Help for a severely depressed S/O

Well here goes, my girlfriend of 3 years has been very, very depressed lately. I mostly just need advice, as most of the advice I’ve been given is not helpful or they do not care. She has persistent depression disorder and it comes and goes, always there but lately it has been different. Her family is falling into complete chaos and they all have their own issues and can never do something for themselves, always relying on her. However, this time around is much different. I believe she has a parasite attached to her or some sort of imposter spirit. Every other day or so she will tell me how she wants to end her life, this physically hurts me to see her in her current state. I am open to any suggestions, any help is much appreciated.

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She needs to go in-patient from the sound of it.

She needs a therapist and to be out on SSRI’s. You are not a professional so don’t try to play therapist.

She will bring you down if you do not hold frame.
Here’s the book I recommend.

There’s a lot of spells to heal someone and I’m pretty sure to find a healer. There’s also a ritual to bring peace to a home. You can use that on your household or hers.

She is clinically depressed and has suicidal ideation… If she loves you and she’s telling you she wants to die every other day this means she needs professional help. If you love her you should call the ambulance on her, it’d be better to call them when she threatens to kill herself or “jokes” or “complains” and says she wants to die. Than having to call the ambulance when you find her in the middle of an attempt. Buy the book and do the magick but try to get her a therapist or if you want go to couples therapy and tell them about her.

Depressed people especially those on the brink of suicide can be toxic whether they realize it or not, make sure you stay on the gym and eat well. Avoid processed foods and added sugars, so basically all junk food, candy, and sodas.

If she sees you treating yourself like shit it’s only gonna make her feel worse.

Obviously don’t do drugs together.

If you guys are already co-dependant try to watch a meaningful movie especially one about suicide or mental health.


We’ve tried therapy, but the ones we’ve gone to don’t give a shit or they don’t listen. I believe it is a combination of her birth control as well, so we are changing that and I am taking her to a reputable therapist in the next couple days. We are full time and only have 2 days off together. We live together as well. I know I’m not a professional, so I don’t try to act like it. I am hurt, but she doesn’t know. As her boyfriend it is my job to support her and be there for her. I listen when she talks, and I never bud in or try to say it’s okay. I know it’s not okay, which is why I try my best to do what I can. And that’s to be there for her always. I tell her that she never bothers me and I know it’s not her fault. I love her very much and I worry everyday. Thank you for the suggestions Titan.


This sounds like a source of the issues. Can anything be done about this? Maybe a working to resolve an issue, bring money, get someone a job offer in another state so they are made independent, stuff along those lines?


The fact that she is still working full time is very good. She’s not clinically depressed then. Clinically depressed people will sleep 18 hours a day and quit there job.

I mean she could still be clinically depressed based on a depression screening.

At least you are trying not all therapist are good like I said I’m pretty sure there’s an angel to get a healer.

Mmmm. Don’t pretend like it’s nothing tho. It’s not her fault but is she doing everything she can, that’s my main point.

Get in therapy and eat well. Also try to get her to workout with you, exercise is as effective if not better than SSRi’s. Any kind of exercise is good, swimming, lifting weights or a jog. I would say since you live together try to go for a jog or do yoga before you go to bed.

Obviously basically none of us are qualified to administer therapy but you can look it up exercise is as effective (and better) than SSRi’s in some cases.

Also fruits and veggies are really good for depression.

I’m sure making her pancakes with a fruit bowl would help.

But like I said you gotta be on your P’s and Q’s so the stronger you are the better.

I don’t agree with this guys diet advice but this video is great:

Here’s a clinical psychologist talking about depression I have his writing therapy program and it’s great:

Also along the lines of therapy and exercise, yoga was there for me when I was clinically depressed (fantasizing about suicide everyday and had a vague plan).

They’ve actually taught yoga everytime I’ve been in a psycheward. Also every therapist that I mention I’m doing yoga, their eyes light up and they say “that’s a very healthy coping skills I wish all/more people did yoga”.

