Help- cat is very sick and possibly dying

Took her to the hospital because she’s been looking thin. The cancer is in late stages. I don’t know how this happened she was fine just half a year ago. It’s all over her jaw, possibly lungs (they are very abnormal, filled with fluid he said), and she might be going blind because not sure if it spread there.
I really don’t know what to do I need help I can’t lose her. The vet said honestly she looks so bad that he would recommend palliative care at this point but I’m hoping for a miracle?


I’m sorry about your cat, I hope this can help you:


I hope your cat gets some relief by listening to these energetic audios.
For cancer:-

    Just play these audios near your cat, they are highly sensitive beings and these audios will work faster for them.
    For regeneration:-
    For boosting the above field:-

I hope your cat gets well soon.


Have you tried petitioning Raphael


@Keteriya if I remember correctly, you posted a ritual for this here right?


Your familiar is very sweet :heart_eyes: hopefully can be heald completely and quickly! You should really work with Azrael to help the transition or healing. Anyways Azrael can help.

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Not looking good. They said it’s rapidly spreading and she’s losing her eyesight. Tomorrow they will determine if it’s operable, or treatable with chemo, or (worst case scenario) if it would be better for palliative care😭
Thanks everyone for the tips, tried to summon Raphael while at the vet hospital in the visiting room we were allowed. I played the YouTube videos for her too and she seemed to calm down so thank you @Madara8769 Madara8769
Will try Azrael. I was told by a friend @Vaynord that Ariel doesn’t like me very much but will try too…


I had a $12k vet bill to keep one of mine alive. I had to have her put down while I was away for work - because she was suffering and I couldn’t make her suffer for a few more months just so I could say goodbye.

Hecate brought her to me later, so I could. Please don’t let her suffer if there isn’t immediate relief.

That said, I will do what I can to help.


Thank you, I really appreciate your help. :heart:Definitely don’t want her to suffer. it’s so sudden and unexpected, not really prepared for this. I hope we get better news in the morning from the hospital. The nurse let me sneak in one thing so left this health gris gris bag I made for her a while ago and recharged today.


Try this mantra I received from the archangel Ariel:

Even if it doesn’t save your kitty, it may help alleviate her pain and suffering.


Thank you I will try when they let us see her again.
I want to call on Ariel and Raphael while there again. Somewhat unrelated- I’ve been taking care of the wildlife (deer, squirrels, etc). around my mom’s where I’m temporarily staying, throughout the winter months and intend to continue next winter too. Being an angel of nature, I’m just confused why @Vaynord says she won’t help me or why she hates me so much.

Take any kind of advice like that with a very heavy dose of salt. In other words, don’t believe everything you’re told. I would be very wary of anyone who tells you a specific spirit doesn’t like you, until you find out for yourself.


It will be done.

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I’m sitting in my ritual circle and pushing myself through uncontrollable sobbing (been bawling like a baby for over a day now) to do ritual work before I can see her again today at the hospital. Calling Ariel and Raphael and all the help I can summon
Thank you for the healing chant. I will definitely try on her when I visit. They’re doing a bunch of testing in the morning so just waiting for the call to come and until then I won’t leave this ritual space. I’m going to try everything I can.

I’m even more wary of the person’s advice after he added that whether or not Ariel would agree to heal my cat depended entirely on whether he could please her…

They’re not going to tell you anything about Ariel.

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Hi there, first of all I’m deeply sorry for your cats poor health and secondly I would like to share a pathworking from a book with you that has a ritual to heal sick animals.

First I would like to point out that if you try this, first you must summon Lucifer, then Magoth, then Dulid, you just need to do the pathworkings for the first 2 images, then for the demon listed in the 3rd image, just do the pathworking then say what you want done and know that the demons are there with you, listening.

Basically just follow the instructions on the last image I’ve attached to this post, then do the pathworkings that it says to do & I’ve included all the appropriate info:

The above images were taken from the book: Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose.

It’s worth a try.

An alternative is to summon the Angel Ariel that is responsible for the protection and healing of animals.

Here is Ariel’s sigil:

Best wishes with your friendly feline!


Thank you so much!!!:heart: I’m going to try the pathworkings when I get home if I don’t get a chance to while visiting. They gave me a room for as long as I needed yesterday so hopefully I can there. About to leave to visit and transport her to a larger facility.

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You’re very welcome, I try to touch as many lives as possible and as many people’s hearts as possible.

Gotta spread the love, especially after the last year or so.


Thank you for your support❤️
Yeah I’m not taking that person’s “Ariel advice” anymore.

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Mmm. Just focus on what works.