Hello, I’m new here

Hello everyone, my name is Sean and I am honored to be a part of this community! I have been studying for three years and have had some experience in energy transfer, physical healing, and the rejuvenation of planets and moons such as Kari, Tamiru, and Ellarrihan. I have much to learn, thank you for having me!

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Welcome to the forum.

What does this mean? I’ve never heard of it.

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thank you for asking. I’m sorry for not being specific enough but what I have done is meditated on my earthly senses and eventually moved beyond into the cosmos and met some extraterrestrials that have been suffering from war, bombings, climate change, and tyranny. I have given each of them a solution and so far so good!

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Uh huh.

Have you practiced any form of magick?



well I healed my grandmother with a water spell.

I have had some experience in alchemy and crystal cleansing.

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Hi do you know where these are located

The planets and moons?


Kari and Tamiru are in the whirl pool galaxy in the Shami star system and Ellarrihan is in the Milky Way galaxy in the Cremez star system.

Thanks. Do you know how I can get there

That sounds interesting, what happened?

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I don’t think the rule against discussing political magick ends with Earth, since the forum has many people who claim to come from other worlds and dimensions, so tread softly there please. :+1:

  1. enter a meditative state
  2. visualize a field or meadow on earth
  3. really engross you’re senses into it by feeling, hearing, smelling, and seeing different parts of the area
  4. you can visualize a gate-way, it can be anything, mine was a tree with a green door
  5. focus your intent of where you want to go on your gateway and enter
  6. focus.
    the deepness of the experience depends on your level of focus and the the distance between the worlds. you are likely to meet a native that is most similar to you in terms of personality and interests. you will learn of their language and culture.
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Welcome to ththe forum! Hope you meet many friends here :slight_smile:


Dude, the steps this guy gave you are nothing but really basic astral journeying that you can find elsewhere on this forum or a decent book. It’s nothing new or special.