Yoga is just a moving meditation, and both are really good for depression and anxiety.
I highly recommend it.

Here’s a YouTube channel for yoga:

That woman has saved my life just cuss of yoga

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Very helpful, that’s another thing I’ve been wanting to make second nature for us. Exercise always helped me as well and I think she would definitely benefit from it. I will definitely look into it. I also forgot to mention she’s currently taking a medication similar to Zoloft. Her anxiety has decreased immensely but I’m wonder if maybe she needs a higher dosage? I could be wrong but that’s one thing.

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I think it’s much deeper than that, her self confidence is almost non existent

This therapy is quite good for pople with depression

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This is a form of fear, and lack of feeling safe… often a fear of rejection, of having a history of being judged, attacked and losing when taking risks, or not having enough information.

So removal of those people reinforcing that attacking and unsafe feeling is helpful, and there are a cople of entities that can help, from the Goetia there are Haagenti for straight up removal of fear, and Marax who helps with anxiety about approaching things.

Meanwhile as her protector you can stand in the way of what makes her feel unsafe, or try to and help her see how these external things don’t mean she is bad, these outside judgements don’t have to be internalised.


Magically speaking, if you suspect your SO has a parasitic attachment, your first course of action should be to get rid of it (I recommend burning it with fire), and set up protections against a recurrence.

Then I would call upon the House of Kel, Mercurial spirits capable of healing all aspects of existence.


Is she open to using magick and seeking guidance from magickal forces/entities? Is she open to ritual magick as a means of seeking healing, empowerment, the banishment of potential parasitic spirits, etc? I know something like J.S. Garrett’s “The Ultimate Love Right” can be used for self-love and or healing in that regard. I use that as an example, but there are plenty of others to model from. Obviously, I do not mean to discourage the help of the best-accredited professionals available, and it sounds like the situation is not to be taken lightly. But if she’s open to her magickal abilities and ability to heal from an energetic approach, and that of others willing to help, it is worth exploring. I wish you both the best, and I send positive healing energy in your direction.

This is about pleasure avoidance

Other idea


I’ve dealt with severe clinical depression since I was a young teen (now 34), and though I’m only speaking for myself and my experiences, nothing is more disruptive to my bouts than activities like self-empowering ritual magick, physical exercise, grounding myself in natural bodies of water, breathing exercises, yoga, overcoming social barriers, etc.

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I mean if you’re looking to go the full on spirit magick route: Dantalion. It’s possible to smoothly/gently shift someone’s mind off that ledge.

Otherwise, mediation and shadow work which might really suck for someone already feeling that down.

Or following mundane mental health advice. @Crown made a post that I agree with here, on this thread. My mental health also started improving when I did a lot of those things listed, especially when I got away from people who were really bad for me. And also, it improved the more into magick I got.


Thanks for the advice everyone, I will update on it soon and I think we’re going to exercise more and do some yoga. I’m trying to get her to meditate a bit, I believe it would help her. And thanks @meow for the suggestion of Dantalion. I’ve never worked with Dantalion but I will look into trying it. I normally work with Azazel, and I believe he has helped in some areas.

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She needs a break. Eat more fruits & vegetables, dark chocolate, healthy fats for the brain, Magnesium baths, sauna and ice/cold baths(warmth can help a lot if you are in colder climate, and the cold activates), exercise, (yoga, swimming) sunshine, multivitamines and a plan for her life. A bit of meditation isn’t going to work but of course it can also be an aid but she needs consistent change, and maybe someone who can help her with this if she feels too defeated. Energy healing can also really make a big difference as well as microdosing with mushrooms(no full doses on depression ever), but she will need to be away from family on the days she decides to do that.


Meat is also really good for helping you brain make the things that make you happy. Eat more cow if that’s something acceptable to her.

I strongly agree here, if you or someone you know do energy healing, this is a great solution (one of many, and not the only thing you should do, but an amazing idea nonetheless.)