full fat! Full calories! Take a magnesium supplement to even it out, in fact take a probiotic too as most thin people have terrible gut bacteria and a multivitamin t cover all bases.

never ski meals, when you eat eat big, if you cant eat bg hide the calories as mentioned, its all in vs out… but you also need to MOVE else your body wont want the calories initially… being stresse puts on lbs for me…

If you have no energy to start, do something easy… swimming creates a calorie burn without trying… im always hungry after swimming… or get a preworkout like i do… i work out after a long busy work day… i need a jump start, so down the hatch goes my pre workout drink, boom im in the room throwing weights with anger!]]The fact you’ll be upping your fat intake will in turn move more hormones around your body, tesosterone will give you the balls to move and keep going.

What are you doing right now? Chomping on some cheese or beef jerky i hope! Stretch that stomach!


Right… This has made me so hungry, Im off to eat a whole plate of hash browns covered in chilli for two.

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Try smoking weed or some medications help with it

Take a gainer

Try Yogi Tea Original and/or anything with black pepper in, when you can eat. I used to have “issues” of not eating for long enough that I’d lose the desire to do so, and these were Ayurvedic remedies that I discovered and which have helped me since then.

Also, try combining carbs and fats at once, like cream on a small amount of cereal, or butter on pasta and jacket potatoes, and as advised above, a bit of cream in tea or coffee can help.

Finally try eating some fruit, a couple of dried apricots or sultanas or something, fructose was most readily available in fall when animals (and people) needed to pack weight on to survive the winter, and many dieters find it hard to lose weight while snacking on fruits. Dried versions are the least amount of bulk and effort, while you get used to eating a bit more. :+1:

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Hmm, may be off here but dude I was 110 lbs for 10 years and couldn’t figure out why. I ate and worked out and was very physical and couldn’t gain and figured out I had a hyperactive thyroid. Few medications later and boom. I’m not trying to be that guy but consulting a doctor and diet/exercise is a very key factor. Don’t always rule out mundane for spiritual. :pray:


Although at 40 years old I’m still “picky” when eating, I eat enough or at least did so for many years. Same issue, and working out didn’t help so much, so I thank for the advices BTW the earth element may have some connection with solving such a problem.

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And that’s the keto chicks que to leave the post! I want chili and hash browns! :sob:

I wish I could drink milk. I am sort of lactose intolerant. Milk makes my stomach go crazy. I’m going to eating big though. I struggle with giving time for exercise. I am making a habit of rigorous walking from point A to Point B. Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it <3

Oh yeah. I never rule out mundane for spiritual. I had a complete blood profile and everything was fine as it should be. RBC count, WBC, Thyroxin, everything was fine. Doc prescribed me appetizers but they didn’t work. Simply put, I lack the motivation to eat. I eat enough to get me through the day. Which is bad.


I’ve ordered a weight gainer from Amazon and see how it works out. I am gonna amp up my diet with your tips. Possibly try to force feed myself. Just to get accustomed. Damn, I’ve turned this into a fitness thread!

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If you share what you like to eat when you do eat maybe people can suggest some high-calorie versions. :cupcake:

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I’ve read a lot of responses regarding your issue on this thread and a lot of them help a lot.

But have you also tried smoking some pot? Or even trying a weed edible ?
Nothing will build your appetite more than munchies from weed, I promise you that.

I am from India so, most diet is rice based around here. I have no issues with red meat or meat in general. I am lactose intolerant and milk kills my appetite further by making me puke all day.

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