Help Bring Back My Kitty, Please!

I made this request in another thread but thought I’d post it here. I’m bad at this work, which is why I’m asking for help.

My indoor only cat got through a window with an apparently loose screen. She, Beatrice, was seen the next two nights and then disappeared. The second night, I think she may have triggered one of the humane traps I used to try and catch her and went into hiding. I hope she didn’t run off!

Anyway, I’m beside myself. I have trouble eating or doing anything. I’ve passed out flyers, alerted shelters and vets, set up traps and cameras - nothing so far. If I had money, I’d bring in tracking dogs.

I’m too desperate to do it myself, so if someone else could help, please do so.

Here’s a picture: IMG-0666 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB


There’s a goetia demon for catching strays and runaways isn’t there? I’m not familiar with all the 72 and don’t know if it’d be appropriate for your situation but someone might help you with that. I’ve also seen people using horary astrology to figure where their lost dog went. Both are not my areas but I thought I’d leave here my good intentions and send a prayer your way.
Hope you find your baby soon!

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You could try the Angel of Lost Things posted by our former mod Lady Eva: Sigil and info found here - The Angel Of Lost Things - Sigil & Information

Agares brings back runaways maybe give him a try

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Those would be great except I am terrible with magic. I’ve never gotten it to work.

And that what kills your magic before you even begin. Be confident in getting the outcome you want.

We also have our spell begging thread here: Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others but I can see you already posted a request.

no-one ever helps on that thread, or generally

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Various people have helped others on that thread. You only have to read some of the posts to see various people have helped others. You are not entitled to peoples time or attention

Furthermore many people are helping this user now


I know that’s what kills it, but I can no longer muster up the confidence or optimise I need to succeed. I have a bad track record of performing a ritual and then finding myself in even hotter water. Most recently a GOM ritual to bring peace to my mom’s workplace ended in a near fistfight, and my ritual to help improve my sales ended with my website losing all the momentum it gained and my bank account getting hacked and drained, followed by my bank refusing to do anything about it. I reported them, but we’ll see how that works out.

I just can’t find any confidence anymore after such major setbacks. I don’t want to do a ritual for my cat and wind up getting her killed or something.

Magic can backfire. Perhaps the wills of those around you were stronger than the magic cast. Did you do some divination to find out why the magic didn’t work as intended?

Perhaps do a spell to increase your confidence.and also combine this with divination

here is a guided meditation to angel of lost things (video near end of page ) no magic involved

I’ve been through Koettimg’s divination course but I still can’t make heads or tails of it, so I just stopped doing rituals instead. That feels like the safest route from where I’m sitting.

I mean, my work doesn’t just fail, it ruins me quite spectacularly and can hurt the people I love as well.

If I had this, I would assume damage and do cleanings.
Call any demon from the gatekeepers and ask what is wrong with you.

any news yet ?