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Hello everyone,
You can call me Kora. I’m not completely new to magic, have been practicing for a while, but still a newbie and have never worked with demonic entities. I tried once after reading complete nonsense (many thanks to those who are now warning about the negative consequences!) and had a very unpleasant experience after which, though I learned a lot, I promised myself not to touch this area anymore. Currently working more with the energy of stones and nature. Also with divine beings who helped me a lot and still help me improve myself. I am forever grateful. Not sure what else to tell…
However, a recent incident occurred that brought me here for help. King Paimon saved me from a big mistake, after which I began to receive a lot of information from him. Including that he directed me to those who are in direct contact with him. I do not know why he did all this and is doing it, given that I never wanted to work with demonic Kings. I know that @Lux_Tenebris and @SoliMar are in close connection with him, so I ask for their help in revealing the truths. I know very well about parasites and self-illusions, so I have to understand if I really got in touch with him. Therefore, I sincerely ask you to send me in the right direction. Can I trust what I feel now or should I beware?
(sorry for my English, not native language)

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Hi @Kora, you have to introduce yourself to the forum first, it’s a very important rule. Please go here: BALG RULES - Please read them! and make a proper intro.

To answer your question: I think you should trust what you feel, since it seems like He has been making Himself known to you. I would suggest doing more research about Him and trying to communicate with Him as best as you can. Make some time every day to calm your mind, meditate on His sigil and focus on Him. He always appreciates it if people do their best, you don’t have to master everything, just try to establish communication with Him. Also, make sure to learn how to banish and protect yourself.


What tenebris said

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Thank you for reply!
I will read everything and fix my profile, thanks.
Yes, I also decided to do so, and so far I get very clear answers, which have never been in my previous practice. I’ve never encountered such energy. And this is the first time I ever come across a being that enters my life without my appeal to Him. So I’m a little confused. I know that I will understand everything with time, but if suddenly the King lets you know that he has nothing to do with this situation, just let me know. I would appreciate clarity.
Thank you again!

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Well… a person close to Him said that it was not Him. Though I still don’t understand why I have come across so much information about Him lately…and all this signs… must be a coincidence. I always tried to trust my feelings, but that person is definitely in connection with Him, so i was wrong. Although it will mean that I believe the other person more than I believe myself … But I do not think that He would deliberately deceive someone in order to test me…

It’s important to get confirmation, but if He has been on your mind and you have noticed synchronicities or received messages in some way, I think you might need to dig deeper into your own mind here. I honestly can’t tell you if it was Him or not, I’m getting a ”none of your business“ kinda response here and also that you need to dig deeper and develop more confidence in your own gut feelings and your ability to discern genuine signs from coincidences. And then try to give these gut feelings a more analytical approach so you don’t only rely on them alone, but also don’t shove your own intuition aside because of what someone else said. The truth, sometimes, really is in the middle. I’m getting an impression that this is not a test, but more like a nudge for you to get to the bottom of something. I don’t know if that’s any help to you. All I know from my own experience with King Paimon is that He will sometimes lead me in a direction that seems like a puzzle at first, but it’s really a challenge to think differently and get a better perspective on something. And then I go ”aahhh, I see!“ even if, at first, I didn’t know what to make of it (the Heureka moment doesn’t always come right away, I should add).

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Oh, okay. Thank! My whole problem now is that when I turned directly to Him for a sign, I received it. And I was more or less sure that everything was coming from Him. But then I got “it wasn’t” from someone else, and it confused me a lot. Because when I now brush it off and think “Well, all this is nonsense,” I understand that I can’t completely do it. Like I can’t close the door completely. Since before, if I trusted this particular intuition, it led me where I needed to. And I learned a lot. And now I have a strong feeling that there are two roads in front of me and I am standing at this crossroads, choosing while someone just silently watching. Like… a matter of trust. Maybe this all sounds strange, i apologize for that.
But your advice is truly helpful!

I can only quote King Paimon Himself: “Always come to me directly.” The lesson or whatever you want to call it is: speak to Him, don’t go through someone else, especially if you’ve already established some contact with Him. Think and decide for yourself (easier said than done when someone else’s opinion seems to carry a lot of weight, but then again, does it really?). I don’t recieve the direct YES or NO to whether it was Him, but I get a “vibe” that you’re on the right track and need to take the road that continues to lead to yourself, and to your own inner core. It’s not necessarily the most comfortable one, but you know it’s right for you.

