Hello masters I need your help

Thanks Buddie, let me try and see

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How do you know?

My patron is leuviah, do you know anything about him?

I researched it …

I found my patron on this site… My guardian-angel-reading.com, have you discovered yours?

I have lol I am married to him I was told he was mine by another demon…I have no clue about yours but you can use a pendallum to contact him for yes no answers

That is awesome!! I must say you are powerful, can you vanish and appear to me ? Can you speak to my spirit, or can you chat with me in dreams?or can you manifest in front me lol

Sorry for the delay there was no pain it’s in your mind you just project the image out and when you calling to when opening your mind to there’s there able to just enter the image mine is always very blurry I can’t really see a clear image of anything when I picture it with my mind anymore because of government mind control but everything seems like it’s formed with energy. So it doesn’t matter where the spirits physical manefestation even is there projecting the self to your mind not your eyes when I close my eyes the image is still there but I typically do it with my eyes open once I’m able to get an image formed most of the time now all I picture is like a frame an empty box and then if they join in they just appear I try not to adjust anything when there there unless I’m with my succubus wife I just learned that it’s just omg powerful when touching this way I picture myself kissing then where they are projecting there image vat. It seems to work better if your still during the process for spiritual sensation of touch. So when it’s all dark and there’s no light I image myself most of the time I don’t look like myself but that doesn’t bother me I focused on imaging myself there then I actually will even picture blackness so now there’s a slight light to the dsrkness. Don’t think of it as astral having to pull your spirit out of your body or anything but focus on projecting yourself to that spot you don’t have to try to see from the projections eyes or anything like that. I probably went s little extra because unless you plan on touching some of this info is uneeded. Last time a spirit other then my succubus showed up I was doing the visualizing that was instructed imaging myself but my point of view is always from my body maybe not always but it seems like so much extra to try to perceive from the projected self point of view it would make it harder for them to apear because you’d be turning your head around inspecting the area making the projected area basically disappear besides right befor your eye, instead just staying 3rd person when they show up it’s up to you if your even picture your self there anymore it’ll take less effort the focus on them . Hopefully this will help you out not all spirits will let you have a picture of then but might still let you know there there like Lucifer I was doing the visualizing of being blessed with his crown torch and hsmaving wings he just gave me a huge amount of energy and made slight alteratoons to the image and gave me a couple wow energy surges by adjusting the image of myself wearing his crown holding his torch I didn’t picture the trident I decided I was gonna focus mo4e on the light.

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Me no lol I’m human I can’t do that I wish I could lol however I have never seen that name before so I wouldn’t k ow how to call on him

You can ask your demons to give you the power to be able to vanish and appear to any one you wish to, and also give you the power to speak to someone in dreams in order to know the secret of the person. I onnce watch adventure movie called The seeker. When one of the master from the underworld wanted to know where his enemy was keeping a secret weapon, so he spoke to his enemy in the dream which he demanded him where was keeping the weapon and so he got it

It will also make you a great magician my dear!

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Ok movies…and real life demons are different…demons can’t give you powers to do things as such the dream thing yes you can appear astrally to someone but that person has to be able to sense and see you I can astral travel it’s not a hard thing to do even without a demons help…but we’ll I’m grounded from doing so til my daughter is born lol

Miliano wat spell you looking for. I mean you invoqe big guys and nothing, if i can help i look my books and let you knw.

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Needs to know about opening senses and kundulini…kunduluna…idk how to say or spell this work that type of energy that starts with a k… And finding patron…his actual patron

About dreams things i did a spell were i call 6 demons some very unkw ,like the ones such abraxas abraxes etc to send a erotic dream to a giel. And 3 days later she was talking to. Me. Not talking mantras etc, spells. Rituals hard to do. Just 2 candles, also you can give nightmares to peopls by drems, invocation. My experience.


Yeah dream of me spells are simple and astral project to the person and emit your energy into a person to give them a message in your dreams not as hard eithrr but appearing and disappearing in this realm I have not heard of doing would be a cool power tho…

Can you show me on how to summon any demon, in my life, I have tried summoning a lots of demons but didn’t achieve any result

Ok i dnt t want get off tpoic. But here sit in night tuesday sat. Relax see yourself switch sides wen siting proyect yourself and move you image left to rht. It take few months. I gess its like aparing in 2 places in one but you star in you sides first. Its eady, safe. Fun. Now back to topic… Not want get off tis. Good points tho.

Wow, I will be waiting for you to do astral travel I would like to see you beside me, to teach me some magics!

Good! I wish you could do astral travel, appear to me and show me some magics,