Hi there, I am Tudor. I am new to magick and I’ve only performed a few candle spells and performed some simplified types of magick learned from kindle books. I am interested in contacting Demons, maybe even making pacts. I hope I will learn a lot here. My greatest desire is regaining my health. I hope I can find the Spirits that can help me with that.

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Raphael, Buer, Hent’yos and Marbas

Try this:

Also works with this:

Welcome to the club @RayofLight :wave:

Read this thread, is will give you the must needed basics.

Thanks, I have much to learn. So far I did short prayers to Raphael, had healed some minor problems like a toenail that hurt for 3 years (hope that makes sense, English is not my native language) and I got rid of tonsil stones.

If you can afford it, buy the Evocation Course from main balg site. It’s really straight to the point.

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Welcome to BALG.