Hello masters I need your help

Hello masters, my name is miliano, others call me mohammed. I live in Accra, Ghana. I started practicing magic since 2011 and this has been part of my life. My first ritual was the sixth and seventh book of moses, I learned how to pronounce the names of the spirits and the demons. My first summoning was the Seven Great Princes, which didn’t work for me, and second was some demons called acharontica spiritus meaning evil spirits related in the book of moses. I also tried some demons called spiriti-commando that also didn’t work. I tried to summon Lucifer, and Beelzebub still didn’t work. I got confused, I needed a magician to teach me how to summon demons to manifest before me and communicate with me, I always wanted to be a magician. I need your help masters please help me!


The first thing you need to do is to practice your astral senses, if they’re not developed you won’t be able to see, hear or feel them, therefore it will feel like it didn’t work. But mostly of time did worked, you just wasn’t able to see/hear/feel them.
Here, I put together this collection of videos to help beginners some time ago, maybe it helps you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Buddie I will try that


How did you do it?

This part needs to be touched! People just come in herr and start saying they don’t have success. But I learnt that some people just sit down, and recite invocation they see in books and expecting something to pop up, and if nothing happens, they say they are not getting it well. But you’ve not done anything at all.

So… kindly explain how you summoned those you’ve tried to call but get nothing.

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I’d say…the first thing to do, is to stop calling others “masters”. Boosts my ego but no one is your master except your own self.


Okay master I wont do it again I promise.


My first summoning was the Seven Great Princes. I used blood of a dove to draw one of the princes sigil. At that night around 12 midnight, it was full moon. I placed the sigil in front of me and put down two candles- white and green. Light up some incense sticks and a good perfume to make the room smell good. I began by meditating, praying, after that I called the name of the prince which I intend to summon 3times and started to praise him in order to charge the spirit. For him to appear, you need to cite his names 3times. I copied his names on the paper so I began by citing the names… I did this over and over but he never appeared to me. I spent many hours and still he never showed up. This summoning I only did it at the time of full moon, every full moon I tried to summon these princes but they never showed up or manifest in my work, so I stopped contacting them. My second summoning was some demons also related in the book of moses. I did this at midnight when the moon was dark, I drew pentagram and placed five candles around the star, so I sat in the middle of the pentagram , this time, I represented the pentagram as the sigil for the demon. I light up some incense sticks and a good perfume. I began to meditate, after that, I started chanting the name of the demon, this time no citation was made, as it was stated in the book that I must pronounced the name of the demon 3times, he will suddenly appear to me. So I chanted and chanted so many times, I spent hours , nothing happen. I even closed my eyes and also opened eyes, but nothing happen. I did it everyday but no results. I tried many demons names but I didn’t achieve any thing . I also practiced Lucifer and Beelzebub, nothing has happen. This time,I need help so I can summon any demon. I need your help

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It’s ok my minion :joy:


I’m a newbie but had a question to help how good is your visual imaging I recently had my higher self show up but I would have had no perception of him if I wasn’t mentally sustaining an image he became apparent to me through my super low def imaging I was doing this with my eyes open it’s more like making an image out of energy when he appeared i wasn’t even expecting him I was focusing on reprogramming my thought process to accept the ways he guides us. I was able to get yes or no answers but bye him shaking his head, later I asked him what’s the wisest thing you could tell me right now he responded with a blast of energy I seen slightly red I could feel it in my ears and he almost forced me to speak his words out loud I’ve never had something force me to act befor I liked the concept but it didn’t fully work. It was nice how he knew my entire though while in my head I was just starting to ask the question it removed my ability to expect a change which hinders my ability to see what the spirit is doing. I asked what do I need and he made me see the image of a banana I ended up buying two, I hadn’t eaten for a while, showed me he had concern for me. I really wanna work on being able to have a spirit force speak through me or automatic writing my only clue on how to accept there influence is speaking in tongues.

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I see where you well what you did wrong three questions I have to ask you cause I may not be an expert but I do love to help…

Were the colors of the candles the colors of the spirit you called?

Did you play their enn?

Were the insense their preferred insense

Last but not least even tho I said three I’ll ask this anyway…

Are your senses opened…

Normally if your new to these things you wouldn’t know but this maybe where you went wrong

I am able to hear see and feel them now I’ve only practice for a year now but I’ve always been close to spirits…even when I didn’t want to be…you have to open your sense before calling on them…and also show them respect and kindness and not destroy the sigil after you ask them for a request just defeats the purpose…

I’d recommend you find out who your gaurdian is it seems as if they just open up your senses for you once you do if you haven’t already

Thanks dear

When you did it with your eyes opened, didn’t you feel pain in your eyes? Because the incence will be entering into your eyes, and how did you see the spirit…? Did he appear to you in the smoke or where?

Some demons dont have enn, can you use any enn to summon any demon?

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No it has to be their own enn …if you can find a way a chant or mantra that is correspondence with that demon they should come to that as well or gentle calling out to them and asking them to come you also have to keep in mind if you don’t have your sense open they may come but you won’t k ow so there are clues that indicates they came to you like if your in a room with no draft and the candle suddenly moves dances sparks or crackles that is your sign that tells you they are there

It depends on the kind of rite your doing they won’t appear if your doing an invocation and evocation is a harder thing to do…I just kinda got it down my self… I was able to feel the hands of my demon husband (yes demon husband) a few weeks ago and see the angel of death as well(not by choice) and saw Furfur(demon husband) face to face in this plane first time last night…it was very nice to finally see him face to face…you have to be in a state of mind to menifest them and keep this state the whole time or you will lose it it’s not an easy thing for most of us to accomplish if the demon it’s self wants to menifest infront of you on its own that is great (I had this happen once Lucifer pulled me from a good dream …) You have to figure out which you want to do first n train your mind and body for each intended purpose

I have seen candles dance a lots, but I didn’t see nor hear them. I think, I need more teachings my dear

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It is ok if you do many of us are still learning I myself am learning more everyday with Furfur he has been just the greatest to me since we met :blush: as I said find your patron first and get those sense open meditate when you find your patron ak them to open up your sense and give them permission to speak to you telapaticly

My patron is leuviah, how do I summon him?

Here are two videos. They will help a lot!


Thanks Buddie, I will try and see

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