No need to apologize!

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I am very very grateful! I am sure that I will reach the moment of my Heureka :slightly_smiling_face: I will definitely share my experience and the lesson that I will learn from all this. Because… it seems to be a useful lesson!
Also, you are a wonderful person :heart:

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Just trying to help, because I sense that you have something to gain from this. Thank you. :relaxed:

Also @Kora you still haven’t made an intro, please do so, because it’s a very important rule and failure to introduce yourself will restrict your ability to post until you make a proper intro. You can write a comment in this thread:

I did It! I wrote a comment)) I hope I didn’t mix anything up and did this correctly. But if anything, I’ll write again.

Sorry, my mistake. It’s all good. :wink:

You can bend water and you say your a newbie? how modest of you. =o) Just put the safety precautions steps that comes with them magick books. If you follow any spells online then it’s on you. All magick books that are decent have safety precautions. That’s why i recommend to get atleast one book on magick so that you have basics foundation of safety.

@Lux_Tenebris you were absolutely right in your advice! I really see now what did not «make sense» before. Over the past couple of days, I probably did everything: purification, meditation and, most importantly, analysis of everything. And I understood where I was wrong and why it happened. I tried to push Him into the framework of the behavior that I imagined in my head. What should never be done! I decided that since it is «demonic», then I should feel something radically different from everything that was with me before. His energy, of course, was different, but the principle of communication should not have been. My second huge mistake was that I received a message from him, with which I did not agree. And since I did not agree (because, it seems, I knew better what He could and could not say) I decided that it was not Him at all and completely discounted all the signs and answers that I received earlier. And in spite of everything that I learned about Him earlier, I went to do the thing which only showed my bad manners. I can say with confidence - I got what I deserve. Therefore, I apologize to Him for his rudeness and distrust!

I hope that my example will serve as a lesson to someone else.

That is all that I have learned:

  1. Never try to fit a demon into any framework

  2. If you were told something that did not make sense or with which you do not agree, this is not a reason to believe that you have no connection at all. No one is obliged to tell you what you want to hear (again the framework)

  3. If you did not seek to communicate with any demon, this does not mean that demon will not communicate with you.

  4. Even when it seems that you already have nothing to learn in some field or you simply think that something is unnecessary for you, think again. You still have a much to learn! Even if life goes on calmly and you are happy with everything, this does not mean that no storm will happen! Even when it seems to you that everything is good, you may need a push!

  5. At that time, it was not only Him who helped me, therefore, I owe thanks not only to Him. Unfortunately, I do not know yet who else was around. I didn’t get any obvious signs. According to preliminary analysis, this someone may become invisible, has a very chaotic, changeable nature, is able to change appearance and, perhaps, sometimes says «we» instead of «me» (but I could be wrong here). He is also close to the King, but I don’t know if he is under his command or is it just someone with whom He has good relations. This last detail I found out last, so here I have not even started the search.

These are probably the most important things that I learned from all this. In addition, there were also some personal things related to overcoming certain problems, the presence of which I somehow forgot or did not consider significant. It is like a treatment that I did not know what I needed. And now I have a lot of work to do!

And one more lesson I learned:

At the beginning of everything, I presented the King with a picture as a sign of gratitude. I am not strong in art, but I did what I felt right at that moment. There was nothing special about it, just an expression of gratitude in the colors. Its lower part was to personify something aquatic. In any case, after giving it, I asked what should I do with it afterwards? I got the feeling that I should hang it in a certain place (later it turned out that there was even a hole for a nail there). I promised to do it. But I did not. A couple of days passed, and I suddenly found a nail in the middle of the corridor on the floor. I have no idea how it ended up there. But I immediately remembered the picture. However, I did not hang it that day. I forgot. And the next day the whole carpet in the place where I temporarily placed the picture was wet! As if there was a small flood. Moreover, the picture was intact. At that moment I felt that it would be better for me to stop putting off this matter. I immediately hung a picture.

Always keep promises!

All this was definitely a good shake. Thank you so much for the advice @Lux_Tenebris. I needed it. Not «yes» or «no», but this.

If I just turned around and left, I would never understand things that turned out are very important to me. It would seem that all these are such simple things that do not need a reminder. But no. For some reason, simple truths are more often forgotten.

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Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the update, I’m glad I could help and that you were able to find a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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