Hello, I'm a new member

I’m a 30 years old woman from Europe. I have no experience in magic, but I’m ready to learn. I only did some banishing rituals which didn’t work. I’m here looking for help.

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What areas of magick are you interested in? And what do you need help with?

Firstly in banishing, to remove an entity which attached itself to me, because nothing seems to work. I’d be interested in evocation, but what’s going on currently takes all my mood from it.
I wrote about my problem in a new topic:

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Welcome to the forum.

If you have no experience in magick, then how do you know you have an entity attached to you? :thinking:

Because I looked up everything I found online about what my problem is. I always believed magic exists and entities too, I just never tried to do anything in the magic topic so far, though I was planning to sometime in the future, but now this problem came. The attachment seemed logical to me because this thing persists not only in my house, but when I was at my friend’s house too so I figured it follows me. And I notice a strong difference like this, given that this is the first time something paranormal happens to me.

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So you are just making an assumption based on no evidence or experience? Understood.

Here’s the thing though. A lot of what people new to magick think is happening because they happened to read about it on the internet…isn’t really happening. It’s all in their head.

It’s similar to how people like to self diagnose themselves with all kinds of ailments by typing symptoms into Google instead of going to a doctor. 99% of the time, they are wrong.

I’m curious, if you have no experience in magick, and have never tried to summon anything, why the first conclusion you jump to is a parasite attachment?

A spiritual cause should be the last option looked at, not the first.

It’s basically the last option because nothing is wrong with my health and I never used any drugs or alike that could produce this. There were others who replied to my topic that had a similar or the same type of entity too so I don’t think I guessed this wrong. But honestly I hope you are right and this problem will go away.